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Thaye and Tasei

The country of Myanmar has a little culture when it comes to vampires and the undead.  One reason could be the major religion in the said area.  Buddhism has a tradition of cremating the body of the deceased that is why a corpse returning to the walking life would be impossible.  On the other hand Myanmar has a rich tradition of ghost and phantoms.
Thaye and Tasei is a ghost of those people who have lived a life of sin.   They will remain on that state until they were able to fulfill their duty.  And as the tradition of Buddhism their soul will be reincarnated after.
While in the form of a ghost, they could take a visible appearance but they would appear demonic.  They have a prevalent darker features and a bit taller than the norms with huge ears and protruding canine teeth that resembles the tusk of a boar.
They usually reside on the cemetery or villages where they could feed on corpse or sometimes assault the living.  Unlike some vampire who would take the appearance of a real human t…

Werewolves of Livonia

Livonia Werewolves is a case of a mass hysteria that happened in Europe during the Medieval Inquisition.  The Livonia has a strong belief with werewolves.  1600 is also the peak of the Medieval Inquisition where random of people suspected to be performing witchcraft was brought to trial.  Around 31 people were brought in front of the court due to damaging properties while reportedly taking the form of a wolf.
Based on Livonian lore and legends, the werewolves marched after the Christmas day and for 12 days they will continue to take the form of a wolf.  Hey believe that their human persona is in some kind of a trance and their werewolves form was forced by the devils to terrorize the land.
The event was documented by Casper Peucer in his work entitled Commentarius de Praecipibus Divinationum Generibus
At Christmas a boy lame of a leg goes round the countryside
summoning the Devil’s followers, who are countless,to a general conclave. Whoever remains behind, or goesreluctantly, is scourged…

Kythnos Vampire

Kythnos vampire is a case of an immortal creature that terrorized the little town of Kythnos in Greece.  Most of the suspected vampires in the island of Kythnos were apparently destroyed due to the vigilance of the people in the area.  They would perform traditional methods of vampire exorcism and the undead attack would cease.  But one of them remained; Andilaveris is known to be a creature who continued to torment the island up to these days.
Andilaveris would love to bother people.  He would walk during the night in the streets of Messaria and would consume great amount of food and break plates and glasses.  This creature is not really a threat to the villagers’ safety but more of an annoyance.  But nonetheless this creature has caused this disturbance that people in the villages refused to leave their house during the night, afraid that they might encounter the Andilaveris.
He also loves to climb the roof of the church and piss on anyone that would pass below.  Andilaveris was said …


Christtie-Cleek whose real name was Andrew Christie was a legendary cannibal.  During a famine that apparently happened on the 14th century, Christie allegedly joined a group of scavengers. When one of their members died, Christie would put his skills into good use and will provide his colleague with a delicious meal.
Eventually, the group developed the taste for the human meat under the guidance of Christie.  They were no longer just satisfied on the meat of their dead companion; they started ambushing travelers that passes the foothills of Grampians.  The group started eating travelers and their horses.  Christie was believed to claim the life of at least 30 riders.
After sometime, the group of cannibals was defeated by an Army from Perth.  Christie was able to escape that attack and was able to enter the community under a different identity.
Cheviot’s Proverb share some account about Christie:
They resorted to cannibalism at the instigation of their leader, Andrew Christie, a Perth but…

Walton Cemetery

In 1990, a group of archaeologist stumbled upon 29 graves due to the mistake of an old map.  Apparently the cemetery is owned by the Walton Family.  At first the group discovered 2 skulls on the abandoned graveyard.  But upon further investigations, it turned out there was a total of 29 forgotten graves that was in the area.
The Walton family moved from Boston to Griswold, Connecticut during the 1690 in aim to start a farming business.  The cemetery is only a piece of a vast land; it measures at around 50-60 ft.  The place was believed to be active up to 1800’s until the family decided to move to Ohio.  The cemetery was continuously used by another family until they abandoned the place.
But the discovery also revealed a piece of a history of the place.  The children that were buried show some sign of chicken pox and small pox.  A little is known about this type of disease back then.  Another skeleton was believed to die due to tuberculosis.  His coffin has a marking of “JB-55”.  Experts…


