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Jean Bodin, Monk, Political Adviser and Demonologist

Jean Bodin was a Member of Parliament of Paris, political philosopher and also a professor of law.He was also a respected writer about demonology.
Bodin spent his early childhood at Angers where he lived a modest life.  He received his education at a monastery of Angers, where he passed as a novice monk.  There is a little documentation about his early life,   there are accounts saying that he visited Geneva sometime in the year 1547 but the information stated on that document is a bit vague and ambiguous, experts said that they might be referring to another Jean Bodin.
Jean Bodin got involved in numerous political works, but one thing peculiar about him is his participation in the investigation against witchcraft and also werewolves.  He proposed a harsh punishment to those who were proven to engage on witchcraft practices.  He believed on the wicked ways of witches, werewolves, shape shifting and eating flesh of human during the Sabbaths.
Bodin acquired fame when he wrote the De la Dem…

Sergeant Francois Bertrand-Berserkir

In the year 1848, a series of bizarre desecration of corpses happened in Paris which also includes the Père-Lachaise cemetery.The tomb was discovered open and the corpses were found scattered in pieces.The people first blamed it on the wild animals attack but a footprint of a man left on the scene convinced them that a human is probably responsible on this tomb vandalism.Officers were designated at Père-Lachaise Cemetery but no culprit was arrested.
The unknown executor struck once more at the S. Parnasse Cemetery triggering a spring gun trap.  The guards who quickly rushed to the place saw a man in a military outfit that leap over the wall and escape.  The man left a noticeable trail of blood which is a clear indication that the man might have suffered a wound.  In addition to what they saw, they also discover a torn piece of cloth from the military garb.
Police went and search every military barracks to search for the perpetrator.  Finally they were able to found a man with a gunshot …

The Most Popular Werewolf of Europe, Jean Grenier

One of the most famous incidents of Lycanthropy happened during 1604.A 13-yr old boy under the name of Jean Grenier who lives at Landes located at the southern portion of France was accused of being a werewolf.He claimed that it was the mysterious man who gave her the skin of the wolf that granted her the ability to transform into a werewolf.
The story began when two girls approached an odd looking boy with a red hair.  The boy looked emaciated; with fierce eyes and visible protruding canine teeth.  He exhibits an eye larger than the norms and his fingernails are sharp; his name is Jean Grenier, the son of the priest. He approached the two girls and asked who between them is prettier since he planned to marry that girl.  Grenier claimed that his weird appearance is due to the wolf skin given by a man named, Pierre Labourant. He added:
“I have killed dogs and drunk their blood; but little girlstaste better, their flesh is tender and sweet, their bloodrich and warm. I have eaten many a ma…

Aswang in the Philippines

Aswang is the equivalent of any bloodsucking creatures in the Philippines.The story about such creature started even before Pre-Spanish colonization era.
There’s a popular story in the Philippines about aswang, some says it’s real other’s says it’s just a part of their culture, a hoax, urban legend.  Some aswang stories have variations depending on the province.  But there is one story about a certain Teniente Gimo that seems to be consistent though a long time has already passed.
Teniente Gimo’s daughter was studying in a University. She invited two of her college friends to visit their province and experience the grandeur and beauty of the environment, something that a city cannot offer you.  She also added that they will be celebrating the town fiesta.  The two classmates quickly agreed to her offer since it is not that often that someone asked you to spend your summer vacation in a far away province, plus Fiesta in the Philippines are known to be colorful and lively.
They took the fi…

Jure Grando or Giure Grando

Jure Grando from Istria was believed to be the first actual person to become a vampire according to history.  He was a peasant in a small town at the interior of the Peninsula of Astria a place near Antignana Croatia.  Jure Grando dies on 1656 but legend said that he came back to life years after to spread terror and fear around the village.  The local priest attested to the eerie incident that happened on their town.  He said that during the night someone would knock on the doors of their house and on that house someone will eventually die.
His wife also said that Jure appeared inside their bedroom looking at her smiling and short of breath; Jure Grando will sexually assault her after.  Father Girgio claimed that he came face to face with the vampire he held a crucifix in front of him and screamed 
“Behold Jesus Christ, you vampire! Stop tormenting us!" 
He said that a tear fell from the eyes of the vampire during that incident.
A man named Miho Radetić chased and tried to killed th…

Elizabeth Wojdyla

Barbara Moriarty and Elizabeth Wojdyla, both 16 years of age and studying at La Sainte Union Convent which is near Highgate, London was on their way home after a visit with a friend who lives on Highgate London.That trip requires them to pass through Swains Lanes that intersects a graveyard, the Hillgate cemetery.They could not believe their eyes upon reaching the graveyard; it was an eerie sight of the undead emerging from their graves.
Both of them walk in silent, scared that the undead might notice them.  But as soon as they reached the bottom of the lane, they found their voice to ask each other whether they have seen the same thing.  The experience that night was so terrifying that Barbara Moriarty decided never to speak about the said incident ever again.
But Elizabeth Wojdyla decided to share that experience to a renowned author of paranormal incident, Sean Manchester.  It was recorded on a tape and was seen on live Television via a documentary show, Highgate Vampire case.

