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John Brennan Crutchley “The Vampire Rapist”

John Brenna Crutchley was the suspect for kidnapping and raping at least 30 women.  He was also known the vampire rapist due to his unusual style of sexually assaulting his victims.  Apparently Crutchley will drain the blood of his victim to the point of almost dying while raping her.
John Brenan Crutchley came from a rich family, but he was always alone as a child.  He prefers to be alone inside their basement while tinkering some stuff.  His hobby for electronic stuff allowed him to building some complicated radio and stereo even before his high school graduation.
It was 1997 when his girlfriend, Deborra Fitzjohn, went missing.  John Brenan Crutchley was blamed by those people close to her since she was last seen alive near the residential house of Crutchley.   He was interrogated by the authority for several times, but they were unable to file a case against him due to the lack of evidence.  The incident was followed by random disappearance that was attributed to Crutchley.   It was …

Gilles de Laval/Gilles de Rais

Baron Gilles de Rais is a French Nobleman who was accused of murdering and torturing kids around 6-18 yrs old.  His victims ranged from 80-200, some claims that the victims are believed to be up to 600 individuals.  Gilles de Rais was often associated with Bliebeard, due to her pleasures with blood, a sign of clinical vampirism.
Gilles was the son of Guy de Laval, he inherited his fortune after Guy’s death and later amassed a great fortune by marrying Catharine de Thouars.  He also fought side by side with Joan of Arc.  But they were hesitant to connect them to Joan of Arc after they found out his atrocities.  After his retirement to the military, Giles has showcased a grandiose way of life that depleted his fortune.  Giles spent most of his retired life at Castle of Machecoul where a lot of bizarre incident happened.  The accounts of murders are way beyond anyone can ever imagine.    Gilles would lower the drawbridge of his castle from time to time and a number of children would ask f…

The Butcher of Kansas City

Robert A. Berdella was a serial killer who was implicated in the murder, rape and mutilation of 6 individuals whose bodies were never found.He received two sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of granting a parole on 1988 and was found dead inside the prison in October 8, 1992.
During his college years, he was convicted for selling amphetamine but received a suspended sentence.  He was later arrested for the illegal possession of marijuana and LSD but police has to drop the charges due to lack of evidence.  In the year 1969, he bought a house at 4315 Charlotte which became the scene of most gruesome crimes that he committed.
He was arrested on the 4th of April 1988, when a victim that he has been sadistically torturing for a matter of week jumped out of his second storey house and managed to escape. By this time, Berdella has already murdered 6 individuals; he was being implicated with two other disappearances by the local authorities.  The police found Polaroid picture…

Three cases of real Zombie

The following was published on The Lancet in the year 1997.These are 3 cases of real life zombie that the researchers observed while they are in Haiti.
FI was around 30 years old when she died after a short febrile illness and was buried by her family the same day in the family tomb next to her house. 3 years later she was recognised by a friend wandering near the village; her mother confirmed her identity by a facial mark, as did her 7-year-old daughter, her siblings, other villagers, her husband, and the local priest. She appeared mute and unable to feed herself. Her parents accused her husband of zombifying her (he was jealous of her after she had had an affair). After a local court authorised the opening of her tomb, which was full of stones, her parents were undecided whether to take her home and she was admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Port-au Prince [...]WD, 26 years old, was the eldest son of an alleged former tonton macoute (secret policeman) under the Duvaliers' re…

The Blood-Drawing Ghost

The tale of the Blood-Drawing Ghost is a popular Irish vampire tale.  It was published in 1882 by Jeremiah Curtin.  The legend tells the story about a young woman named Kate.  Kate was one of the three women whom a rich man from the area of Cork County was choosing of marrying.  The three women were put to a test in order for the rich man to determine the worthy girl.
The rich man apparently places his cane at the grave of the person who recently died and challenged them to retrieve it back for him.  Out of the three women, Kate was the only one who accepted the challenge. When she arrived at the gravesite, Kate encountered the dead man and forced her to take her to town.  During the time that the dead man was in town, he unleashed his terror and attack three men by drawing blood. The three men immediately died after.
The dead man then ordered Kate to prepare her oatmeal.  When the oatmeal was served, the dead man mixed the blood that he drew to the three victims.  He took a portion and …

