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A creature of the lore of Scotland, Nuckelavee is known to be a monster that spread disease and ruin crops.  They usually live in the seas.  The appearance of this creature is somehow similar to a centaur which is a combination of a horse and a rider.  But the nuckelavee is a very disgusting creature, it doesn’t have an outer skin thus his veins and muscles are visible to the naked eye.
They usually leave their home during the night.  They emerge from seas and search for a human prey.  In some instances they would kill or spread plague on the livestock.  They are able to spread sickness by their breath.  Legends say that their breath is too toxic that they can kill livestock or human.
These creatures, though living in seas are scared of salt and iron.  However one has to know that they are also scared of fresh water.  If one is being pursued by a nuckelavee and managed to stumble upon a fresh water stream, the nuckelavee would stop chasing him if he managed to cross that stream.

Other th…

The Moonlight Murders

The Moonlight murders are a series of unsolved murders that happened on a night thus dubbing as “moonlight murders”.  The series of murders happened around Texarkana on 1946 during a span of 10 weeks.  The unknown killer named by the media as “The Phantom killer” or the “Phantom Slayer” is held responsible for 8 attacks killing 5 of them.  The crimes happened during the weekends that started on February 22, 1946-May 3, 1946.  The killer always attack late at night.
The first two victims were Jimmy Hollis and Mary Jeanne Larey at around 11:55 pm, February 22.  The two were attacked while their car is on park in a place known as lover’s lane.  The couple claimed that they arrived on the scene at around 11:45 and after a mere 10 minutes, a stranger approached them and flashed a flashlight.  They thought it was a policeman but on a closer look they saw a man wearing a white hood on his face with holes that were cut out on its eyes and mouth area.  The man ordered them to get out of the car…

Matthew Hardman

Matthew Hardman is known as a quiet man by those who knew him and constantly stays at home.  But that belief changed when he committed to a vampiric crime that involves Mabel Leyshon, 90 years old.
No one suspected him at first because of his quiet nature until he was arrested by the authority.  During his younger years, the teacher always regarded him as a student with a proper behavior.  He is always so behave that he has no history of disciplinary action.  While growing up, his hobby is almost as similar as the hobby of other kids apart from one thing; he started to become obsessed with stuff about vampires.
Hardman has frequently visited Leyshon on his place due to the daily newspaper.  He apparently told her that their place which is full of elderly people is a best place for a vampire.  He said that it wouldn’t bother anyone if someone bit them on the neck and suck their blood since authority would just declare that they died due to heart attack.  He added that killing a pensioner…

Ojai Vampire

The Ojai Vampire is a vampire who purportedly moves to Ojai, Ca during the year 1890 and set up a house near the Creek Road.  Though he was always regarded as a vampire, his appearance was said to be that of a rotten corpse.
Based on the legends, during circa 1890s an alleged European vampire moved to Ojai, California and settle in a house which is near Creek Rd.  The alleged vampire was held responsible for the missing animals and cattle mutilation.  He was also blamed for the mysterious disappearance and sometimes murder of random people.
The villagers set up a hunting party to kill the alleged vampire.  The local citizens found a stone sarcophagus at his home which is guarded by a black dog.  The black dog was vicious but they were able to drive it away by spraying a holy water.  The hunters lift up the cover of the sarcophagus and drive a stake straight to the vampire’s heart.
According to some story, the town’s people took the body of the vampire and sealed it in a slab made of ceme…

Konrad Von Marburg

Konrad Von Marburg, an Inquisitor from Germany ordered witches to be burned to a stake for worshipping Satan and for supposedly creating diabolical creatures.  Konrad is known to be well educated who possibly received an education from a university.  He is also known for his strong belief on the teachings of the church.
But during his work as a spiritual detector, he is known to be unfair who easily believes in every accusation made in an individual.  Those who were accused would immediately be sought out by his men and would be instantly asked to repel on their sin or else they would be burned at stake.  He was commissioned by the Pope in year 1227 to eradicate heresy totally.  It was said that a panic would occur in the town that Konrad would pass through.
He is known to be sending those proven to be witches on their final resting ground.  He also believed that these witches can raise demonical creature (includes werewolves and other vampiric creatures) and command them in tormenting …