Manuel Blanco Romasanta, A serial killer or a Werewolf?

Manuel Blanco Romasanta was said to be the first serial killer in Spain ever to be documented.He admitted to about 13 counts of murder but he also confessed that he is not responsible since he is under a malevolent curse that turned him into a wolf.
Romasanta lives most of his life in Galicia, a small town in the province of Orense.  He was actually living a comfortable life compared to other residents in that area. He can read and write and he can afford to travel by mule.  He became a tailor and then left his town to be a sales man and travel through Castile and Portugal.
The first count of murder happened when he travelled out of Galicia, Vicente Fernandez was found dead and Manuel Blanco Romasanta was judged by default after he failed to appear on the trial.  He was sentenced to spend 10 years in prison.
After his imprisonment he returned to the mountain of Orense where he continued his business.   Eventually people will notice that the women associated with Romasanta are disappearin…

The Bray Road Beast

The werewolf that lurks around Elkhom Wisconsin, popularly known as the beast of the Bray Road has been a source of fear from residents of Wisconsin and other parts of Illinois.  Witnesses described it as a huge furry creature similar to a Big Foot.  It resembles the appearance of a wolf able to walk upright.
Alleged sightings of the Bray Road Beasts
Mark Schackelman saw someone digging in an old Indian grave, or so he thought.  The site was believed to be a burial ground of Native Americans.  He watched it briefly and found out that it is a huge furry creature that looks like a dog and standing on its hind legs.  The next night due to his curiosity, he went back to the same spot where he saw the creature.  This time he didn’t only saw the furry creature but he also heard it speak to him in a disgruntled voice, he said the word coming from the bizarre cyptid sounded like “ga-da-ra”
1939 A young lover was taking the same route to where Mark Schakelman reported the sighting when they sa…

Petre Toma

Officers were investigating an incident of staking at Craiova situated southwest of Romania that involves 6 villagers.  They claimed that the person has transformed into a vampire and feast on the villagers blood every night.  They unearthed the corpse of the suspected vampire took his heart, burned it, mixed the ashes to water and gave it to the family.  Sounds medieval, right?  But this incident only happened last 2004.
The authorities investigated the incident as they were avoiding any controversies that time.  The people involved said that they felt as if they were drained out of blood after Petre’s death.  The granddaughter of Toma, Mirela Marinescu states that she saw the presence of Petre on her room one night and when she woke up she felt so weak and could not even stand up. The villagers said that a practice of exorcism has been done on their town for a very long town and has been proven effective against vampires.
The eerie incident started to happen when Petre Toma died, soon…


Kiangshi/Chiang –Shi is the Chinese version of vampire.Their vampires are more of a reanimated zombie but instead of walking or running kiang-shi is known for hopping.Kiang-shi is also known in other regions, Vietnamese call them cuong thi, gangshi is what the Koreans called their hopping vampire while kyonshi is the Japanese term for Kiangshi.This creature is known to be wearing ornamental dressed typically of the Qing dynasty, they move by hopping while their arms are stretched in front. Instead of sucking blood they steal their victim’s chi (life force).This undead attacks during the darkest of night, it can usually be found hiding on caves or other darker place during the daytime.

They said that the reason a dead man turned into a Kiangshi is due to the moonlight or the sunlight.  People on East Asia believe that all people possessed two sides, the good and the evil or the yin and the yang.  If a corpse will be left out in the open and let the moon or sun shine upon it, its evil si…

Jigogonja (Jigar Khoy)

In the tribe of the Kols, Santals and Bhils in the Northern region of India, a type of vampire-witch exist in their legends.The Jigar khoy, would place a victim into a daze and would steal a seed inside the victim’s body that is believed to contain the life force of that person.The Jigar Khoy would then place the seed into his calf muscle and then he would use his telepathic ability and start to call the other jigar khoy to feast on that life energy.
The creature would roast his leg into the fire causing the seed to grow in size.  The leg muscle of the creature would instantly heal using a special magic that the vampire witch perform.  When the seed achieve a certain size the jigar khoy would cut the seed and serve it to the other jigogonja.  The seed will be served together with some of the flesh of the jigar khoy.  The person who originally owns the energy seed will die when the group of jigar khoy managed to consume every single piece of the seed.
This creature also seeks out a worth…


Skyquakes have been referred to as a strange sonic-boom like sound that has been occurring for quite some time now.  In actuality, this unexplained phenomenon was accounted on July 4, 1808 during the expedition of Lewis and Clark while they are exploring the Rocky Mountain.  These skyquakes are a lot similar to the earthquakes however; there is no distinct explanation of where they come from.  It resembles the sound of a cannon fire or a stifled thunder.  Most of the account reported that there is a possibility that the sound came from the sky which is definitely not an earthquake.
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Based on the Lewis and Clark expedition account that witnessed the skyquake:
“Since our arrival at the Falls we have repeatedly heard a strange noise coming from the mountains in a direction a little to the north of west. It is heard at different periods of the day and night, sometimes when the air is perfectly still and without a cloud, and consists of one stroke only, or five o…

