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The Axeman of New Orleans

During the period of May 1918- October 1919, a serial killer is on a killing spree in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The victims were attacked using an axe that belongs to the victims.  The only way to distinguish the connection of the attacks was through the axeman’s method.  The backdoor of the house would be first smashed and upon gaining an entry, the axeman would attack the resident with a straight razor or an axe.
The identity of the axeman remains a mystery up to this day.  The case gathered too much attention as the alleged axeman sent a letter that was published in a newspaper.  But not all people were intimidated by the axeman, others sent invitation to the axeman to visit them that night and let them find out who will be killed first.  Another invitation states that he will leave his window open for him not to damage the door.
Here is the alleged letter of the axeman. Hell, March 13, 1919Esteemed Mortal:They have never caught me and they never will. They have never seen me, for I am…

The Gentleman Vampire

Neville Heath, 29 years old dubbed as the England’s Gentleman Vampire would often pose as an army officer as a way to lure women into hotels. On the 20th of June 1946 a taxi driver was able to saw Heath with Margery Gardner.  Gardner who was 33 years old was found dead the following day.   It seems that she has been subjected to sadistic torture which includes using a whip that has metal on its ends.  Her nipples were also bitten off by the suspect.  While most of his body was covered in blood, her face except her nostrils was clean.
Fortunately, they were able to find the name on the list of the hotel registry for that specific room.  The police went to ask him a few questions but unfortunately Heath already flew.  He went into another hotel and assumes a different identity.  Also during those times, he met Doreen Marshal who agreed to escort him one evening.  She was never seen alive again.  Her body was found 5 days later with knife wounds and was sexually assaulted.
Heath went to th…

Carroll Edward Cole

Carole Cole was a serial murderer, also a cannibal who was executed by lethal injection in December 6, 1985.
Cole was born in Sioux City in Iowa.  When he was a kid, his father has to fulfill his duty during the World War 2. While his father is away his Mom would take him and would force to watch as she entertained different man.  Cole would be beaten by his mother and threatened not to tell anything to his father.
When his father came back from the war, nothing has changed and he would be often whipped by his mother.  He was also bullied in school for having a girl’s name that is why he would always use his second name “Eddie”.  He grew up hating girls because of this.
He drowned a 10 year old boy when he was just 10 years of age.  The death was deemed to be an accident until Cole confessed to the murder after so many years.  After he dropped out of school Cole would be constantly visiting prison due to petty crimes such as burglary, vagrancy, etc.
He tried to commit suicide on one occas…

Petrus Gonsalvus

Petrus Gonsalvus also known as Pedro Gonzales is a man suffering from a case of hypertrichosis defined as an abnormal amount of hair growth.  Unfortunately during his time, his case is not fully understood by the people.  Ulisse Aldrovandi, an Italian naturalist referred to him as “The man of the woods”
Petrus Gonsalvus was born in the city of Tenerife on 1537.  His life was well documented due to his condition; during that time it is considered as a werewolf syndrome.  Little did they know that the case of Gonsalvus was no more than a genetic defect and not of a curse or witchcraft.
Gonsalvus was the first ever human to be recorded with the genetic defect.  Hypertrichosis was also called as the Ambras Syndrome which was taken after his family that spent their lives living near the Ambras Castle.
Gonsalvus went to the court of the King of France, Henry II and was later sent to the court of Margaret of Parma where he got married and had children.    Since the genetic defect is hereditary,…

The Wolf of Moscow

Serial killers are being dubbed as a “wolf” depending on the method of their killings.  Usually when the perpetrator committed a gruesome crime and mutilated the victims’ body in a manner that only an animal can do, then they were compared to the animal such as a wolf.
Such is the case of “The Wolf of Moscow” named Vasili Komaroff.    He was held responsible for the death of at least 33 individuals.  Surprisingly, the corpses of the victims appeared a day after a horse trading, which led them to one unlikely suspect, Vasili Komaroff.
Vasili Komaroff is known for being a happy man but unbeknownst to many, he had a temper problem.  There was a time when he almost killed his own son due to his violent ways.  The authorities went to Komaroff to investigate and they stumbled upon the body of his new victim which is under the hay stack and waiting to be dumped.
He lured his victims through horse trading and when the unsuspected victim turned their back on him, he would immediately bludgeoned t…

The Case of a Clinical Lycanthropy and Cotard Delusion

The co-existence of Clinical Lycanthropy case and Cotard Delusion existed in an incident that involves a 32-year old high-school dropout.  He claims that he is not only dead but in fact he was turned into a dog.
His family immediately took him to the Kerman Psychiatric hospital located at the southern portion of Iran.  The said man refused to go to his work for two weeks believing that he is already dead.  At first he said that he felt restless and his senses seem to be subtle and he felt some sort of electric shock.  Afterward he felt as if his body has changed and believe that he already died.  He believed that his sin caused his death and that his jaw makes a sudden movement which led to his belief that he has been turned into a dog.  His wife is also suffering the same condition while he says that his children have been turned into a sheep.  The mere scent of their urine can cause him restless since the wolf is the natural predators of sheep.
He started having sleepless night, becau…

