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SkinWalker Ranch

The SkinWalker Ranch also known as Sherman Ranch was surrounded by different unexplainable incidents.These even caught the attention of a scientific research team and documented a film of the same title last year.
One of the numerous paranormal incidents that happened in this ranch involves a werewolf.  In 1994, a rancher bought the ranch after it has been in its dormant stage for 8 years.  When his wife and two kids moved to the ranch, they immediately noticed the huge bolts that were covering the doors and the windows of the house.  They also saw signs that the previous owner is taking care of two huge dogs in front of the house.
One day the family spotted a wolf on the pasture.  To their shock, the wolf went into their house as if it’s a pet of the family.  It was raining that day and they could smell the scent of wet dog.  After a few moments, the wolf attack one of the calves.  The rancher came to the rescue by beating the wolf but it wouldn’t let go of the calf.  The rancher took …

Tsutomu Miyazaki

Tsutomu Miyazaki also known as the “Little Girl Killer” is responsible for killing 4 young girls and drinking the blood in one instance and even eating the body parts of his victim in another instance.   The age of his victim ranges from 4 years old to 7 years old.  The victims also showed signs of molestation.
It was reported that Tsutomo Miyazaki mentally tortured the family of the victims by sending the postcards and even letters describing how he tortured and killed their kids.  There are also accounts that the killers called the house of the victims.  He also kept body parts as his trophy for killing.  It was believed that his reason for killing can be traced back to his childhood days.  Apparently, Miyazaki does not have a good relationship with his sisters and they constantly rejected him.  He was only gaining support from his grandfather, and when his grandfather died, he wanted to retain the memories of his father and even went as far as eating the ash of his grandfather.

Emily Isabella Burt

Emily Isabella Burt is a resident of the Talbot County in Georgia.She is also known as the Georgia werewolf girl.The Burt Family is a prominent family in Georgia.They also had several children.Mrs. Burt was already widowed by the age of 37 making her an heir to the estate of her husband.
Emily Isabella seems to be having the most trouble compared to her siblings.  One reason is the features that she inherited with her deceased father.  The dark hair and bushy eyebrows does not seem to compliment her face, and on top of that she had very sharp canine teeth that are a bit disturbing especially when she smiles.  Her mother took her to a local dentist in hope that she can alter the appearance of her canine teeth, but unfortunately the dentist could not do something about it.  Not long after this, she fell terribly ill and was unable to sleep at night.
Isabella would take a potion that contained opium that would help her fell asleep.  But that medicine does not seem to work all the time, and…


Galipote is an evil creature that is part of the folklore of the western part of France particularly in the parts of Guyenne, Poitou, Charentes and Drill.A similar creature named Garache is found in the legends of Poitou.
Pierre Jonain described the Ganipote in his book “dictionary of the dialect Saintonge” as “The male-beast, the object of superstitious fears of all our campaigns. These are said to be witches who change, night, white dog (cani-buddy, dog paw) and run the country to scare and hurt”.  The book was published at around 1869.
Like most of the European werewolves, the Ganipote is highly associated with the world of witches.  It usually attacks at night and went home before the breaking of dawn.    It is not only capable of taking the form of a werewolf, sometimes it is also depicted as a creature who can take the appearance of a dog or a sheep.  When attacking, the creature makes use of their heavy weight.  They usually jump at the back of their victim and pull their weight …

Nellie Vaughn

The Nellie Vaughn case was a unique vampire case.She was never suspected of being a vampire, at least not by his family and friends.They never exhumed their body, or tear her organs apart and burned them.She was never a vampire at all, but legends made her a vampire.It was almost 100 years after she died when she acquired her reputation of being a vampire.
Between the periods of 1790-1899; exhumation of body was pretty familiar on New England that led to the popular New England vampire case.  More than a dozen were exhumed, taken their hearts and other organs and cremated.  The locals believed that they were creatures of the dark or suffering from an undead manifestation.  Nellie Vaughn died on 1899 due to pneumonia unlike most of the suspected vampire who died due to consumption.  In 1977, a newspaper of Rhode Island related his name to a vampire.  Westerly Sun pointed out the signs surrounding the grave of Nellie Vaughn; they further added that no plants would grow on the land that s…