Star Jelly

The reports of the star jellies have been going on for long years now.  On the medical writings of John of Gaddesden he mentioned the name “stella terrae” and described it as a mucilaginous element that is lying on the ground.  He suggested that it might be able to cure abscesses.  It was then mentioned again on a medical account of the 14th century under the name “uligo” noted as a fatty substance that the earth emits which is commonly referred to as a star that has fallen. In 1440 a term “sterre slyme” was found on an English-Latin dictionary that is translated to Latin as assub meaning falling star.
It is also referred in a different term on the Oxford-English Dictionary; star jelly, star-shot, star falling, star-fallen, star-slime, star slubber, star slutch andstar slough.  The local community of Veracruz, Mexico referred to this as caca de luna which literally translates to moon’s excrement.  Other people are claiming that this substance have an extra terrestrial origin that flo…

Beast of Bandai

Mt. Bandai is an active volcano located at the Tohoku area, Fukushima, Japan.  The mountain is known for the eruption that happened in 1888 that took the lives of at least 477 people and left thousands of families homeless.  But long before the eruption happened there is a bizarre creature sighted on the mountain that allegedly attacked the village located at the foot of Mt. Bandai on 1700s.
Prior to the attack, the villagers already reported eerie sightings about the creature.  The creature is said to be a humanoid with a huge mouth, thorny furs and claws.  The creature is often sighted during night time or twilight hours.  People said that his eyes are glowing and is similar to a cat.  Though the creature possesses a frightening appearance, it can easily be frightened.  It would immediately run through the woods and bushes at a small shine of light.  But as the days passed by, the creature become bolder and villagers also reported about increased sightings.
The creature also makes a f…

Wedge of Aiud

In 1974, a wedge-shaped item was discovered on the banks of Mures River at least two kilometres on the eastern part of Aiud of Romania. The item was said to be excavated 35 feet below the sand and close by the bones of two mastodons. A mastodon is the huge tusked warm blooded creature that was already extinct. Physically, the ancient thing seemed to resemble the upper part of the sledge. The object was professedly taken straight to Archaeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca for analysis, the experts was surprised to find out that it is made of a combination of aluminium encased in a dainty layer of oxide. The compound of the wedge is made out of 12 distinct components. This ancient rarity is viewed as interesting on the grounds that aluminium was not yet discovered until 1808 and not created in large amount until 1885. Aluminium needs a heat of 1,000 degrees in order to create. The way that the artefact was discovered in the exact layer as the mastodon bones would make it no less than 1…

Wolf of Soissons

Though not a werewolf account, the wolf of Soissons is about a wolf that devours human and tormented the village of Soissons which is in the Northeast of Paris for two days in the year 1765. Around 18 people were attacked and four of them died from their fatal wounds.
First of the victim of the Wolf of Soissons would be a pregnant woman, and the unborn child.  They were allegedly attacked by the wolf in the church of Septmont during the final day of February.  Concerned citizen took the infant which is only about 4-5 months old right to the mother’s womb hoping that it will be baptized before he die.  The Wolf of Soissons reportedly attacked again, few moments after the first attack was recorded and only a few yards away from the scene.  Madame d’Amberief was able to survive the attack by fighting back together with her son.
On the 1st day of March, the attack continues near Courcelles.  A man was reportedly attack by the vicious Wolf of Soissons.  Fortunately he only suffered a head i…


Shtriga is different from Strigoi, they can shape shift into an insect and feed on the blood of the infants while they were asleep.  Sometimes the infant would acquire sickness that only a shtriga would be able to cure.  In most of the Shtriga Lore, they are often depicted as a woman with an eerie gaze that is always wearing a hood to cover her flawed face.
Based on theShtriga Lore, the Shtriga would infect those infant with a disease.  She must spit those infant in their mouth to cure them.  Those who are not cured by the shtriga would eventually die.  As the Shtriga Lore said, someone is not cursed of being a shtriga.  Being a shtriga is not a destiny but a choice.  It is believed that she was not really evil.  She was not really an evil creature; she just turned into an evil creature after she found out that she was unable to bear a child.  Due to this she learned how to use evil craft and promise that he will destroy every child in the world due to his jealousy.  Other one is that …


Glaistig is a vampiric ghost that is a part of the Scottish lore.  They usually inhabit the pools and bodies of water.  They are gorgeous spirit with a grey skin and long hair that usually wears a green dress.  They wear a long dress to hide the other half of their body which is actually a goat.
The Glaistig targets the adult men as their victim.  Their victim would be enchanted by their siren song.  After that, they would then drain them of their blood upon luring their prey on the pool.
Glaistig would often be spotted on the local market, looking for a worthy prey.  There was also a story about a young man from the market following a glaistig to the pool.  The creature and his prey accidentally passed a woman who has a gift of second sight and she was able to uncover the true identity of the woman.  The woman approached the friend of the young man who was lured by the glaistig.  The group of men rushed to the location to rescue their friend, but unfortunately they were too late; their…