Vodyanik is a vampire creature that lurks in the water.  It is the male counterpart of Rosalka that is a part of the Slavic folklores.  The name “Vodyanik” literally translates to water grandfather which generally described the place he lives in and his appearance.  The creature is said to resemble the appearance of an old man but with a green beard and his round cheeks and belly are colored red.
Vodyanik is also a bald creature that completed its look of an old man but he is usually seen wearing an old woven pointed hat and its belt is made out of rushes.  The creature also wears something with a touch of green.
Vodyanik are highly unpredictable and territorial.  It would let anyone play on the water that he resides during the day.  People are free to utilize the water as long as it is still not midnight.  If he found out that someone broke the rules and went to his water at night, the creature will pull him down and drown him.  After the victim dies, the vodyanik would drain the blood…

Ornias, A Vampiric Demon Controlled by King Solomon

Accounts of the Ornias can be found in the Testament of Solomon, these scriptures can only be found in Christian literatures.This depicts how Solomon was able to construct his temple by controlling the demons with the help of an enigmatic ring that was given to him by Michael the Archangel.Ornias can shape shift and steal the spirit of its victim.According to what is written, it is a fallen angel that dwells in the Aquarius constellation.He often kills the man born in the sign of Aquarius by strangling since he believe that these men do not have a passion for those women who was born in the sign of the Virgo.He would change into a man who likes boys and inflict pain to those men, he would then transform into a lion with wings.
It is said that when the Ornias appeared to attack a young boy and sucked his life, Solomon went straight to the temple to pray for the gods.  Michael the Archangel showed up and granted him with a magical ring that can control the demon.  Solomon lends the ring …


Bhuta is a vampire creature from the legend of India.  Bhuta which means “bad nature spirit” is born when a person who has a physical deformity dies.  People who also die prior to their proper time like those who committed suicide is also said to transform into this vampire spirit.
Bhuta appeared like a shadow and has the ability to take over a corpse.  Once a bhuta managed to possess a corpse; it can now spread sickness and death.  It also has the ability to take the form of other animals such as owl and a bat.
Bhuta unlike other vampire creatures has some similarities to a ghoul; they tend to feed on a lifeless body.   But they are also known to crave for milk from time to time.  When that happens, a bhuta would devour an infant who just ingested fresh milk.
This creature can usually be found lurking in the cemeteries or graveyards where he could feed on corpses.  But in some instances, it can also be seen in a place where he has a strong connection when he was still alive.  For exampl…


There were numerous Incubus attacks reported over the century.  There was also a time when it was believe that if a person has a sexual intercourse with a demon, whether he/she likes it or not, they are bound to have an offspring.  The fruit of that attack is called the Cambion.
Cambion would develop as a normal kid but those who were born with physical deformities are suspected of being a cambion.  Twins are also said to be a half breed between demon and human.  A cambion cannot be killed until it became 7 years old.  By that time it was fairly acceptable for a hunter to kill the child.
A cambion can be identified when a holy man touches it.  If a child is a cambion, it would cry as if it is experiencing an excruciating pain.  Those who survive and become an adult were often judged because people believed they have demon blood running through their veins.
A cambion who reach its maturity is said to be dense and heavier than it looks.  He also have the talent of casting spells and magic …

Vampire killers

April 2007, three people had been arrested by the local police of Guyana for the charges killing a suspected vampire.  It was morning when the victim decided to wander around the village of Bare Root.  The three suspects called her attention and they immediately suspected that the lady is not a human.  During that time, one of the members of the villagers noticed a red spot on the chest area of her child which they believe could indicate an “Old Higue” came to visit her child and feed on his blood.  An Old Higue is a phantom of the vampire that has the ability to transform into a fire.
Some residents helped in trapping the suspected undead by circling her with a rice.  They threw kerosene at her and attempted to burn her; but apparently, she didn’t ignite which for the villagers is a clear sign that she’s not a human.  Others claimed that the girl transformed into a hair ball when the people surrounded her.
The villagers performed other traditional method of driving away bad spirits, th…

