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Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau was one of the greatest influences in people practicing the Voodoo.    She is also often associated with the legend of zombie.   Mari Laveau was born at around 1801 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Based on the documents, the only occupation she has was as a liquor importer in the street of Dauphine in New Orleans.  But based on the stories, Marie Laveau also worked as a hair dresser.  She had a lover named Christophe Dominick Duminy de Glapion, they had 15 children which includes Marie Laveau II who also practiced Voodoo.
Every year, the supposed wishing tomb of the Voodoo Queen is visited by thousands of believers across the globe.  The tomb is located at the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 found in New Orleans where some of the tourist that took photo claimed that a ghost appeared on the photo and some said that they are receiving message from the world beyond.
Just as how the cemetery was visited by numbers of tourists and believers, they quickly disappeared before nighttime, believi…

German vampire: Nachzehrer

Nachzehrer is derived from the German word nach which means afterwards and zehrer meaning devouring energy.  It is a part of the German folklore which is also popular in the Silesia region and Bavaria.  Though they are under the family of the vampire, the nachzehrer exhibits a ghoul like behavior.  They do not suck the blood of the living; hence they prefer to devour the flesh of the corpse.
Based on the legend, the bite of this creature cannot turn you into a nachzehrer.  This creature was created after someone commit suicide or due to accidents.  They also believe that this creature is responsible for a massive death when a plague happens in a certain area.  The locals believed that the first person who died due to the plague is believed to be this vampire creature.  There is also a tradition of removing the name tag on the clothes of the dead one.  If the family forget to remove the name of the person in his clothing before his burial then he is likely to become a nachzehrer.
It is a…

Johann Otto Hoch

There are types of vampires that get married and would kill their partner by draining their energy.  In real life there is a serial murderer who caused the death of his wives.  Johann Otto Hoch also known as the “Bluebeard Murderer” was said to be responsible on the death of 15 individuals (others believed it was 50).
Johann Otto Hoch immigrated to the United States at a young age where he married several women.  Usually he would take the surname of his last victim.  He would kill them (usually by injecting them with arsenic) and swindling them with money.
He was dubbed as America’s greatest mass murderer at the age of 51.  He was known to have married at around 55 women during the period 1890-1905.  Reports of the media linked him to 25-50 murders but the police were only able to connect him to 15 murders.  And in the end he was only charged with 1 homicide.
On February 1895, he was spotted in Wheeling West Virginia using the name of “Jacob Hoff”.  He married Caroline Hoch on April 1895…

Peter Niers

Peter Niers is a German serial killer who is known for committing 544 murders which includes the 24 fetuses that are extracted directly from the pregnant victims for his black magic purposes and for cannibalism purposes.  Peter Niers is known to be a powerful dark magician during his time
Accounts of his exploits can be found in the works of historian, Joy Wiltenburg: “Of course the profession of robbery required some roving, whether the principals had been itinerant beforehand or not. It was in the spaces outside cities that these bands operated, particularly in woods and mountains and along unfrequented roads. The gang led by Niers and Sumer reportedly started in Alsace, but after gathering a group of twenty-four (...) near Pfalzburg, they separated to rob and murder. Accordingly, they were caught in different places- one in the imperial city ofLandau, one at Kirchweyler am Rhein; four at Strasbourg; nine at Pfalzburg; and six at Koblenz.”
In 1577, the group of bandit including Niers w…


Someone who is an Albanian or Turkish descent no matter how righteous she is is destined to become a sampiro after her death.  The curse will also be inflicted to those Albanian who committed unnatural acts with a Turkish such as bestiality, prostitution, homosexuality, heterosexuality or transvestitism.   Those who are attending a Moslem service and eat a meat that is given by an Albanian is also set to become a Sampiro.  Thieves and those who have a notch of lying will also become an undead creature.
The sampiro will return from the grave three days after its death.  The sampiro will appear while its shroud is still wrapped all over its body and wearing a high-heeled shoe.  Their eyes were said to be glowing and huge.  She also possessed a small amount of dirt taken from her graveyard that she kept on her navel.
The Sampiro rise from its grave every night, but it particularly loves the foggy night as it makes her glowing eyes more visible.  People said that her eyes are as bright as t…

