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Eusebius Pieydagnelle: Obsessed with the Smell of a Blood

In the year 1872, in Vinuville France, Eusebius Pieydagnelle surrendered voluntarily to the authorities and confessed that he is responsible for the death of at least 7 people and that the smell of blood excites him.  He told them that he has a bizarre obsession of blood that he can reach an orgasm by the mere smell of it.  All 7 of his victims were extremely mutilated.
Based on the finding s of the court, Eusebius Pieydagnelle comes from a very reputable family and was able to receive the best education.  Their home is located near a butcher shop that might have triggered his obsession with blood.  Eusebius told the panel “The smell of fresh blood, and appetizing meat, the bloody lumps-all this fascinated me and I began to envy the butcher’s assistant, because he could work at the block, with rolled up sleeves and bloody hands.”

His parents did not approve it but nonetheless he took the job as a butcher’s apprentice.  Eusebius Pieydagnelle could not contain the joy in his heart when he…

Turkish Doctor Cured a Vampire

A Turkish doctor was claiming that he was able to cure a patient who has a fetish on drinking blood.  In a case which is known as “clinical vampirism” a person would experience an unquenchable thirst of blood and pleasure (mostly sexual) in seeing blood.  This incident is common on some of the world’s prolific serial killers.
Dr. Direnc Sakarya was able to create accounts of what happened during those two years of treatment.  And it states: “A 23-year-old married male (3rd of 6 siblings) presented with a 2-year history of ‘addiction’ to drinking blood. He used to cut his arms, chest, and abdomen with razor blades to collect the blood in a cup and to drink it. The initial interest in drinking his own blood had subsequently turned to that of others’. These ‘crises’ were characterized by a strong urge to drink blood immediately, ‘as urgent as breathing’. He enjoyed the smell and taste of blood despite finding this ‘foolish’. He also enjoyed biting wounds of others to taste flesh. He was ar…

The Wolf Child of Hesse

I know most of you are aware of the story of Tarzan who was raised by a group of apes.  But have you ever heard a story about a pack of wolves kidnapping an infant and raising it as their own?  Such is the story of the Feral Child of Hesse.  The account of the Wolf Child of Hesse was said to happen in the year 1304 (some says 1341,1344)
According to the documents maintained by the local monks, the wolf child of Hesse appears to be around seven years of age.  The boy was found in the deep forest of Hesse, Germany.  It was believed that the boy was taken by a pack of wolves when he was just 3 years old.  Whenever the wolf would hunt, he would give a part of his exploit to the kid.  The kid managed to survive the life in the forest with the help of the wolves. During the winter times the wolves would create a small pit and cover it with the leaves of the trees.  As time passes by, the boy adopted the way of living of the wolves, he was able to run using his hind feet and could make giant …

Matej Curko

Matej Curko dubbed as the Slovak Cannibal, allegedly offered those people who wanted to die a painless death.  He would drugged you first before stabbing you heart, in a way that the victim would not experience too much pain.  But there is some complication to his offer; he would eat your flesh after killing you.
Others who would see his online offer would deem it as a joke and he’s not serious but after the authorities found the dead bodies in the woods where he allegedly performed his solicited killings, the authorities know that he is dead serious about his offer.
Curko lived in a small village of Kysak.  The villagers never suspected him of being a serial killer or a cannibal since he was quietly living with his wife and two daughters.  They never saw him exhibiting any violent behavior in the seven years that he occupies that place until the police stormed the village and found the gruesome evidence in his hideout.
The police received a tip from a Swiss who allegedly wanted to die. …

The Armenian Vampire

In the book, “Transcaucasia: Sketches of the Nations and Races Between the Black Sea and the Caspian,” (1854) A travel guide of the Baron von Hauxthausen told him a story about an Armenian vampire. Peter Neu said that this particular type of vampire has a different way of killing its victims and usually dwell on the upper mountain.  The vampire was named Dakhanavar.  Based on the recollection of Hauxthausen: “There once dwelt in a cavern in this country a vampire, called Dakhanavar, who could not endure anyone to penetrate into these mountains or count their valleys. Everyone who attempted this had in the night his blood sucked by the monster, from the soles of his feet, until he died. The vampire was however at last outwitted by two cunning fellows: they began to count the valleys and when night came on they lay down to sleep, taking care to place themselves with the feet of the one under the head of the other. In the night the monster came, felt as usual and found a head: then he fe…

Ol Higue

Ol Higue can be found in the Caribbean legends.  They can be male or female.  The male vampire victimized the old people while the female vampire feed on the blood of the children.  They also take the identity of an old woman or man during the day.  It attacks during the night while someone is sleeping.  If one day you wake up with blue or dark marks on your skin, an Ol’ Higue is believed to have visited you.  In order to drive away these demons one must leave a sack of rice on their door ways before going to sleep.
At night the Ol Higue would shed her skin and placed it in a mortar.  It flies on the darkness of the night and search for an unfortunate victim.  To kill an Ol’ Higue one must search for her skin which she usually leaves at their home and in a mortar.  You would then have to mix salt with her skin, making it impossible for her to wear it again.  You just need to wait for the breaking of dawn which would burn her vulnerable skin.