Lord of Hermitage Castle, Lord Soulis

Lord Soulis is believed to be a vampiric witch lurking on the Hermitage Castle found in Roxboroughshire, England.  People said that he made a pact with the devil on the 14th Century.  He was said to be a large man that is often seen with his companion he called Robin Redcap, a blood drinking imp.
He is known to be corrupt and took advantage of his power as the Lord of the land.  He would constantly inflict pain and humiliate people tormenting them from day to day.  He is also held responsible for kidnapping men and women and for torturing them inside the walls of his castle to aid him in his magical rituals.  The victims were allegedly drained of blood and their bodies were used as a sacrifice for his dark practices.
His familiar which is the Red Robincap grant him the ability to withstand any attack of steel or rope.  The legend of his exploit reach the King and they decided to conduct an investigation.  Lord Soulis was found guilty of conspiracy against Robert Bruce.  He spent the res…


Tase are from the Burmese lore who are the benevolent spirit of a dead man or women who is considered a vampire and a plague carrier.  There are believed to be three classifications of Tase; the Thabet Thase, Thaye Tase and Hminza Tase.
The Thabet Tase is the unrest spirit of women who apparently died while giving birth.  They would come back to haunt the living in the form of a succubi.  This creature normally appears during the twilight near the house of his targeted victims which are commonly males.
The Thaye Tase are horrendous looking giant creatures that can often be seen during an outbreak of a disease particularly cholera and smallpox.  They are said to be the souls of those who died from a violent death.  This particular vampire takes the delight in lying down beside the bed of a dying person while laughing over the agony of their victim.
The Hminza Tase on the other hand is a name for a group of lesser demonic creatures.  They can possess the bodies of animals such as dogs, cro…

Redcap, the Bloody Vampire

The redcap, who is a part of the folklore of Ireland, is not entirely a vampire but more inclined on the goblins. But like the vampire, the redcap satiates its thirst by drinking human blood.  The redcap is believed to be sickly and thin with a tough outer skin layer.  He has a short hair and carries a deadly weapon which is usually a scythe.   He will instantly attack any person who mistakenly invades the location that he decided to guard.   
The redcap is a term used to describe the cap he is wearing.  This cap is made out of human flesh and painted with human blood.  And despite of his lanky appearance and heavy armaments, the redcap is quick and nimble especially when he attacks.  It is said that there is no way to escape his brutal attack when you came face to face with a redcap.  You cannot outrun a Redcap because of its speed.
The Redcap needs to continuously hunt for human flesh in order to survive.  While killing his victim, his hat will be stained by its blood, maintaining it…


Pricolici is a vampire and a werewolf in Rome.  This creature has a similarity to varcolac, although varcolac seems to be more associated with goblins, unlike pricolici who has a strong characteristic of a werewolf.
Pricolici are undead creatures who rise up from their grave to torment the people just like the strigoi.  But compared to strigoi who usually maintains its human appearance, the pricolici takes the form of a ravenous wolf.  People who have lived a life of sin are likely to become a pricolici as a curse.
In other Romanian legends, the pricolici are werewolves when they are alive and when they die, they will transform into a vampire.  This is also believed to be where the idea of a vampire taking the form of other animals originated.  Pricolici as a vampire can take the form of a wolf, owl, cat or bats.  It seems like this creature only takes the image of those nocturnal species.
The belief on this creature is still alive up to this day.  There was an account in some areas on R…