The Kathakano possesses the closest similarity to the western vampire.  A pale blood-sucking creature that walks on the darkest of night and spread disease that causes the random death of the villagers more like a generic vampire. A kathakano is a grinning vampire, so there is a popular belief in Crete to not trust anyone smiling.
At first sight, a kathakano might look at a normal stranger passing by.  He looks like a happy and a friendly drunkard.  But if you get to close to this creature, it will spit a blood on you that would cause a terrible burning sensation.  The spit of this vampire creature was believed to contain a high amount of acidity produced by its undead body.  And while the victim is excruciating in pain, the kathakano would charge and devour its victim using its sharp teeth.
Like most of the vampires, it is better to kill a kathakano while it is sleeping.  A kathakano would return from its grave in the morning, where it sleeps and of course, it is its most vulnerable st…

Benandanti Werewolves

Some of you might remember the account of Thiess that happened in the year 1692 wherein he claimed that he was a werewolf. But not the type of werewolf that caused destruction and torment; they claimed that they are the hounds of God that wage a war on the devils and witches.
These types of werewolves are called Benandanti Werewolves.  Benandanti means good walkers. They are those who have the ability to leave their bodies and transform into a werewolf.  This type of werewolf was particularly found in Italy.  They said that the war usually lasted for three nights. During this time, the Benandanti Werewolves would protect the crops and livestock of the villages against the witches.  The werewolves use iron bar as their weapon while the witches use their broom sticks.
When Thiess presented his case, the judges were astounded on his claims.  It was actually the first time that the inquisitor heard of such a case.  They always knew that the werewolves are abomination of the devil.  They als…

Robert John Maudsley

Robert John Maudsley is known by his prison mate as “Hannibal the Cannibal” after a famous fictional character of the movie Silence of the Lambs.  He was sent to prison after stabbing and strangling his own uncle.  In the 25 years of his life inside the prison he was able to kill 3 prison mates.  He cut one of the victims head open and claimed that he love the sight of the blood.
When he was sent to Broadmoor, he attacked David Francis in the year 1977 and sadistically tortured him for nine hours.  After murdering his fellow inmate, he held David Francis body to the prison staff who were bargaining for the life of Francis.
He was then taken to the high-security prison; he stabbed two prisoners to death using a homemade knife in 1979.  The chief of the prison confined him into a solitary confinement, and then was later moved to a cell that is specially constructed just for him.  The Home Secretary even made a recommendation that Maudsley should never be set free.
Maudley is one of the 12 …

One of the most baffling cases of disappearing person

One of the strangest cases of a missing person would be of an elderly couple in Ireland named Conor and Sheila Dwyer.  The couple just mysteriously disappeared after hearing a mass at the St. Patrick Church on the 30th of April, 1991.
After the close relatives has not heard about the couple for a week, Sheila’s sister decided to pay them a visit on May 18.  But to her dismay, no one was answering their door, so she decided to alert the police about the matter.  Hours later, the police arrived and broke down the door of the couple.  Unfortunately the couple is nowhere to be found.
Their vehicle which is a Toyota Cressida was also nowhere to be seen.  There were no signs of foul play inside their house, all their valuables remain intact.  No traces of forced entry or struggle were found by the authorities.  Their clothing and glasses are also inside the house together with their passport.

Upon further investigation, the authorities found out that this is not the first time that Conor disa…

Morbach Monster

The Morbach monster is a legend of the Werewolf that terrorized the area of Wittlich, Germany.  A stowaway from the Napoleon’s Army named Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer is planning to go home to his hometown in Alsace.  He was with a group of Russians who were also a deserter.   By the time that they pass to Wittlich, they saw an old farm house and decided to take whatever they want.  While they were stealing stuff from the old farm house, they were discovered by the farmer and his son.  The deserters murdered both of them.
The wife saw how the deserters mutilated the dead body of her son and husband.  She allegedly cursed those people saying that every full moon, they will take the form of a vicious wolf.  Schwytzer decided to kill the wife by smashing her skull.
The curse allegedly worked on Schwytzer.  He became a rabid murderer who committed killing for his pleasure.  He would rape, steal and kill anytime he wants.  Schwytzer eventually left the company of the Russian men who hav…