Poem of Wordsworth Mc, Andrew mentioning Ol H…

Maxim Golovatskikh and Yury Mozhnov

In January of 2009, two Russian men- Maxim Golovatskikh and Yury Mozhnov confessed to the murder of Karina Barduchian, a 16 year old girl.  They claimed that they only resulted in cannibalizing the girl since they are too hungry and they were too drunk.
The trial against the two was apparently suspended after the juror fell ill while looking at the mutilated body of the victim.  The two allegedly drown the poor victims first before slicing her meat and preparing it with a potato.
Before the hearing was halted, Ekaterina Zinovyeva, one of the lodgers told the court that they were having a party on that night with some Goth friends.  She said:
“Maxim and Karina went to the bathroom together and I went to bed,…. I was sleepy but heard splashes of water and some noise there but was not worried. Sometime later I woke up and decided to check what was going on.  I went to the bathroom but Yury stopped me on the way and told me to go back to bed.  They had joked earlier that they could kill Kari…

Mohammed Bijeh

Mohammed Bijeh is held responsible for sexually assaulting and murdering 16 boys and 2 adults.  He is also known as the “Tehran desert vampire”.  His reign of terror started on March 2004 and ended on September of the same year.  He was sentenced by the court to 100 lashes and one death sentence for every crime that he confessed.  The hanging (traditional way of death sentence in Iran) was witnessed by an estimated crowd of 5,000 people.  One of the brothers of the victim stabbed him while he was being lashed and the mother of another victim was asked to place the rope around the murderer’s neck.
Mohammed Bijeh together with his accomplice named Ali Baghi lured children into their place by telling them that they were hunting animals.  They would then be drugged, poisoned or he would whack them in the head.  He will then sexually assault them while they are dead or in some cases while they are out of their consciousness.  The bodies of the children will be dumped in a shallow grave.
His …

Lyle Bensley, A self-proclaimed 500 year old vampire

Police arrested a young teen who claimed that he is a 500 year old vampire after breaking in a woman’s apartment and biting her.  Though he claimed that he is a 500 year old vampire, in reality the boy was 19-years of age and a resident of Galveston, TX.  Lyle Bensley broke inside a woman’s apartment and attempted to bite her while shouting that he’s a vampire. He hit the woman and tried to bite her in the neck.  Afterwards, he dragged the woman in the hallway.  The woman was able to break free from his grip, she went inside a car owned by her neighbor and managed to call for help.  When the police arrived on the scene, they found Lyle Bensley screaming on vacant parking lot of the building creating some weird sound.
Bensley told the authorities that he didn’t really want to feast on human; he claimed that he poses no threat to the human races.  Police who responded said that it is one of the most bizarre cases they dealt with.  They have seen people claimed that he’s Jesus or he’s som…

Joshua Milton Blahyi

Joshua Milton Blahyi also known as General Butt Naked used to be the leader for the Liberian ruler Roosevelt Johnson during the first Civil war in Liberia.  He was a former tribal priest but later converted to Christianity.
Blahyi is a member of the Sarpo tribe he claims that he became a tribal priest and performed his first human sacrifice when he was just 11.  He also said that he had a vision of the Devil telling him that he would become a great warrior if he continues on sacrificing human and committing cannibalism.  The Devil said that the process would increase his power.
Blahyi is known for leading his troops naked wearing only his shoes and carrying his guns.  Before engaging into a battle, he was said to perform a human sacrifice that involves a kid.  He said:  "Usually it was a small child, someone whose fresh blood would satisfy the devil... Sometimes I would enter under the water where children were playing. I would dive under the water, grab one, carry him under and bre…

