There have been various reports of sightings of a shadow man. The shadow man always appears like a silhouette of a human that is usually seen on the rear eye view. They have been a part of the folklores of different countries all over the world.
The History of the Shadowmen
Depending on the country, a shadowman might appear as a malevolent spirit, a restless soul or a guide of the soul to the netherworld. The shadowman became an inspiration to some of the fiction stories like the twilight zone and The Eye.
In some instances, the shadow man is depicted as a man wearing a black coat and a wide tap hat. There were also incidents when he was described as just a blurred image of a man wearing dark clothing. But in every event, the shadowmen’s face cannot be distinguished. It seems like his facial features has been blurred or completely covered with dark images.
There is also a shadowman that attacks people. In some cases they were said to suck the life out of their victims but in most cases,  …


Ker (singular of Keres) was said to be the vampiric spirit of the deceased person who was able to escape the funeral jar where she was buried.  They were said to be women with horrible faces, wearing a red robe to cover their dark skin.  They also have wings that is colored black and a white nails and fangs.
A Quick Look at the Vampiric Creature Keres
The Keres are also under the strict control of the Fates, where they kill only those people who are permitted to kill. The Keres were said to unleash a horrifying scream, which is believed to be the signal of their hunt. They will then dive down on the battle field and feed on the blood of the dying warrior. The souls of those warriors are also taken away from their bodies.  These vengeful spirit are also known to spread diseases and take control of the body of a warrior during a battle. Legends say that the Olympian Gods and Goddesses would stand guard on the battle field to keep away the Keres from their favorite warrior.
To keep away a K…

Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev: Russian Serial Killer

Alexander Spesivtsev is a Russian serial killer responsible for the death of more than 19 individuals and feeding on some of them. The court later ruled out that he was psychologically unfit to stand the trial and was ordered to undergo a mental treatment into a mental institution.
The Story of the Russian Serial Killer: Alexander Spesivtsev
Alexander Spesivtsev, who was 27 year old at that time made it a responsibility to murder those children who were deemed to be harmful to the society. He was said to be the culprit to the Russian serial murder of at least 19 street children whom he took to his home and cooked them.
During the time that he was committing the Russian serial of murder, he was unemployed and has a record of mental problems. The police did not take him as a suspect at first; it was only when he decided to discard the body at a nearby river when police started suspecting him. However, since the victims are street children and they were receiving no complains, the random di…

Alexander Pearce

Born in the 1790, Alexander Pearce was a convict who escaped from prison for several times but was eventually captured and sent to his death by hanging for the murders that he committed. He was also known for cannibalizing his fellow escapees.
The Disturbing Story of Alexander Pearce
Pearce together with Alexander Dalton, John Mather, Robert Greenhill, Thomas Bodenham, Edward Brown, William Kennerly and Matthew Travers escaped from the Macquarie Harbour Penal Station. About 15 days after their escape, the group of escapee together with Alexander Pearce is starting to starve. They drew lots in order to know who would be killed to serve as a food. Thomas Bodenham was the unfortunate one to draw the shortest straw and Greenhill immediately hacked him with an axe.
After their feast Dalton, Kennerly and Brown left the group. Kennerly and Brown was able to reach the harbor but Dalton died due to exhaustion. On the other hand Greenhill and Travers are acting as the leader and it would only be …

Alp Demon, a German Folklore

An Alp demon is a vampire phantom that is often associated with nightmares, the bogeyman and an incubus. The alp is known in different names based on the locations. There are also other variations of this cryptid on other European countries and English speaking community.
An Overview of the German Vampire Alp Demon
Alp Demon can present itself in the form of a butterfly which came from the breath of a demon. This vampire butterfly sucks the life out of its victim. They can also appear as other house pet like cat, dog, pig, birds etc.
The Alp Demon is said to be responsible for having nightmares. It is also known to sexually assault its victim whether they are male or female. However, compared to other creature associated with the vampire or other undead, this creature does not force itself to its victims; rather it enters the victim through its mouth as a form of a mist. It is also known to drink blood not in the neck but in the nipples of the male or female victim.
Based on the legends, …

Diana Semenuha: A Case of a Vampire Witch

Diana Semenuha, 29- a resident of Odessa, Ukraine and an alleged Vampire Witch, was arrested by the police in March of 2005. She was a prime suspect for the disappearance of a number of children. Upon further interrogation, Semenuha confessed that he lure children to her home and feast on their blood. She believed that it was an effective cure to his muscle-related disease but it appears there is more than that. Semenuha would lure the children in her home promising them with foods and other necessities. She would then drugged the innocent child and bleed them to gather some blood. Apparently, Semenuha will not be able to consume all the blood and she would sell the remaining stuff with those who practiced black magic and Satanism. One the children serves her no purpose and is already weak, she return them to the streets and immediately found replacement.

The Detailed Review of the Vampire Witch
The police received information about this event and they raided the apartment of Diana Seme…

Shocking News: Fetus Capsule

Customs officials in South Korea have intercepted thousand of pills being smuggled in the country. More than 17,000 pills described as a miracle pill that is believed to cure any type of sickness. Upon further analysis, it was discovered that the pills are made from fetuses. The flesh of the unborn were dried up and turned into a powder to create the Fetus Capsule.

The Horrifying Process of Creating Fetus Capsule
The gruesome trade has been happening for sometime in the Mainland China. Medical companies are receiving notifications from medical staff about babies being aborted. They would then purchased the tiny fetus and store it to their refrigerator before they were taken into the medical clinic to be placed in medical microwaves and turn into Fetus Capsule.
After the skins are all dried up, they were grounded into powder to create pills. The powdered fetuses are mixed with some special herbs. The main purpose of the special herb is to hide the main ingredients of the said Fetus Capsul…