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Jinns are far from the Genie of the West

The stories about Jinns are part of the Arabian and Muslim traditions.  They are the manifestation of evil known to possess many supernatural abilities.  Based on the legend, Jinns are created on smoke and fire and the leader they named Iblis is known as the counterpart of the demon.
The Jinns were mentioned a number of times in the Holy Book of the Muslim, but the existence of the creature were already known to ancient Arabia before the prophet Muhammad even mentioned them.
Compared to the Genie of the west that would grant you three wishes if you rub the lamp, the Jinns are a demon shape shifter.  They can also take the form of any animals.  On some occasion, it can also affect the will of a person to do a good deed to someone and they will also impart some goodness to those people who can summon them.
But the Jinns are known to exist primarily to create a torment to the mortals. There are also beliefs that those people who die without repenting their sins would become Jinn for a perio…


Poludnica is the Slovenian version of the La Llorona of Mexico.  It is a beautiful tall woman wearing white dress and always appear to be mourning.  In other instances, the poludnica is said to be carrying a scythe or a shear (similar to Kuchisake Onna of Japan and the Red Lady of Korea.)
The poludnica often attacks during the harvest time, scaring those workers who have not taken a fine rest.  The poludnica is blamed for the heatstroke, heart attack and madness of people since it is believed in Slovenia that she has the ability to inflict them with these diseases.
If the Poludnica is not tormenting the workers he would be luring young men with her beauty.  And when they reach the isolated area of the woods, she would immediately attack them and drain them of their blood.  She also tends to break the limbs of those person who happens to come across her.
She also tends to approach a worker from time to time.  When she does, she would start asking her with difficult questions and when the…

Guy de Maupassant

We are well aware about Guy de Maupassant and his last years inside the Asylum.  But prior to this there is an entity blamed for his mental condition and it is his ‘twin phantom”.
It is believed that during his last years, Guy de Maupassant has a “doppelganger” and he commonly interacts with it.  Allegedly, it does not only interact with him but in one occasion it also dictated him a short story.  If this was true, then his last stories were ghost-written, apparently by a ghost, or is it really a ghost?
The story that the phantom dictated to him was “The Horla”.  The Horla is a story of a man who was slowly consumed by the evil spirit until he loses all his sanity, and the evil spirit eventually possessed him.  Soon after Maupassant finished the story, his mental condition started to deteriorate.

There is another version of the story, wherein the phantom appeared before him and he was terrified.  He called his servant and the phantom disappeared.  Few months later, the phantom reappe…

Black Eyed Kids

There were numbers of sightings made on the BEK (Black Eyed Kids), one of the most popular accounts was during 1998 and was reported by Brian Bethel.  At 10:00 in the evening, Brian went to the parking lot of an old movie house to write on a check.  Suddenly he was startled to see two children knocking on the side windshield of his car.  The children were said to be 10-14 years old.  Both of them were demanding to be let inside the car, but Bethel refused.
The children demanded several times, until Bethel noticed that their eyes are all black.  He was on the process of opening the door of his car subconsciously when he realized that the eyes of them are coal black.  Bethel immediately left the scene when the children started shouting and demanded to let them in.

In all instances, the kids were said to be at around 10-14 years old.  In all cases whether at a phone stand, house and cars; the black eyed children were asking you to invite them in.  The children would demand and be persisten…

The Black Hounds

Every place in the United Kingdom has a story to share about the famous Black Hounds.  Those who have claimed to see the dog said it is some sort of a phantom dog that has a black fur.  Other started calling it the hellhounds, because of the grim fate that happens to everyone who saw it.
The origin of the story and the year it started is literally unknown.  It’s like one day the towns folks woke up and fear the power of the black hounds.  They said that the fate of a person is dictated on how many times you see the hell hounds, joy for those who saw it for the first time, bad fortune for the second time and an imminent death for the third time. 
In the 16th Century, there was an account about an encounter on the said creature on a church in Suffolk.  The church is having their regular sermon when thunder-storm started to shake the structure.  Suddenly a black hound appears and presented itself in front of the whole people attending the sermon.  But no one can tell how the black hound m…

Vela Incident

On the 22nd of September 1979, at some point around 3:00am, the Vela Hotel System satellite recorded a series of serious flashes in a remote portion of Indian Ocean. Minutes after the incident an uncommon and quick moving ionospheric unsettling influence was distinguished by the Arecibo Observatory located in Puerto Rico, and during that exact time, suppressed crash was caught by the Sound Surveillance System of the US Navy. Obviously something rough and touchy had unfolded in the sea off the southern edge of the continent of Africa.
Analysis of the information accumulated by satellite Vela firmly proposed that the reason for these unsettling influences was an atomic gadget. The example of flashes precisely coordinated that of former atomic identifications, and no other marvel was known to create the exact same signature. Shockingly, US knowledge offices were dubious about who was in charge of the explosion.  US government was obviously hesitant to recognize it by any stretch of the …