The Incident of a Vampire Chair

Located along the Mountains of East Tennessee is a town called Canter County, where the Odom brothers (Eli and Jacob) were famous for their chairs.  They have been particularly busy during the year 1806-1840.  Hundred of their creations have been sold to different state all over the country.
But they were about to become more popular as one of their woven seat chairs has come into possession of a self proclaimed witch.  The witch dwells in a cabin located at Charleston near the Hiwasee River.  There are no accounts about her exploits of being a vampire.  She also has no criminal records of attacking anyone.  But on the year 1917, during a road widening project, a body was found near the place where she supposedly reside, police said that the body belongs to the self professed vampire.  Her body was found face down and starting to enter the phase of decomposition due to the wet ground.
The self-proclaimed vampire has been stake to the heart.  The stake that was drill into her heart was t…


Loup garou are not the only feared werewolf creatures in Haiti.  They also believe in the spirit of Je-rouges which means red eyes.  These spirits can possess an individual and turn him into a fearsome werewolf.  The creature is said to attack during night time to those unsuspecting people.  They would then turn the man into a cannibal creature without them knowing it.
In one legend, the beast had to ask for the permission of the Mother before they can feast on the children.  These Je-rouges are said to trick the Haitian Mother in giving away their children.  The Je-rouges would allegedly enter the house; he would then walk inside the room of the Mother and wake her up.  The creature would then ask the mother if she can take her child away, and because the mother is still in the disoriented state, there is a possibility that he might say yes to the Je-rouges.  This creature was often blamed for the missing kids during the night.  It has also been a way to scare children who were trying…


Gaki is the spirit of a greedy person who died in Japan.  It is known to be a very persistent vampiric spirit.  Those greedy people were forced to go back to the earth and wander around with an insatiable thirst for blood.
Gaki is depicted as a hollow creature with pale skin and a cold body.  Its neck is said to be narrow but their stomach is big enough that it could contain any amount of blood.  Though they can assume the form of a mist, these creatures would prefer to attack people in their physical form.  They would shape shift in a form of an animal.  Their animal form is said to be a humanoid with red skin and a horn.
They do not need to have a physical contact with their victim in order to drain blood from them.  Being in the presence of a Gaki is enough for it to feed on your blood.  Once the gaki attack its prey, they would fall into a feeding fiasco.
It is said to be invulnerable when it is in his mist form unless attack by a weapon blessed spiritually and design to attack ghast…

Jinkenmen, Human faced dog

Jinkenmen which means human faced dog was a part of the Japanese lore.  But there have been a number of sightings reported on the creature during 1603-1808.  There was also a story that a Jinkenmen was at display at misemono.  Misemono is a type of a carnival show during the Edo era.  The sideshows usually consist of carcasses and remain of the exotic animal and were mounted on exhibit.
While the mummified corpse of the Jinkenmen were said to be on display on that carnival, there were also accounts saying that a live jinkenmen was shown.  Though it is not clear if the carnival displayed a real dog or a Jinkenmen on the show, the fact remains that there are a lot of accounts claiming that they witnessed the human faced dog.
One of those accounts includes the experience of a zoologist who visited the place. The zoologist was astonished on the specimen that he witnessed.  He said:
“There cowering and whimpering in the corner of the display booth I saw the hunched over form of what I first t…


Mjertovjec is a Belarusian vampire.  This creature is a crossover of werewolf and vampire (some says witch).  If a werewolf dies, he is bound to rise up again but this time as a vampire.  He will attack during the night by detaching his upper chest together with his head to the entire body.  They said that the Mjertovjec do this to avoid being staked at his chest.
There are ways on how one can turn into a Mjertovjec.  One popular way is that if one person abandons his faith and turn away from the teachings of the church.  Another, is if one person acted like a wolf when he is still alive (biting people) then he is destined to become a vampire. 
Unlike the vampire of the west where they only have two protruding canine teeth, these creatures have many sharp teeth similar to a piranha.  The creature was said to be invulnerable up to the time that you hear the rooster crows for three times.  During those times they possess a superhuman strength that left the victims helpless against his at…