La Candelaria: Argentina’s Haunted Luxurious Vacation

The central city of Argentina can be too crowded, it is for that reason why most locals and tourists alike will jump at the chance of staying at the local ranch also known as estancias.  There are myriads of options for everyone but the most famous estancias would be the La Candelaria.  When you are in Buenos Aires, head toward the location called Lobo and you will notice that t he landscape will immediately change.  After a few moments, the surroundings will eventually change which tells you that you are leaving the big city.  Soon there is nothing left but ‘campo’.  It may be too easy for you to miss the sign of ‘La Candelaria’ however when you do, you just have to go up the road where a group of gauchos will be willing to take you there.
The old castle located in the area is filled with numerous frightening stories.  There are guest who spend the night in this place that complained about the fact that the facility has a policy of preventing the guest from bringing their kids only to…

The Haunted Hotel of Colombia, Tequendama Falls Hotel

The Tequendama Falls Hotel is also known locally as Hotel Del Salto that is situated at the Soacha City.  It is located on the Bogota River particularly on the cliff side while overlooking the majestic Tequendama Falls.  The construction of this dream hotel started in the year 1923 and it serves as an emblem of the elegance and wealth of the elite citizens during the 1920s.  It is also referred to as the ‘Mansion of Tequendama Falls’.  It highlights an awe-inspiring French Architecture and the backdrop serves as the perfect vacation place for anyone.
However despite of its majestic location, it also became the source of spooky stories.  It is a place always filled mystery as it is always covered with the fog coming from the waterfalls.  The hotel was closed down after the Bogota River was contaminated.  A sheer glance on this hotel and you will know why it is considered as one of the most haunted places in Colombia.
According to the story, the beautiful falls of Tequendama has become a…

La Catedral, Colombia's Haunted Prison/Monastery

The name La Catedral was not given as a religious reference but as a testament to its grandeur.  Some people also referred to it as Hotel Escobar and Club Medellin.  The design of Escobar highlight a bedroom equipped with a rotating bed and a bathroom armed with Jacuzzi.   The doll is also filled with different amenities such as a soccer field, bar, doll house and discotheque.  It is complete with office facilities that allowed him to pursue his business.
During the time that Escobar was residing at the La Catedral, the entire family will travel from Envigado for at least 3 times per week in order to see him.  He will also received constant visitors such as prostitutes, professional players of soccer and his colleagues and friends.  He has been running the place, until such time that he ordered the torture and death of the 4 officers due to a money dispute.
When that happened, the government decided to take the matter in their own hands.  They decided to relocate Escobar in a tight mili…

Dorangel Vargas

Dorangel Vargas is known as the Hannibal Lecter of the Andes.  As we all know Hannibal Lecter is a fictional character who devours the flesh of his victim.  Dorangel who is a serial killer from Venezuela was a homeless man and commonly attack the passers-by at the park found in San Cristobal City.
When he was brought to the police custody, he confessed on eating and killing at least 10 individuals in just 2 years.  He told the police that he love the taste of men better than the women.  He also said that he stay away from killing fat people since they are known to have high cholesterol and it is bad for his health.
In one of his interview to the press, he said, “Anyone can eat human flesh, but you have to wash and garnish it well to avoid diseases….. I only eat the parts with muscles, particularly thighs and calves which are my favorite ….. I make a very tasty stew with the tongue and I use the eyes to make a nutritious and healthy soup."

The people hardly believe those numbers of f…

Ozgur Dengiz

Ozgur Dengiz, a Turkish serial murderer, who earned the nickname, “Cannibal of Ankara” was known for killing several men and attempting to kill another.  He was also believed to dine in on one of his victims.
During his younger years, Dengiz will have a frequent confrontation with his parents causing him to constantly run away from their home.  He also stopped in his study after he finished his middle school.
He first committed his crime when he was just 17 years old when he and his friend went on to a heated argument.  He was then ordered to spend 10 years inside the prison cell.  But he only served 3 years and after that he was given a parole and he was set free.
Due to his father’s persistence, Dengiz joined the army.  During his military service, he would constantly be hospitalized due to some psychological problems.  After he managed to complete his service, his mother opened a tailor shop for him but he didn’t seem to like it as he didn’t even bother to look at it.
On the 5th of Jun…

Katherine Mary Knight

Katherine Mary Knight is known as the first ever female Australian who was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole, and for a good reason.   Knight is guilty of killing and eating her partner, John Charles Thomas Price.  Knight claims that he does not remember anything that happens about the incident, we could only speculate if this is true or not.  He is currently jailed at the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre.
Katherine Knight was the younger of the twins.  Aside from her twin, Katherine is only close to her uncle.  She felt devastated upon knowing that her uncle committed a suicide during the 1969.  She claims that the ghost of his uncle continue to visit her.  Her father is an alcoholic and would often use violence and sexually assault her mother up to 10 times a day.  Her mother in return would often tell them stories about how she hated men.  Knight on the other hand confessed that she was sexually abused by some of the members of the families.  The family members a…