Palis: Foot-Licking Vampire

Palis literally means foot –licker.  It is a type of vampire that sneaks upon those sleeping and attacks them by licking the sole of their feet until all their blood has been drained out.  This creature is a part of the Persian lore.
There is a popular tale that depicts that the creature is not an intelligent vampire.  The tale is about two drivers of a caravan who were able to outwit the scary creature.  Apparently the two caravan drivers placed the sole of their feet on the soles of another.  When the Palis arrived on the scene to suck the blood out of the two caravan drivers, he was so enraged because he was unable to find the soles.  The Palis supposedly cried out and said that he has travelled a long way just to see man with two heads.
The legends also tell a way to repel the presence of a Palis.  They said that a salt is an effective way to drive away evil spirit and that includes Palis.  Though there is no direct was explaining how to use the salt in defense against Palis.  A goo…

Shen Changying and Shen Changping

Shen Changying who was born in the year 1975 together with Shen Changping born in 1983 are serial killers, cannibals and brothers who are held responsible for eating the liver of 11 prostitutes from the period of June 2003- August 2004.They were known to have 4 female accomplices.
In June of 2003, the very first victim of the duo in the area of Langzhou, Gansu in China was named Yao Fang.  They lured her to their house where they bounded her.  They also forced her to provide her bank information and she was dismembered after giving that information.
On November of 2003, they met Li Chunling and she was robbed the same way they did to Yao Fang.  But Li Chunling refused to end the same way as Yao Fang, she told them that he would be able to bring them more victims if she would only let them live.  So the brothers decided not to kill her and make her an accomplice.  Li brought them a prostitute after a couple of days, the duo then asked Li to kill the prostitute after robbing her.  They t…

The Werewolf of Meremoisa

1623, In Estonia a series of trial was conducted for 13 women and 18 men on the allegation that they were a werewolf.  One of the most popular cases of lycanthropy would be Ann Kongla. Ann Kongla is not only charged of having an ability to shape shift in a form of a wolf, she was also accused of being a witch.  Ann Kongla was sentenced to death during the Viru-Nigulas Pada Manor trial.  Her body was buried at the back garden since witches are not allowed to be buried on the churchyard.
The accusation of him being a witch erupted from the death of the child she visited.  The landlord who was the father of the child claimed that Ann Kongla visited his child that night and in the morning they found her dead.

On May 2, 1640 Ann Kongla was placed under interrogation where she admitted that she is a werewolf.  She said that she was a werewolf for four years.  She also admitted that she was able to kill a horse and also some smaller animals.  When she was asked about her wolf skin, she said th…

Vincenzo Verzeni “The Vampire of Bergamo”

One of the earliest documented serial killer of Italy, Vincenzo Verzeni earned the title “The Vampire of Bergamo” after confessing that he felt satisfied upon drinking the blood of his victims.
Verzeni came from a well off family with a father that is almost drunk every day.  His father would constantly beat his mother and his brothers.  His father is also strict in money and avoids expenditures.  Verzeni is normally calm and quiet; he would try to keep everything in himself and pretend to be just fine.  Just to make it short, Verzeni is afraid of his father; he failed to make a lasting relationship with any girls due to his father’s dominant figure.
That was until he snapped.  Angers piled up together with resentments and frustrations that led to the creation of one of the most feared serial killer of Italy.  His reign of terror lasted for four years.  Most of his victims are members of the family.
Giovanna Matta, 14 years of age, was on her way to visit her family in Suiso.  Verzani at…

The Red Blood Sucker, Dearg-diulai

Dearg-diulais are vampires that take the form of a stunning woman to lure man and feed on them by sucking their blood.This vampire creature is a part of the Irish folktales that usually haunt sad places to look for heartbroken men.The legend of dearg-diulai varies depending on the region.In Waterford they believe that the dearg-diulaiseduces men and then sucks their blood while in Antrima dearg diulai is a name given to a troubled spirit who cannot find peace at the afterlife, she was able to find a beautiful woman and eventually took control of her body. This creature is also popular in Country Kerry as a woman that haunts a certain road.There is a story about a certain drunken man who encountered this creature, but instead of running he blessed the dearg-diulai and prayed for her soul.The creature was released from her curse and finally found peace.
There is also a story about a male dearg-diulai.   The story is about a town leader that was so cruel to his people.  Abhartach cruelty …