Houston Batman

Other region might have the tale of the lochness monster or the Big Foot, but Houston has a legend of its own that can be traced back to 1950s, The Houston Batman.
18th of June, 1953, 2:30 am, Somewhere in Houston Heights, three neighbors said that they saw something bizarre just a few feet away from their home. After a few moments, the bizarre creature was in the headline of Houston Chronicle.
Hilda Walker, 23 years old and a housewife along with two other neighbors were sitting on their front porch when they saw something that happens to move across the lawn.  One of the witnesses described the incident as an event that is hard to believe.  The creature appears to be a figure of a man standing at around 6 ½ feet tall with wings of a bat attached on its back.  People who saw the creature instantly froze upon seeing it.  One may think about fleeing or shouting but to those who had a glance of the Houston Batman, they were shocked and frozen.
The creature stayed for 30 seconds before the …

Florencio Roque Fernandez

Around 15 women were said to be the victim of Florencio Roque Fernandez by breaking inside their room and drinking their blood.  Fernandez is a serial killer who reigned during the 1950s and terrorized the area of Monteros.  He was also known as The Argentine Vampire and The Vampire Window.
Florencio Fernandez is said to be suffering from a mental disability.  He is having a hallucination and a delusion that he is indeed a vampire.  He is also known to take great pleasure in seeing blood.  Fernandez was already living in the street during his young age.  His family seems to neglect him due to his can be found at the outskirt of the town to help him cope with his fear of light.
Fernandez usually attacked on the warmth of spring or summers where town folks used to leave their windows open at night and let the cool breeze of night freshen up their rooms.  He would stalk his target for several days and he’ll make sure that she is alone at night.
After making sure that his victim is already a…

Creating zombie with electrode implants

It was during April of 1961 when the doctor who was performing an experiment about implanting electrode on the brain of the animals decided that it is definite time to test the experiment on human since the experiment on animals turns out a positive result.  The doctor name Dr. Gottlieb has been perfecting the method on some animals for quite some time.  Unfortunately, the disturbing result of his experiment on 3 Viet-Cong prisoners has leaked out to the public.
The team behind the project flew to Saigon and went to the hospital located in Bien Hoa.  The prisoners during the Vietnam War were already confined on that facility.  The group of agent of Subproject 94 started to place the equipment needed in a secret compound.  Then the team of the neurologist proceeds in implanting the small electrode to the brains of the VietCong prisoners.
They provided an ample amount of time for the healing of the surgical wounds caused by the implant.  After that, they were given lethal weapons such as …

David Paul Brown

David Paul brown is accused of murdering and feeding on the flesh of Zack Ramsay, he even served the remaining flesh to his neighbors including the families of the child.  He was sentenced to serve 130 years of life imprisonment for numerous counts of child abduction, sexual assault and aggravated assault with no chance of parole.
David Paul Brown would impersonate a policeman and assault kids.   In 1977, he was arrested and sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment for kidnapping and attempting to murder two boys.  While Brown was trying to strangle one of the kids, the other one managed to escape and asked for help.
In 1999, he was again arrested for impersonating a police.  After a thorough search conducted by the police in his house, they found several pictures of children, and a bone that is said to belong to unknown young boy.  He was then charged for kidnapping and as well as sexual assault for three boys.
The authorities also found evidence against him for the cannibalism and murder …


Chedipe is a witch vampire of the Godavari River in India.  It literally means prostitute that is associated with devadasis who are often referred to as the temple prostitutes.  Chedipes are also referred to the undead, those who have died during their pregnancy or during child birth.  Prostitutes are also a great recipe to become a Chepide.
It is also described as a woman with a vulgar attitude who was often seen riding a tiger during night time.  She locates for a house to prey, if in any case that the door of the house is locked, the door magically opens and the chedipe enters the house naked.  She will then cast a curse on the residents of the house that will make the drowsy and eventually fall to sleep.  She will now start to feed on the blood of all male residents of the house. 
Some records state that the chedipe only feast on the blood of the strongest man others say that she only kills those men that she holds grudge against.  In the morning, the victim would feel weak and tip…

Biochip Implants

1950-1960 started the eerie technology on mind manipulation and control.  That time they were using electrical impulse being implanted in the brain of humans and animals.  Later they saw that mind-control would be the future of war thus they focus in discovering new ways on how to manipulate the way of thinking of one person.
During the 1980’s a former Medical Officer of Finland claimed that a strange object inside the brain has been showing on the X-Ray.  Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde claimed that the object is about 1 cm. long.  Then after a few years, the implant became smaller, this time it is about the size of a grain.   Luukanen-Kilde claimed that the mysterious object found inside the brain is made up of silicon and on the latter year it was made of gallium arsenide.  On this day, they said that the implants were too small that it became too impossible to remove, others have been undetectable.  These objects can easily be placed at the back of the neck if the person went under an o…


