Famous Vampires: Russian Vampire Tale

A long time ago, a Russian peasant or a moujik was taking the road along countryside with a cart full of pots when he was overtaken by midnight. He decided to continue on his journey until the time he could find a shelter where he could let the night passed by. But his horse move slower and slower to the point that it finally stopped on a graveyard where famous vampires stories abound. No matter how hard he whipped or cursed his horse, it still refused to move. The moujik gave up on persuading his horse; he took his mat and tried to sleep on one of the graves.

The Famous Vampires Legend in Russia

Just as he was dozing off, he felt a tombstone move. He was so shocked when he saw that the grave was opened and the corpse came out of it. The corpse is wearing an old shroud while carrying his coffin lid. The corpse placed his coffin lid into the church door. The moujik then decided to take the coffin lid and put it in his cart. He then took his ax and waited for things to transpire. By the breaking of dawn, the corpse of the famous vampires returned and threatened the moujik that he would tear him to pieces if he would not bring his coffin lid back.

However, the moujik confronted the corpse and said that he would be chopping him with his ax. The famous vampires then pleaded for him to return his lid back since he cannot return to his grave without the coffin and the sunlight would kill him. The moujik agreed if the corpse would tell him what he did that night.

The famous vampires said that he visited a nearby village and drained a local of his blood. The moujik said that he’ll return the lid if he would tell him how to bring back the life of the person he killed. The vampire said reluctantly that he should tear the skirt of his left shroud. Pouring some coals into a pot and the shroud would produce smoke that could turn the dead back to life.

The moujik then tore the shroud of the corpse. The famous vampires immediately went back to his grave and the moujik visited the mourning family of the victim. He told them that he can bring back the victim back to life. The family said that they would give him half of their wealth if he managed to bring him back to life.

The moujik was able to revive back the dead person. But as he was about to claim his reward, the atmosphere changed and they doubted him about his intention. They said that since he knew about how to revive him, then they guess he has something to do about the death. The people seized him and handed him to the authority. In the end, the moujik told them about everything that happened about the famous vampires. The villagers set out on a hunt and search for the tomb. They drive a stake to the heart of the corpse and the town was never again tormented with the vampire creature.


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