The Mad Carpenter

Ludwig Tessnow’s first victims were two young girls that he kidnapped on the year 1895.  He butchered their bodies, dismembered it and left it in the woods.  Authorities were able to determine that Tessnow is within the region where the gruesome murder occurred.  The officers even found stains in the clothes of Tessnow, but when they question them regarding the stain he told them that it was apparently a stain from a wood dye.  The authorities do not saw any irregularities with it since Tessnow is a carpenter.  The authorities set him free and the perpetrator of the crime was not found.
Tessnow was again brought to inquest when he was coined with the murder of two brothers.  Herman Stubbe, 8 years old and Peter Stubbe, 6 years old were disemboweled and dismembered similar to what happened to the bodies of the two girls.  Witnesses said that the two boys were last seen talking to Tessnow before they disappeared.  Just like the previous incident, the authorities spotted large stains on …

The Crying Boy; A Haunted Painting?

England-1985, a progression of unusual flames broke out, decimating numerous homes and organizations. The connection between the flames was an accumulation of works of art, known as 'Crying Boys'. Out of the demolition that happened, just the canvases would survive, giving life to the urban legend saying that the painting is cursed and haunted.

Bruno Amadio, a scholastically prepared painter, was functioning as an artwork restorer at Venice, when he made his painting that got to be known as 'Crying Boys'. These depictions, of which no less than 65 were made, all included young men, who gazed straight good and gone, with tears flowing right out of their eyes and moving down the cheeks.
The photos were made for sightseers going after the Second World War, the centrality being that the sketches demonstrated the predicament of the youngsters who had been as of late stranded because of the war.
Inevitably, some of these artworks were conveyed to England, mass delivered and sol…

Gregory Hale

Gregory Hale,  37 years of age confessed to the police that he picked up Lisa Hyder, killed her, dismembered her body and ate her.  He also took Hyder to his parent’s home in Tennessee as a part of the Satanic ritual.  Upon interrogation conducted by a psychiatrist, they found out that Hale highly idolize the serial killer, Richard Ramirez.  He thought that he is also the Night Stalker.  Hale has no previous criminal record but experts believed that if he hadn’t been caught on his first crime, he would continue on murdering.
The body of Lisa Hyder was found mutilated, butchered and chopped.  Hale was charged with first degree murder for mutilating a corpse.  Prior to the death of Lisa Hyder he called her ex-husband after meeting a stranger which led to the arrest of Hale.
Gregory Hale was fired from a meat processing plant after he was discovered by his boss performing satanic ritual.  The businessman recalls how Hale would often took animal bones and eyes of animals and took it to his …

North Head Quarantine Station-Australia’s Haunted Facility

For a long time, North Head's disengaged area made it the perfect spot to host ailment ridden explorers.Amid top times, up to eight boats would be moored off into the headland and many travelers were frequently compelled to stay on shore in hopeless conditions for a considerable length of time during an instance when every one of the beds in the isolation station was full.
There are at least more than 500 deaths accounted in the quarantine station. It is believed that the spirits of numerous individuals who passed there have stayed in the structures making it one of Australia’s Haunted Facilities.  Legends of haunting and unexplained events go back over a century, when attendants on night shift reported seeing a spooky Chinese with lengthy braids meandering the verandas and wards. On location, park officers have reported spooky figures in vacant doctor's facility wards, however upon examination, they were unable to locate anyone inside.  Other normal stories incorporate a spook…

Monte Cristo Homestead-Australia’s Haunted House

Monte Cristo residence was erected in 1884 by Christopher Crawley and his family. He obtained the piece of land locally in 1876 of January under procurements stated on the Robertson Act of 1861. It's the second building to be constructed on the area; the first residential house was turned into the hirelings quarters after the property was fabricated.
The present proprietors, The Ryan's obtained the property at a deal cost of AUD $2000 during 1963. The Ryan's widely restored the house to its previous superbness after numerous years of diligent work. Reginald Ryan took a few employments to keep up reimbursements and to pay for the redesigns.
The principal peculiar event at the estate happened after the relatives of Crawley family hired an overseer Jack Simpson to ensure what was remaining of the structure. The overseer was killed by a young man who asserted he was impacted by the motion picture Psycho.
The primary "paranormal" occasion to be seen by the Ryan'…

Dreamworld-Australia’s Haunted Theme Park

The Dreamworld is situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is deemed as Australia's biggest amusement park gloating more than forty various rides including 5 of universes biggest thrill rides. There a various divisions inside of the recreation center that all completely separated by subject. Some of these incorporate Dreamworks Experience, Ocean Parade, Tiger Island, Wiggles World,Rocky Hollow and Gold Rush Country.
Dreamworld is strikingly perceived at the shooting area of Big Brother Australia. Shooting started during 2001 and the TV show has kept on being shot up to this day. It is a portion of the recreation center where there have various sightings of haunting happening all the time. Various staff has claimed sighting a young lady strolling in passages and frequently shows up in the mirror. Also they have claimed to hear the whispering voice of a kid that echoes all through the structure and unexplained haze happening inside of the premises.
Another spooky event has been…