Mineral Point Vampire

In 1981 -Mineral Point, Wisconsin, there were sighting reported about an alleged vampire lurking on the Graceland Cemetery.  The police officer named John Pepper claimed that he had an encounter with the vampire whom he described as a tall man with white pale face and wearing a cape.
The incident happened in the end of March 1981, the officer claimed that he pursued the said vampire but he lost it when he jumped over a barbed wire fence.  The creature was never seen again.  There were no other reports about the mineral Point vampire after that incident.  Police ruled it out as a prankster but the perpetrator was never caught.
It was followed by the same event in 2004.  It was March 14, 2004 when the police received numerous calls about someone sitting on a tree just outside the apartment complex.  The man would allegedly leap and attack anyone who will pass.  The description given by those reports bears a striking similarity to the description of John Pepper that happened in 1981.  The …

The Specter of Kodom

The Specter of Kodom was blamed for the death of some people in the village located in Bavaria.   The specter was believed to be that of a herdsman who made its appearance to number of people who reside in Kodom.  Apparently after a week or so, those people who claimed that they saw the specter of the herdsmen mysteriously died.  The town went into panic and organized a hunt on the vampire.  They exhumed the body and stake him on the chest, (it was not stated whether they use a hawthorn to stake the corpse as per tradition) hoping that it will end the torment of the specter.
But the Specter of Kodom appeared again that night and continued to terrorize the villagers; some of them claimed that the herdsman suffocated them.  The head of the village decided to take extra step and gave the body of the supposed vampire to the executioners.  The executioners then carried it to a nearby field and burned it to ashes.  While the body is engulfed in flame, people who witnessed testified that the c…

The Green Children of Woolpit

During the 12th Century, two children appeared in the town of Woolpit located in Suffolk, UK.  The children were allegedly brother and sister.  The two of them appeared to be normal kids aside from their skin color which is green.
Both of them spoke an unrecognizable language thus no one can understand the things they are trying to say.  The kids would also refuse to eat anything other than pitch of the bean pods.  Time passes by and the children lose their green-colored skin.  They also started learning the English language.
The children explained that they came from the land of St. Martin which is a pitch black place because the sun never appeared on the horizon.  They said that they were taking care of their father’s herd when they saw a light.  They tracked the origin of the river of light, and then they heard the sound of a bell.  Before they knew it, they were already in Woolpit.
The account of the Green Children can be found in the work of William of Newburgh and Ralph of Coggesha…

Wolf of Allendale

December 10, 1904, Hexham Courant reported about the wolf at large in the area of Allendale.  They said that in the period of 3 weeks farmers in Allendale would discover their sheep mutilated, some of them were disemboweled.  Other could no longer find their body and only the horns and head of their livestock were remained.  People believed that the culprit was a wolf that supposedly escaped its master, Captain Bain.  But the wolf that Captain Bain possesses is a mere 4 ½ months old and cannot be a threat to the livestock or to a human life.
The reports of the sightings of the alleged wolf spread throughout the town.  One of them reported about a wolf lurking at the Allenheads School where at least 150 residents gathered their pitchfork and guns to hunt the animal, but unfortunately they were unable to find it there.  On the 17th of December of the same year, Hexham Courant reported another attack of the wolf, where a group of 100 men was unable to track the wolf.  The next day, they f…

Calm Werewolves

Is this were the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company derived the name of their popular drink?  Wulver is a part of the lore and folktale of the Shetland island of Scotland.  Compared to the other werewolves, the Wulver is not a shape shifter.  It is a creature with a head of the wolf and a body of a human who remains at that state.  A wulver would constantly lurk in the caved region.  It is a generally peaceful creature unless taunted.  Their bites would not transform any victim into a werewolf.
A wulver would usually spend its long hours of day, sitting on a rock by the river, trying to catch some fish.  The locals gave a name for that stone, “Wulver’s Stane” (which means the Wulver’s Stone).  It is also said that the wulver would leave some of the fishes in the windowsill as a gift for humans.
A non hostile type of werewolf is also found on the folklores of the Irish people.  A Faoladh is said to be the guide of the lost men and the protector of children and the people that are wounded who is…