Estrie is one of the scariest types of vampire.  It is known to attack any human just to satiate their thirst for blood.  Estrie can be found on the old legends of Hebrew.  The name was believed to be originated from the French term strix which means night owl.   They said that the estrie is similar to succubi, both of them takes the identity of a woman who have an outstanding beauty that they use to seduce young men.  But as we said, the estrie’s victim is not limited to men alone; they also kill children and pregnant women.  Estrie can change it form and able to turn into a birds or other animals.
A Jewish book has an account regarding this creature
"1465 There are women that are called estrie... They were created at sunset [before the first Sabbath before creation]. As a result of this, they are able to change form. There was one woman who was a estrie and she was very sick and there were two women with her at night; one was sleeping and one was awake. And the sick woman stood u…


Nadilla is an undead creature who was believed to dwell in the Baghdad city during the 15th Century. Nadilla is a woman who married a handsome man named Abdul-Hassan, he was a son of a very wealthy merchant and was supposed to be married to another woman.When he was asked about his upcoming marriage, he was advised to think about what will become of his marriage first and to relax on the country side.While he was walking on the country side, he heard a beautiful voice of a woman.He followed the mysterious voice and saw a stunning woman.Though he doesn’t know anything about the beautiful woman, Abdul-Hassan asked her to marry him.His father agreed to the idea of his marriage with the women but he somehow felt that there was something strange.
The two of them had been experiencing the happiest day of their life, the only thing strange about the lady is that she refused to consume any food during dinner; the woman claimed that she is on a strict diet.  Abdul-Hassan started to have doubt w…

Rolang: Corpse Who Stands Out

Rolang or “corpse who stands out” can be created through a magical incantation and a very complex ritual ceremony of a Tibetan magic user known as ngagspa.The only purpose of the ngagspa to create such terrible creature is to utilize its tongue since their tongue is known to possess magical elements.
In order to do this, the ngagspa has to acquire a corpse, and then he has to lock himself in a room together with the corpse in preparation of the ritual.  The ngagspa has to lie above the corpse while clearing all his mind of other thoughts except for the incantation that he repeatedly speak.  The ngagspa has to put his lips on top of the lips of the corpse and use his arms to pin down the arms of the corpse.
Eventually the corpse will start to become a rolang, a ngagspa has to maintain the contact of his lips.  The rolang will try to escape the ngagspa but he must do all he can to keep the rolang from escaping.  In the moment that the lips of the ngagspa loses contact with the corpse, the…

Elifasi Msomi

Elifasi Msomi is a witch doctor who is responsible for the deaths of 15 women while allegedly being controlled by a vampiric spirit called tokoloshe (tikoloshe) It was Msomi’s wish to become more powerful,that’s why he summoned the demon.The demon apparently told him that in order for him to become more powerful, he would need to sacrifice flesh and blood of humans.
To prove his loyalty to the demon, Elifasi Msomi called on her mistress to witness the horrid view of him raping a girl.  He then stabbed the young girl to death.  Instead of being impressed with his ability to communicate with the demons, his mistress ran to the police and he was arrested.    But shortly after his arrest, Msomi was able to escape the prison.  He said that his escape was all thanks to the tokoloshe.
On the month of April, 1955, he was already attributed for stabbing 5 children to death.  Elifasi Msomi was once again arrested and placed into custody. But as soon as he was transferred into the normal cell, Mso…

The Monster of Glamis

The Monster of the Glamis Castle is known as a reformed creature that was being kept in an undisclosed area of the castle.  Some believe that it is a surviving member of the family of the Bowes-Lyon, other said that it is a monster that resembles the appearance of a zombie.
Accounts about the monster can be found on some literary works but the authenticity is hard to confirm since some of the accounts varies from one to another.  On the works of Miss M. Gilchrist, it stated that there is in fact a monster that was living in the castle, the monster is thought to be a half man and a half frog.  Miss M. Gilchrist claimed that the alleged monster is the rightful heir.
But perhaps the first person to tell the world about the secret behind the walls of the Glamis castle would be Sir Walter Scott.  According to his accounts: “After a very hospitable reception, . . . I was conducted to my apartment in a distant part of the building. I must own that when I heard door after door shut, after my con…

Dennett Family

Annie Dennett was suspected to be the cause of his father’s illness; her body was exhumed hoping that it will cure his father, Moses Dennett.
Moses Denett who was born in the year 1759 came from Portsmouth.  His grandfather was a prominent blacksmith at New Hampshire, England and was believed to be one of the wealthiest families in Portsmouth.
Moses became a tailor and decided to move to Barnstead with his wife.  Moses and Betsey was blessed with 4 kids; Polly was born in 1782 and died 8 years later, Hannah was born in 1784, Annie on 1786 and Charles on 1788.
Annie Dennett died when she was 21 years of age, March 27, 1807.  Exactly 3 years after her death, a reverend priest attended her exhumation believing that Annie became a blood sucking creature and was feeding on the life force of her family.  Her Father, Moses was believed to be contaminated with tuberculosis that time, but as we all know, consumption has yet to be understood on that age.  Her family is the one who decided to exhum…