The Dog that Haunts Leeds Castle

Throughout the century, the world has been haunted by different malevolent spirit.One of them would be the Black Shuck that reportedly haunt the area of East Anglia during the 16th century similar to Black Shuck are the Snarly Yow and the Irrinja which is also called the devil’s hound.
But around the year 1440, a similar lack dog haunts the Leeds Castle.  It is said to be a spectral of black dog that even haunts the surrounding place.  It has a curly hair and looks like a black retriever.
The Black Dog first made its appearance after the aunt of Henry VI,  Eleanor Cobham was proven guilty of practicing witchcraft and was imprisoned at the said castle on the year 1440.  Black dogs like the black shuck and irrinja are said to be a harbinger of death.  But in the case of the Black dog that haunts the Leed Castle, it is said to be a saver of life.  In one point, a woman who came from the Wykeham-Martin family was sitting outside her window when he sighted the creature.  The black dog allege…

The Werewolf Tribe

A.C. Ayres, a farmer from Kentucky, was tending his farm when he stumbled upon this metal glint.  He examined it closely and found out that it is an old copper bracelet.  The finds of A.C. Ayres in not that uncommon, considering that place was once a home of the Native American.  But something about the wristband feels unusual.
A.C. Ayres was right on his gut feel.  The bracelet led him to discover one of the eeriest archaeological piece found in North America.  That piece is an evidence of a wolf-worshipping tribe in Indian cult.  That tribe had said to perform strange rituals and rites attributed to the wolf.
Ayres decided to call for the help of a known archaeologist who have a great interest on artifacts.  The archaeologist once came to their land since he knows that artifacts like the one Ayres found can be usually found within the area.  The team of archaeologist was so eager to see the piece of wristband that Ayres discovered.  It turns out, he stumbled upon a grave site that wa…

The Whitehall Victim

In 1888, White Chapel in London has been the site of the most gruesome crimes in the history of mankind.  The series of killings were blamed to the infamous Jack the Ripper.  But on the same year, another murder was committed that was earlier attributed to the Jack the Ripper but was later found out that there was no connection established to the murder and Jack the Ripper.
Near the Whitehall in a place called Victoria Embankment, there was an ongoing construction on a Police HQ building which is now known as New Scotland Yard.  On the 2nd of October, 1888, a worker went inside the newly constructed basement and found that there is a large parcel.  He decided to open the parcel and discovered a torso belonging to an unidentified female that is starting to enter a phase of decomposition.
Prior to the discovered decomposing torso, a right arm which belong to the unidentified woman was also found in the River Thames.  After two weeks of the discovery of the torso, a dog accidentally found …

Nancy Young (Foster, Rhode Island)

Circa 1827 was the year when the next vampire case in Rhode Island happened. Nancy Young is also a victim of the consumption, since back then a little is known about this disease, it is expected for the people to find explanation on the unexplainable deaths.  And how convenient it is to blame it on a vampire?
Nancy Young was the oldest daughter of Capt. Levi Young and wife Anna and also the second to the oldest out of eight children.  Captain Levi young was serving the military, and after his retirement he decided to move to a farm in Connecticut.  When Nancy reached her right age, she took up the bookkeeping position of the farm.
At the age of 19, Nancy suddenly became ill.  The family first thought that it was just a cold, until they found out that it was consumption.  She remained lying in her bed for a month before she finally succumbs to tuberculosis.
The Young family started to became ill one by one, beginning with Almira and her other siblings.  Their disease possesses the same s…

Laurie Tackett

Born in Indiana on the 5th of October, 1974, Laurie Tackett is one of the people involved in the murder of Shanda Renee Sharer. The incident that caught the interest of the media due to the 12 year old girl that was tortured and burned.   Tackett would often tell her friends that he was possessed by a vampire named Deanna. Tackett’s father is a factory worker who was convicted twice due to felony.  Tackett said that she was molested twice when she was just a child.
On May of 1989, her mother discovered that she would change her attire into pants in school.  Her mother was so furious that the confrontation led to an attempted strangulation.  Social worker stepped in as soon as they got aware of the situation.  They would constantly visit the house of the Tackett to prevent any abusive event.  The incident prompted a rift between Laurie and her mother.  One time, she visited a friend house and found out that the girls are using a Ouija board, a tool use for communicating to the dead.  He…