Fritz Haarman, the vampire of Hanover

Fritz Haarman also known as the Butcher of Hanover or the Vampire of Hanover is a serial killer who was known to be responsible for the death of 27 boys between the years 1918-1924.He was found guilty for the 24 murders and was executed in 1925.
He was a poor student; he joined the military and did well.  When he was finished on his military service, he went back home where he was accused of molesting a kid.  The judge found him unfit for a trial and he was sent into a mental asylum.  He managed to escape and tried to resume a normal life, but he and his father always ends up quarrelling. 
The life on the street has a great influence on his crime activity.  He spent some time behind bars and was released on 1918.  He found a job as a butcher and also as an informant for the police.  And due to this, he will stumble upon random boys sleeping at the railways, he will ask them about their tickets and if they don’t have any, he will offer them a place to stay.  Those boys were never seen a…

Soul Eaters

It was 1968, when Boltan Simmons, an anthropologist, witnessed the soul eating rituals of the Mayaxa Tochlan.The power of that cult is said to be way beyond human, since they claimed that no mortal can harm them.Mayaxa Tochlan literally means “Take Soul Life” a trait which is similar to the vampires of the East that sucks the life out of their victim.
The tribe has managed to stay away from the other tribes and live on the dense forest.   Most of the elders of the tribe is said to be a 100 years old who managed to keep a youthful appearance and energy due to the life that they suck out of their victims.
The other villages feared them believing that the tribe has a ritual to kidnap one child each year and feast on the poor kid’s body.  The children of the nearby village will draw lots to determine who will be visiting the tribe.  Those who were not so lucky will be designated to go to Tochlan and will never return again.
The story of the tribe reached the European country which prompted S…

The Vampire UFO

Chupa-chupas which name was derived from chupacabras is a creature believed to be a vampire from the sky or a UFO.The chupa chupa is blamed on an incident of a red light that burned the skin of those people that left them weak and cause them anaemia.There are also reports that some people that were exposed on that red light died.
The rumours about the chupa chupa started to circulate the news during the 1970.  Incidentally it is also the time that the supposed attack of the chupacabra increased at the South America and Central American region as well as Puerto Rico.
The news intensifies when a certain incident happened at Brazil that killed people and some animals.  There were about 40 people recorded injured by the said UFO sighting.  Most of them testify that weird beam from the sky injured them causing their burns in some parts of their body.  The doctors reported a huge decrease on the amount of haemoglobins on the body of those people.  Some of them suffered a gruelling death.  Loc…

Wales Werewolves

This werewolf account was documented in the year 1790 in North Wales.It started on one night when a stagecoach was taking the road between Denbigh and Wrexham when apparently a huge black creature attacked them that overturned the chariot.The black beast is allegedly about the same size of the horses.
The ravenous creature tore one of the horses and killed it, while the remaining horses managed to cut loose on the harness and flee.  The attack was recorded on a full moon, the moon that night was red probably due to the dust present in the stratosphere caused by the forest fire that happened in the Hatchmere region.  But the villagers believe that the red moon signify something like a bad omen.
In the year 1791, a farmer went into his field that is currently filled with snow when he saw huge tracks of an animal that appears to be a paw of a giant wolf.  He asked a blacksmith to accompany him on tracing the tracks.  The tracks led them to a gruesome scene of mutilated farm animals.
A farm…

The Rose Family

During the year 1874, William G. Rose, 53 years of age is one of the most respected men in the community of South County.He was known to be tough and strict.But that attitude of him didn’t save his daughter from dying to a mysterious disease.Juliet is her daughter on her first wife, Mary who died 8 years ago.It seems that Juliet is William’s favorite daughter, her demise managed to bring pain to William who is known to be tough and resilient.Though the doctors have already ruled out that Juliet died due to consumption, it didn’t stop William to look for other things to blame.William G. Rose is aware of the Young and Tillinghast vampire case; he started to suspect that it is a work of the undead after Rosalind, 7 years of age shows symptoms of the same illness.

William was afraid that Rosalind might suffer the same fate of Juliet.  He seeks the help of the priest named Father Amos Cabot.  The news circulating about the demons and vampires worried the priest about what further step is Wi…

P’an Hu

P’an Hu means Dragon Dog, is known as the ancestors of the tribe that is found at the lower area of Chang Jiang in China, The Yao people.He is also known as a shape shifter which usually takes the form of canine specie and he supposedly married the daughter of the Emperor.
P’an Hu is depicted in most legends as a superhuman dog, a creature with the body of a human and a head of the dog.  His whole part can turn into a human except for his head.  The Yao people, which is a descendant of P’an Hu is always described as monster creature that is a mix of human and dog.
The story happened a long time ago in the ancient land now known as China. A king named Gao Xin has a beautiful wife who suddenly experience an unbearable pain on her ear for three years.  The doctors in the area were unable to alleviate the pain and suffering she was experiencing until a wizard came and took something from her ear that made the pain go away.  The stuff looked like a golden cocoon; the queen took it and kept i…