Vampire in Ceylonese Mythology

Yaksha is an enchanted spirit of Sri Lanka whose ways of devouring victims are similar to that of the vampires of the West.  They are also known as the vampires of Sri Lanka.  There are two identity of the Yaksha, one was not offensive, generally assign in preserving the nature especially on the mountainous areas.  The other identity devours those travelers who were lost in the woods.
The Yaksha is also known in India, they were depicted as male warriors while the female which are referred to as yaksinis are beautiful woman with round face and large breasts.
In other accounts the Yaksha in Sri Lanka is also referred to as Yaka.  The Dala-Kumara Yaka, Kalu-Kamara Yaka and Riri Yaka.  The Kalu Kumara Yaka is a demon that usually preys on the children.  This creature was often held responsible for the disease of the children and also for miscarriage.  The Kalu Kumara Yaka was used to be an arhat until it fell in love with a princess that eventually turned him into a demon.
The accounts on Y…

Dr. Teet Haerm and Dr. Allgen Thomas

Dr, Teet Haerm and Dr. Allgen Thomas was said to be responsible for killing 8 prostitutes.  They also claimed that they are members of a secret medical society focused on encouraging individuals in committing cannibalism and necrophilia.  During their trial, the two of them gave a lot of information about the secret society but refused to divulge the true identity of the individuals concerned on this society since they plead allegiance to it.
Prior to this Haerm was already used by the authorities to examine the bodies of the victims that died to the hands on sexual psychopaths.   On July 19, 1984 a body of a prostitute was found in a garbage bag by the authorities.  Her body was carefully dissected in a way that only an expert surgeon can do.  Dr. Haerm was again summoned by the authorities to examine the corpse.  He was able to reconstruct her body except for a missing head and one breast. 
After a week another body of a prostitute killed in a same manner was found.  They then again …

Vampire Obsession

Allan Menzies is a diehard fan on the “Queen of the Damned”.  He claimed that he watched the movie for more than 100 times.  Queen of the Damned is a story about Akasha played by the late artist Aaliyah.  She is a vampire whose thirst for blood is unquenchable.  According to the novel written by Anne Rice, Akasha is the first ever real vampire.  She first converted her husband into a vampire and soon spreading her blood all over humanity, which means the other vampires are linked with her.  She went to sleep and eventually awakened by the songs of Lestat.
Thomas Mc Kendrick, a close friend of Allan Menzies, brought a copy of the Queen of the damned and they watched it together.  Eventually Menzies borrowed the copy and he started to get addicted with the movie, he confessed that sometimes he’ll watch the movie 3 times a day.  Due to this obsession, Menzies was convinced that the characters in the movie are real.  He even adapted a vampire name “Leon” and people started calling him as s…

The Swamp Child

The account of the Swamp child is relayed by Angela Thomas, a renowned psychic in the book of Brad Steiger.  She said that it started with a call from her Mama Cee talking about a certain Richard; Mama Cee’s voice is in panic that would only means she’s in trouble.  Angela Thomas immediately went to her house to see what’s happening.  Mama Cee is known all over the area as a woman who has knowledge in healing and folk magic.   Some are claiming that Mama Cee is wielding both light and darkness magic of the Voodoo but Angela Thomas said that she never witnessed things as such.  Mama Cee used to live near the river but she left that place for a reason no one can tell.  The only reason she can give is that the river became too dark.
Angela Thomas arrived on the scene and saw the policeman questioning a woman about what happened on the place.  The place looked trashed and there were droplets of blood on the floor.  The woman said something about Richard, the swamp child that Mama Cee raise…