Marcelo Costa De Andrade

One of Brazil’s renowned serial killer, Marcelo Costa De Andrade is also known as the “Niteroi Vampire”.  Marcelo spent most of his childhood in a slum area in Rio De Janeiro.  As a child De Andrade, suffered on the abusive hands of his grandfather and step parents.  He was only 10 years old when he was sexually abused and when he turned 14 he turned to flesh trade as a mean to generate income.  When he was 16 years old, he had a relationship with an older man and at the age of 17 he tried to rape his younger brother.
He was 23 years old when his homosexual relationship ended.  He decided to move back with his mom and rekindled their relationship with his brothers.  His life seems to be going back on track, he started going to churches 4 times each week, until on April 1991 when he made his first victim.
For a period of 9 months, an estimated number of 9 victims were attributed to de Andrade.  He would normally victimize those poor kids on the street, strangling and raping them.  There …

Zhang Yong Ming

Zhang Yong Ming is a Chinese serial killer that is also known as the “Cannibal Monster” for mutilating the body parts of his victims, consuming their flesh (either by feeding it to his dogs or selling it to the market) and keeping their eyes on a bottle of wine.
Zhang Yong Ming has confessed of murdering around 11 males between the periods of March 2008-April 2012.  It is said that he fed his dog with flesh from his victims.  He also sold part of those flesh to the market telling them that it was an ostrich meat.  Zhang Yong Ming was executed on January 10, 2013.
Prior to this incident, Zhang Yong Ming was already arrested and sentenced to death in 1979.  But his sentenced had been reduced and was eventually released on September of 1997.  He was also given a piece of land near the village of Nanmen, probably to start anew.  But they were wrong to even set him free.
On the early parts of May 2012, the Secretary of the Public Security aroused a suspicion on the increasing number of young …


Irrinja is a devil dog similar in some ways with the Black Shuck.  But compared to the black shuck which is originally a devil hound, an Irrinja is a man who went into a transformation.  The transformation of an Irrinja is a unique one compared to the other types of werewolves who would just need a special ointment, a wolf skin of a wolf strap.  The irrinja when he was still in a human form need to wait for a sandstorm.  During the sandstorm he would lie down on the ground and let the sand cover his body.  He would let the storm pass; a sound of a bird would signal that the storm is indeed over.  The Irrinja would emerge on the sand in a form of a devil dog that is hungry for the taste of human flesh.

The legend also says that this type of creature is not dependent to the moon that makes them one of a kind.  However, based on the legends, the reason on why the man lay down on the ground is not clearly stated.  The tale of Irrinja haunted Australia on the old times and will continue to …

Daniel Rakowitz

An American cannibal and murderer, Daniel Rakowitz was born at the year 1960 in the state of Texas.  At around 1985, Rakowitz moved to New York.
In 1989, Rakowitz was walking on Manhattan’s East village boasting that he was able to kill his roommate.  Monica Beerle, a student and a Swiss dancer met her unfortunate end in the hands of Daniel Rakowitz.  In addition he told the people that he boiled the head of Monica and made a soup out of her brain.  He tasted it and liked it; he therefore claimed that he is a legitimate cannibal.  Some of them remembered the time that he brought a soup to the Park and gave it to the homeless.
The police received a tip from an alleged homicide case.  They arrested Daniel Rakowitz but during the interrogation, the police were bombarded with different satanic confession and sacrifice.
On February 22, 1991, the court found him not guilty due to the reason of insanity.  The court then recommends that Daniel Rakowitz should be sent into a mental institution. In…


Iceland also has a rich culture of werewolf, but they call them varulfur.  One of the most popular types of Varulfur is called Hamrammr. It is a werewolf with an unbelievable strength.  People who know this creature said that it can amass strength after it devoured its meal.  Also aside from the unstoppable increase in its strength, the hamrammr can also change its form to any animal that he consumed.  But despite of being fearful to his immense strength and shape shifting ability, Icelandic people admire and praise it.
As stated by Adam Wayzt:
The term anthropomorphism was coined by the Greek philosopher Xenophanes when describing the similarity between religious believers and their gods — that is, Greek gods were depicted having light skin and blue eyes while African gods had dark skin and brown eyes......Anthropomorphism carries many important implications. For example, thinking of a nonhuman entity in human ways renders it worthy of moral care and consideration.”