Eretica is a type of vampire in Russia.  They believe that a person that is practicing a religious heresy would turn into a vampire creature after his or her death.  The witches and others who are practicing craft have a bigger chance to be an Eretica.  They can also become a vampire when one person refused to confess its sin and repent on it before he dies.   The belief about eretica started in the Russia just about the same time that Christianity starts.  They believe that being a bad Christian follower can result in a curse such as this one.  It is commonly used as a threat to those people who refused to act a normal Christian life; it’s just like scaring kids who refused to eat their broccoli with the boogeyman.
Eretica is often a woman who sold her soul to the devil when she was still alive.  He came back as a blood sucking creature cloaked in the identity of an old woman.  Every night all the ereticy (plural of erotica) would gather in one place to perform a sabbat, just like the…

Flannan Isle Mystery

The Flannan Isle Mystery is the incident of the mysterious disappearance of 3 light house keeper during the 1900.  They left the equipment needed to survive the hostile condition of the area. The lighthouse is being operated by three men namely Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald Macathur.  During that time the area is experiencing severe weather condition thus Hesperus (lighthouse tender) was unable to set on a trip toward the island to send the relief.  On December 26, 1900 they were finally able to reach the island due to an improved weather condition.
But on their arrival, they were surprised to see that no one in the island welcomes them and in addition the usual boxes that can be found outside in order to be restocked are not on their original area.  The captain of Hesperus, Jim Harvie set off a distress signal but there seems to be no reply coming from the keeper.
The relief keeper, Joseph Moore discovered that the entrance gate and the main door are both closed.  The beds are…

Greifsweld Werewolves

Based on the old accounts of the History books, during the year 1640, the city of Greifsweld, Germany were overrun with countless of werewolves.  They said that the number of werewolves that time were so large that they occupied the whole city.  A human that would accidentally stumble on that place would be attacked by a pack of werewolves.
It came to a point that a group of students had enough of cowering and hiding at night.  These groups of student formed an alliance that is devoted on ending the torment and terror of the werewolves.  The students give the werewolves a great fight, but in the end their human strength is nothing compared to the supernatural abilities of the werewolves.  Their bodies ended up all over the streets.  Other students who managed to survive retreated and thought of a good plan.

One of the students knew that it is not wise to fight them using their strength.  He suggested that they should all gather every silver wares they could find, buttons, silverwares, g…

Colo Colo

Colo Colo is a vampiric creature that is part of the legend of Brazil.They are believed to be a small creature that appears to be a mix of some animals.Like most of the vampire creatures on the South America, Colo Colo tends to feed on their victims while they were asleep.
Believing to be a part lizard, chicken and rat this creature is said to have a long neck.  Depending on the region you are in, the Colo Colo can be covered with fur, scales or feathers.   It may also possess a tail.  This vampiric does not only feed on the victim’s life force it also has a distinct taste for a person’s saliva.
While his victim is asleep, the Colo Colo would proceed in biting the person’s tongue and started to drain his life force as well as his saliva.  He will then drain you of your bodily fluids causing you to die.  There were also some accounts saying that Colo Colo loves the taste of the human brain.
If the victim managed to survive on the 1st attack, the Colo Colo would repeatedly perform the drai…

Claudia Gaillard

Claudia Gaillard is also known as the Werewolf of Burgundy.  But she was more likely one of the victims of the werewolf hysteria and witch trials during the 15th century.  Between the year 1529-1630, it was documented that at least 300,000 individuals suspected of practicing witchcraft and have the ability to transform into a werewolf were executed in France alone.  Those people accused had to suffer extreme and inhumane torture before they finally admitted to the accusations.
Claudia Gaillard was a young lady then who was accused by his friends, family and neighbours that she is a werewolf.  She was examined by the Inquisitor, Henri Boguet known as one of those Inquisitors that brought many of the alleged witches to their death.  Henri Boguet, believes that the demon taught the witches the knowledge to transform into a werewolf, that is why most werewolves that day suffer the same fate of the witches.