Hebrides Werewolf

Hebrides Werewolf is a case of a ghost werewolf in Scotland.Rumors said that it was a werewolf that waslooking for his bones, similar to the story of a werewolf in Wales, which is also known as the Merionethshire Wolf.
An account of the supposed phantom wolf was recorded on the early 20th century. Andrew Warren and his grandfather are interested with geology and natural history and because of this his grandfather would often visit the countryside to look for something interesting, especially new type of specimen.  One day while he was investigating a certain part of the countryside, he saw a collection of weird bones, he brought those bones home and gave it to Warren for further inspection.  Warren found out that the set of bones has a human body with a head that is similar to the wolf.
One night when Warren was all alone in the house since most of the adults are in the church, he heard some unusual noise at the back part of their home, but surprisingly, he couldn’t find any sign of an …

Vampire of the Melrose Abbey

During the 12th Century, there is an eerie story about how the monks of the Melrose Abbey rescued the town from some dark entity that has been plaguing the village for quite some time.The suspected Vampire of the Melrose Abbey was said to be a chaplain.The chaplain lived a life of sin; the villagers gave him the name “Hundeprest” which means Dog priest.The name was derived from his hobby of hunting animals while riding a horse and being followed by several hound dogs.
When the chaplain died, he was buried on the Melrose Abbey. But his mortal death did not grant him the peace, his phantom spirit kept on haunting the said abbey at night in search for a blood to replenish.  The local was terrified about the Hundeprest sightings, they went to the church and utter prayers hoping that it will protect them against the undead.    The group of monk started a war against the creature.  They prayed, fasted and went on hunting and eventually defeated it. 
The account of their battle against this v…

Vampires of Lastovo Island

The case of the Lastovo Island vampire is a unique case of undead activities.It was believed that there is a certain type of vampire that was causing diarrhea during 1737-1738.A group of vampire hunters were brought to trials for the desecration of corpses and their graves.The government that time, already imposed rules forbidding public on exhuming a suspected vampire.But the strong belief of the locals about vampires remained strong that some people continued to perform vampire exorcism rituals.
During the year 1737-1738, residents of the Lastovo island of Croatia were called in front of the court to undergo inquest for the desecration of the corpse and the grave.  The residents claimed that whenever there are illnesses or unexplained sickness in their area, they blamed it on a certain vampire.  The incident was the same for the recent epidemic that happened on the island that resulted to numerous deaths.  In addition, the villagers believe that people who died on the diarrhea plague…

Vincenzo Verzini

Vincenzo Verzini was not well known today, but during the 1800’s he was one of the most prolific serial killers of Italy.Verzini was even believed to be as the first ever sexual serial murderer of Italy that was recorded.Most of his criminal activity took place to the area where Jack the Ripper originated.El Universal describe his crimes as “a whole series of frightful deed which resembles the work of his imitator on the bank of the Thames”
There are other variations of his name that can be found in other documents, as we all know during that day there is a little way to properly document a crime.  Verzini was born in Bottanaucco, an Italian village in the year 1849.  There are different accounts of his life.  Some says that he comes from a well to do family, other says the opposite and having a very dark childhood days.  But one thing in particular is that he is a loner.  He was friendly but most of the times he prefers to be quiet and calm.
According to Cesare Lombroso, Verzini’s ears…

The Moving Coffins of Barbados

Barbados is an Island found in the Southern Caribbean Sea, it is widely known for its tropical paradise that is frequented by thousands of tourist every year.However it is also a home of a mysterious phenomenon that happened during the early 19th century.
In 1807, The Chase Family Vault found in the cemetery of Christ Church Parish became widely known as a center of enigmatic activity and became one of the supernatural mysteries in the island.  It is a burial in a hill that was overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  It is an ancient burial ground which is found near the Oistin village at the Southern part of Barbados.  The vault can be entered via stone steps and was encased with a heavy stone slab made of blue marble that required 6-7 men for it to move.
The vault was constructed in 1704 by James Elliot and was already weathered by the time that the Chase Family purchased it.  The Chase family was not liked by the villagers due to their eccentric behavior and the way they treated slaves.  Jam…