Some people describe…

Peter Bryan

Peter Bryan, a schizophrenic who was convicted of murder and cannibalism was set free from a hostel by a mental facility that resulted in the murder of two people.  It was not clear why the medical staff agreed to transfer him to a hostel where he is on his free will.  Three hours after he was set free from the mental facility, he murdered Brian Cherry, who is an old friend and cooked his brain.  He was then sent to a secured hospital and after less than 10 days, he killed a co-patient named Richard Loudwell.
It was later discovered that Bryan was left in the care of an intern with no sufficient amount of training.  Peter Bryan was known as a manipulative murderer; the intern was not informed that he is taking care of a dangerous killer.  Furthermore he was not informed that he was dealing with a serial killer. 
But the hostel was not free from the interrogation of the authority, as they discovered an allegation of a 17 year old girl for a sexual assault.  Had they contacted the author…

The case of Stefan Ramin

Arihano Haiti, 33 years old, a tourist guide was implicated in the murder of a German adventurer named Stefan Ramin.  He was sentenced for 28 years imprisonment for the murder and for cannibalizing the victim.  He was also legally charged for sexually assaulting Ramin’s girlfriend.
Mr. Ramin hired Haiti as a tourist guide to take him into an island for goat hunting purposes.  But sadly, Ramin never returned that day.  Haiti then went back to his girlfriend to tell that Ramin had an accident and urgently needs help.   She was suspicious and decided not to go, Haiti then decided to tie her up into a tree and sexually assault her. After she escaped, she went to the police to seek help.  The investigators found jaw bones. Melted metal and teeth, believed to be the remains of the victim.  When Haiti was arrested and placed into trial, he said that he only resulted to shooting him because he tried to sexually assault him.  He then decided to sexually assault his girlfriend as a form of reveng…

Countess Elga

It was in June 10, 1909 when the news about a castle that was burned surfaced the pages of Neues Wiener Journal, a popular Vienna newspaper. This was upon the deaths of the number of children which they blamed on a vampire.  They believed that the Countess became a vampire and was responsible for the surprising number of death
Based on the account of Franz Hartman, who lived in a town not far away from the said castle:
"Two years ago I was living at Hermannstadt, and being engaged in engineering a road through the hills, I often came within the vicinity of the old castle, where I made the acquaintance of the old castellan, or caretaker, and his wife, who occupied a part of the wing of the house, almost separate from the main body of the building. They were a quiet old couple and rather reticent in giving information or expressing an opinion in regard to the strange noises which were often heard at night in the deserted halls, or of the apparitions which the Wallachian peasants clai…

Swift Runner, Possessed By a Wendigo?

A Cree Indian with an adequate amount of education, Swift Runner who lived in Alberta during 1879 was held responsible for killing and cannibalizing 6 individuals.  Swift runner had a wife on which he had 6 children.  He worked in the trading industry and also as a guide for the police.
The crime spree of Swift Runner started during the starvation period of the Cree Indians.  They said he had a case of a Wendigo Psychosis that gave him the urge to cannibalize human flesh.  He killed his family and wife, cooked them and devoured their flesh. He was arrested in December of 1879 and was sentenced to death by hanging at Fort Saskatchewan.
Prior to this, Swift Runner is known to be a loving father who is always fond of his children.  He is a trustworthy and a gentle 6 foot tall that made him well liked by the traders in Hudson’s Bay.  But at the time when he returned to the village, he could not give a satisfactory explanation to the police on why her family is not with him.  He led the poli…

William Suff

William Suff dubbed as the “Riverside Prostitute Killer” is held responsible for the death of more than 20 individuals.  He also cooked the breast of one of his victims during one time.   He liked to impersonate policemen, do community works, drive cars and write books.  He was known to be very helpful to his neighbors.  But he already has a history of violence when he beat his 2 month old daughter to death.
He usually dumped the bodies of his victims in a grove in Riverside.  Police believes that he may have been responsible for 22 killing in the area.  Evidence was found inside his own car that led to his conviction and eventually a death sentence on 1995.
The prosecutors also pointed out the possibility of him cooking the breast of one of his victims when he joined the chili contest.  His recipe seems to be the favorite of the judges that made him the prize winner.  The allegation was never proven due to lack of evidence.
His method for killing includes, stabbing, strangling, raping a…

Mara and Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome

Mara is a demon who sits on a chest while you are sleeping causing you to experience nightmares, an incident that was said to originate from sleep paralysis or the old hag syndrome.   They are also often associated with the Incubus and the Succubus, a type of vampire that sexually assaults the sleeping individual while asleep.
The legend of the Mara can be traced back to as early as the 13th Century.  In Germany there are also some incantation believed to be a powerful tool to ward of the mare.  It says:
“Hier leg' ich mich schlafen, Keine Nachtmahr soll mich plagen, Bis sie schwemmen alle Wasser, Die auf Erden flie├čen, Und tellet alle Sterne, Die am Firmament erscheinen! [Dazu helfe mir Gott Vater, Sohn und heiliger Geist. Amen!] Here I am lying down to sleep; No night-mare shall plague me until they have swum through all the waters that flow upon the earth, and counted all stars that appear in the skies. [Thus help me God Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!]”
In Romania they are spirit of a beau…