Bhangarh Fort-India’s Haunted place

Brief History of this haunted place:
Bhangarh Fort is arranged on the outskirt of Sariska Tiger nestled in the Aravali mountains in the abandoned town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan. It is a destroyed town in the middle of Alwar and Jaipur. Bhangarh post is a noteworthy vacation spot and is said to be a standout amongst the most haunted chronicled places on the planet. Numerous myths are connected with this spooky fortress. The town, Bhangarh was set up during 1573 by the King Bhagwant Das who happens to had two children. His senior child was Man Singh, the acclaimed General of Mughal Emperor Akbar and the more youthful one was Madho Singh. King Bhagwant Das created Bhangarh as the residential place of the younger child Madho Singh who governed Bhangarh his entire life. Madho Singh derived the name of the city after his granddad Man Singh who was otherwise called Bhan Singh and now the town is perceived as  Bhangarh.
Bhangarh Kila was set up in 1613 and assembled by Madho Singh and the city o…

Cinco Saltos-Argentina’s Haunted Place

Cinco Saltos in Argentina is a prominent haunted city situated in the Rio Negro region. Its name Cinco Saltos clearly signifies Five Waterfalls in reference for the five stages that begin from the encompassing waterways and the Dam of Ingeniero Ballester.
Inside Cinco Saltos, a region called as Bajo Negro that is famous for a number of its kin participating in sorcery, or "dark enchantment" (as it is all the more prevalently known) can be found. It is believed that this spot gets almost no daylight consistently, and because of this, numerous legend arise from it saying that a lot of witches would attend and perform several mysterious ceremonies on this place. There have likewise been sightings of extensive gatherings of individuals standing together exhibiting weird conduct while wearing long dark shrouds. However there are no photos to prove that these sightings are genuine and today, it has turned out to be an urban legend.
There are other spooky stories that possess some…

Alkimos, Australia’s Haunted Ship

The Alkimos, a trader boat fabricated in 1934 had a quarter century adrift before she perched off the shore of Perth, Australia.  Throughout the years she has picked up notoriety for being spooky. One particular phantom has been seen on board her multiple occasions. The Alkimos is likewise reviled.   Since her deserting in 1963 individuals who have been associated with her or even just got close to her frequently have ended up cursed.
A brief History of the Haunted Ship
Outstandingly, the Alkimos was inherent only for ten days. Scramble was fundamental for it was only before the Second World War and she was one of numerous boats endorsed by Congress. She was initially called, George Shriver.
During the first day of the development in the city of Baltimore it is believed that welders were accidentally fixed in the middle of her frames. Their apparitions have frequented the boat from that point forward.   After the World War 2, she was auctioned two times; the last buyer was a Greek de…

Aradale Mental Hospital-Australia’s Haunted Asylum

Aradale Mental Hospital was originally a psychiatric facility, situated in Ararat, a country city of Victoria. Initially known as Ararat Lunatic Asylum, the Aradale together with its two sister havens found at Beechworth and Kew were charged to suit the developing number of insane people in the state of Victoria. Development started during 1864, the guardhouses are recorded as being inherent in 1866 however the rundown of patients reaches out on the years prior to 1865. It was shut down as a refuge in 1998 and in 2001.
On the off chance that the wall of Ararat Mental Asylum can talk they would doubtlessly reverberated the frightening cries of loathsomeness, sadness, anguish, and horrifying agony. If you have gone to the refuge, you would definitely agree with the prevalent supposition that it is a standout amongst the most haunted areas in Australia. The profundity and expansiveness of persecution inside the wards is very unmistakable, as inconceivably genuine like the whiff of aroma…

Schneider Alley-Australia's Haunted place

Schneider's Alley is presently called as Andrew's Walk. You can discover it on Google Maps with that name. It is a lengthy, twisting way among a thick forestry to an old manor.  If you are a thrill seeker and you are searching for a place to go through, you might want to consider the Schneider's Alley.  It is said to be one of the most haunted places in Australia.
In mid twentieth century in Adelaide,  Dr. Schneider obtained his manor, where he resided with his beautiful wife and two lovely girls. It is believed that the family lived there joyfully for a long time until the entire family beside Dr. Schneider suffered an unfortunate death. He then went frantic during his grief. The the 40 sq. km. manor, that is originally used to treat his patients far from his family in a lodge he had constructed. After his family's demise, this lodge used to offer patients some assistance turned into a hell of torment.
Dr. Schneider performed surgeries with no type of anesthesia.  N…