Caius Domitius Veiovis

Caius Domitius Veiovis is charged with 3 counts of homicide and spent 7 years inside the prison cell for an attack that is similar to a vampire.  His appearance is quite similar to a beast due to his horn and his implants, plus tattoos on his forehead “666” which is the mark of the beast.
In the year 2000, Veiovis is still going in his real name, Roy Gulfinski Jr.  He was barely 19 years old when he attacked a woman and cut open her back using a knife.  The victim required a total of 32 stitches to close the open wound.
He allegedly licked the blood that is flowing out of the wound while kissing his girlfriend.  He and his girlfriend was said to be involved in a vampire sub culture.  His girlfriend was only 16 when the assault happened.  The two reportedly take pleasure in drinking their own blood and the blood of other members.  During his arrest, he told the police that he is a Satanist and a vampire.
There was one incident when Gulfinski wrote a letter to “The Eagle” in order to corre…

Jessica Stasinowsky and Valerie Parashumti-Vampire Lovers

Jessica Stasinowsky, 21 years old and her lesbian lover Valerie Parashumti was sentenced for life imprisonment for the murder of Stacey Mitchell, 16 years of age.  Stacey Mitchell ran away from home but she apparently called her parents and told them that she wanted to come home after sharing a house with lesbian lovers for a few days.  But Stacey Mitchell never made it back home.
She was drugged by Jessica and Valerie and bludgeoned her to death using a brick.  They also attempted to strangle her to death using the chain of a dog.  The victim suffered a beating of 45 minutes before she finally died.  They then kissed her body as a form of celebration and dumped her corpse in a garbage bin.
The lesbian lovers were said to take pleasures on violence and on the sight of blood.  When the verdict was handed down by the judge, the two were smirking and showed no sign of remorse.
Stacey moved in with the couple on December of 2006.  She then told her parents a day after her death that she wan…

John Justin Bunting

An Australian serial murderer located at the Southern part of Australia.  As of the moment, he is serving his 11 counts of life imprisonment without parole for the murder of 11 individuals on the Snowtown murders.
Bunting was dubbed as “Australia’s worst serial killer.”  He’s motive for killing was due to his hatred on homosexuals and pedophiles. He was a leader of a secret culture which is mainly composed by murderers, cannibals and sadists who victimize people they knew.  They execute their plan according to the instruction given by Bunting.  His series of crime is said to be the most expensive and longest investigation ever conducted in the history of Southern Australia.
Two of his unfortunate victims were discovered at the backyard of his former house while the other 8 were discovered at a vault in an abandoned bank rented by Bunting.  In his house, there were illustrations of a chart wherein the names of the suspected pedophiles are written.  Bunting would constantly select a rando…

Dissertatio Historico-Philosophica de Masticatione Mortuorum

The Dissertatio Historico-Philosophica de Masticatione Mortuorum also known as de Masticatione Mortuorum was published in 1679 by Philip Rorh, a theologian located at the Holy Roman Empire.    This work is basically a 24-page collection of common beliefs on vampires and other undead.
During the 17th Century, people firmly believe that the dead can return back to life and torment the living.  They were normally blamed to be the cause of the unexplainable disease and plague.  But in the works of Rorh, he said that the vampires are not only thirty for the blood of the living, they can also commit cannibalism by eating the flesh of their victim.  He called this event as manduction (The Chewing Dead).  It is quite different to the vampires that we are aware today. But nevertheless, these accounts were known to be vital on the history of vampires.
The book tells us a different ways on how one can stop the dead from returning back to life.  Many of the methods listed on the work of Rorh were p…

Daniel and Manuela Ruda

A couple who met in a hard rock band concert were sentenced 13-15 years after stabbing a friend to death because apparently the devil told them to do so.  Daniel Ruda, 26 years of age and Manuela claimed that they started to learn about Satanism in England when they encountered members of the Cult.
After the crime they drove around the area while carrying a chainsaw and waited for the next order of Satan.  They said that they just wanted to be prepared in case there is something that he wanted them to do.  They were later arrested at a gas station.
The couple admitted to the crime, but claimed that they cannot be responsible to the said killing as they were only acting upon the devils order.  The devil’s order was to kill, sacrifice and to bring souls.  They told the court that they chose their friend because they think that he is too funny and would be a perfect jester for Satan.
Evidence was presented in the court which is a letter of Manuela to her dearest mother.  She allegedly told …