Boguet went to Gaillard house to gather more evidence.  One of the neighbors testifie…

Converse Werewolf

Converse Texas is a community of ranches.A long time ago, a rancher sent his 15-year-old son into a task into the wild to kill a deer, a sort of coming of age task.The boy went out on his task to hunt a deer.He entered a dense forest area hoping that it would be flocked with a group of deer.But as he entered the area he found himself being hunted by a large beast.He immediately decided to retreat back home and tell his father about the beast.
But the rancher did not take the story of his son seriously.  He thought that the accounts of story were a rip off from a book of supernatural.  He reiterated to his son that he has to go back to the woods and make his first kill.  The boy decided to obey his father and went back to the woods.  But after a few days of being gone in the woods, the young man still has not returned to the ranch.
The villagers together with the rancher formed a search party to find the young man.  Not long after they were conducting the search, the rancher heard a nois…

Helleborus; a Case of Austrian Vampire

This particular vampire case was more of a psychic vampirism.  It was believed to happen in Austria which was documented in the Occult review during the 19th Century.  A young girl was believed to be tricked by his vile uncle into robbing her with all her inheritance.  The uncle disinherited the young woman with all her richness, and pledge that he will give her with a tiny bit amount of money.
Apparently the young girl and her husband are not willing to go down without a fight.  They decided to search for a lawyer to defend their rights against the wicked uncle named Helleborus.  The couple managed to find a lawyer and court sided on the young girl, giving her back everything that her uncle stole from her.  During that time, Helleborus was already weak and suffering from tuberculosis (which is still a mystery during that time).  But despite of his ailing body he swore to the lawyer that he will take his revenge against the man.
Suddenly the lawyer fell ill; he grew weaker and weaker as…

Hantu Langsuir

Hantu Langsuir is a vampire demon of Malaysia that shares some similar traits with the Penanggalan.The Hantu Langsuir is described as a beautiful woman or a head of a beautiful maiden floating with its entrails and spinal column hanging down on its severed head making it looks like a tail.
People would find it difficult to prevent it from entering their house as the Hantu Langsuir can enter even the small cracks and openings of a house.  It also doesn’t just victimize random people.  The hantu langsuir has a very picky appetite and only wants the blood of a new born boy.  If at times there is no male infant present for him to feed on, it would settle on feeding on a female infant.  While other vampire would love to eat the liver and heart of a victim, this vampire entity loves to eat the entrails of the infants.  It would first drill a tiny hole in the neck of his victim to feed on their blood.
It also occasionally drinks milk from any sources he could find.  It was believed to lick the…

Harppe Vampire

Dom Agustin Calmet, who reported the incident about the Lievaba vampire also include the account of the Harppe Vampire in his journal.But originally it was Chevalier Ricaut, who heard the tale about the Harppe Vampire.A monk named Sophrones told him while he is studying the Greek Church.
The monk was well known in the local community of Smyrna, where the Vampire of Milos originated.  The account was included in the works of Calmet “Dissertation of Revenants, the Excommunicated, and the Ghosts of Vampires” published in the year 1751.
Harppe was the name of the man who was excommunicated by the church.  On the time of his demise, he was buried in a low lying ground.  After a short time, he reportedly came back to the land of the living as a vampire.  The community wanted to dispose the vampire in the traditional way.  They wanted to disinter the body, decapitate and pour a boiling wine on the body of the suspected vampire.
But the family of the deceased begged to the monk to prevent those …

Dead Columbiana Woman Came Back to Life

A 45-year old woman from Colombiana City walks after two hours of her death.  The woman named Noevia Sernia was pronounced dead and his body was advised to be taken to funeral.  When the funeral attendant was about to inject formaldehyde on the body, the woman responded and moved her arms.  The attendant was in total shock to see that a dead person is moving.
Sernia was admitted at the Comfenalco Clinic.  The official of the clinic started the investigation but they could not produce a better explanation that could explain the bizarre incident.  Even her daughter is totally shocked to hear that her mother was alive.  Apparently her daughter was already in the funeral with her father processing the documents needed for the burial.
Prior to this the woman already suffered two cardiac arrests.  On her last heart attack, Noevia no longer responds to the resuscitation made by the doctor.  The efforts of the medical team on reviving her took almost 15-20 minutes but they are unsuccessful.