Stanoika is a wife of a haiduk who died when she was 20 years old.  As we all know a haiduk is a kind of a soldier or a freedom fighter.  Stanoika is also blamed for a number of death that happened in Serbia, just like Arnold Paole,  Stana, Miliza and others that are documented on the Visum et repetum by Johann Fluckinger.
Stanoika died a mysterious death after being sick for only 3 days.  Her body was exhumed 18 days after her death and just as expected, the body remained fresh after a short period of time.  Her body was discovered having a vivid color as if she was still alive.  And the fact that she reported that she was being tormented by the phantom of Miloe (another suspected vampire and a haiduk) every night, they immediately assumed that she could be infected with the vampiric manifestation.
They also noticed at the right side of her ear that there was a marking that looks like a blood shot that is about the size of a finger.  While the people are taking the remains of Stanoika …


A fenrir is not typically a werewolf but a giant wolf.In Norse mythology he is the son of Loki and Angroboda.Fenrir is a giant wolf that was prophesized by the Gods as the one that would cause Ragnarok or the End of the World.Due to this prophecy, the Gods decided to place the little puppy in a cage.It is said that only the God of War has the courage to feed the Fenrir.
Fenrir grew bigger and bigger, the gods immediately decided that they had to do something about it.  But no gods have the courage to face the humongous wolf so they decided to trick the creature.  The gods told him that he is weak and he would never be able to break free when they chained him.  The fenrir accepted the challenge and let the Gods chained him, but his strength is unbelievable as he easily break any chain that he was bounded into.
The Gods seek the help of the dwarves and ask them to create something that could restrain the wolf.  The dwarves use the substance called Gleipnir, a substance so soft but suppose…

Snarly Yow

The Snarly Yow is similar to the Black Shuck.  It is a phantom dog or a black hell hound that is said to haunt the South Mountain region of Maryland.  Those who have claimed to saw the creature mostly described it as a black dog but there was one instance when a witness claimed that it is a white and a headless dog which is dragging a chain.
Based on the stories, the Snarly Yow lived in the canyon and always follows the same trail.  It has a habit of chasing the vehicles and frightening people while hiding in the bushes right before they pass.  The creature is also said to block roads that prevent people from passing and sometime faking that they were run over by the car.  Motorist who experienced the fake accident get out of the car to check the dog but didn’t found anything.
But unlike the Black Shuck, there were no known incident that the Snarly Yow inflicted harm on a human being.  There is also no story about the Snarly Yow being a source of bad fortune or an omen.  You can found a…


Gayal is an Indian vampire.A person can become a gayal when he died without a successor or heir and also if a person never had the chance to get married. Some says that a person who died and was not given proper burial rites can also turn into an undead.The gayals are said to possess an ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) that allowed them to see the future and the past.This creature also possess a smaller fangs compared to the other vampires that is why they appeared normal.It is also believed that Gayals possessed an unrivaled beauty that they used to lure their victims.
Gayals usually attack the kids, seeking revenge and feeling envious that they never experienced having kids of their own.  He also attacks his relatives to force them from fulfilling all the rituals that is suited for the dead.  In some areas, the Gayal is given a sacrifice of milk mixed with the water that came from the Ganges River to calm the restless soul.  The Mothers also give their sons a coin as an amulet to repel…

John George Haigh “Acid Bath Murderer/Vampire Murderer”

Born on July 24, 1940 in England, John George Haigh grew up in a strict family.But compared to the other serial killers, John George Haigh had a very normal life and was affectionate towards his parents during his childhood days.He had a huge circle of friends and he also made friends easily.He married at the age of 25 but filed a divorce after a short period of time and he showed no interest on sex after that incident.Over the next 10 years, John George Haigh will be serving years of imprisonment due to dishonesty and fraud.
During the investigation of his crime it was revealed that during his childhood days Haigh had a weird fascination over blood.  Sometimes he would wound himself and suck the blood out of that wound.  He also enjoyed other forms of torture like crucifixion. 
In 1943, Haigh accidentally met William Mc Swann which happens to be his former employer.  Mc Swann introduced him to his parents.  On September 1944, Mc Swann suddenly disappeared.  Haigh told Mc Swann’s paren…