Boone Helm

Born in the year 1828, Boone Helm was a mountain man who was also known as the “Kentucky Cannibal”.  Boone Helm was a serial murderer who also committed an act of cannibalism on his enemies and sometimes his companions.  While others might do these during a desperate situation, Boone Helm claimed that he was collecting human flesh in order to prepare for that desperate situation.
Boone Helm was born in the state of Kentucky and by the year 1850, he decided to move to California to search for gold.  Helm was supposedly accompanied by his cousin Littlebury Shoot, but he backed out.  Helm was apparently angered on the backing out of Littlebury and started stabbing him to death.  Littlebury’s brother together with some of their friends pursued Helm.  They were able to capture him and sent him to prison.  But he was later transferred to a mental asylum due to the odd behavior that he is exhibiting while he is in prison.  While he was in an asylum, it seems that he has developed a good relat…

Paja Tomic

In 1923, a case of vampiric manifestation happened in Bosnia. The story started on the death of a village peasant named Paja Tomic on April 9. 1923 (Some says that it was May 1923, but the date May 1923 is the day that the case was published in the local newspaper, but based on the book of Alan Dundes  The Vampires: A casebook the incident happened on April 9, 1923).  Soon after his death, his wife named Cvija, was alarmed about the sightings of her husband during the night.  She claimed that her husband appeared on random guests and scares the occupants.  She also said that her husband has turned into a vampire.  Some villagers immediately believed her claims but some of them disregarded it.  But when her sons Krsto and Stevo told them that they also have an eerie experience with the vampire, the villagers started to grown weary.
The two siblings called the attention of the town and asked them on what measures they should take in order to repel this evil creature.  Finally they made t…

Ion Rimaru AKA The Wolf Man

Ion Rimaru was a serial killer born on the 12th of October 1946.  He committed a series of murders at around 1970 to 1971.  Ion is the eldest of the three sons.  His father would constantly beat his mother that would eventually lead to their separation.  His father, Florea moved to Bucharest where he took the occupation of a driver.  Years after his death, Florea was discovered to be a serial killer. 
He had a quite troublesome youth days.  He had to repeat his ninth grade education.  He also started a public scandal when the people discovered that he was having an intimate relationship with the daughter of a school teacher who is a minor age.  He also had to spend some time inside the prison for aggravated theft.  But during his high school era, Ion always received an outstanding grade in conduct.
Ion’s usual target would be those waitresses who occasionally go home late at night.  He is known to use knife, iron bars, hammer and also an axe when attacking his victims.  He would always…

Johannes Cuntius, Vampire of Silesia

The Silesian Vampire case was accounted by Henry More in his book “An Antidote Against Atheism” published on 1653.  Johannes Cuntius was accidentally kicked by his horse in the groin area, it eventually lead to some sickness that caused his death.  But before his last breath, he pronounced that his sins were unforgivable even by the Gods and that he made a pact with the devil.  Upon his death, his son saw a black cat scratched the face of Johannes violently.
Cuntius was dead for about 2 or 3 days when a nasty rumor started to circulate around the village.  Talks about an incubus taking Cuntis’ form are roaming around the town, sexually assaulting women and events believed to be cause by poltergeists.  Bizarre sounds and random movements of object started to happen inside the house of the deceased Cuntius.  People who are sleeping during nighttime reports about someone disturbing them, in addition dogs around the village would not stop barking especially during the night.  Footprints th…

Nicholas Remy

Remy Nicholas is a French lawyer and demonologist who claimed to put at least 900 witches to their death.  Nicholas Remy believed in Sabbaths, black magic, witchcraft and their ability to shape shift with the help of an enigmatic ointment.  His book entitled Demonolatry was used by other people engaged on witch hunting.  Remy was from a family of renowned lawyers.  He took up his college education at the University of Toulouse and decided to practice his profession in Paris during the period 1563-1570.  Remy has also some notable works that became a part of the history. 
When Nicholas Remy was in a younger age, he witnessed a trial of a witch.  Eventually when Remy reached his maturity, he decided to start his own battle against the evil creatures.  This was after the death of his son.  Apparently, Remy was convinced that a witch casted a spell upon his son that killed him.  He suspected an old woman whom he refused to give alms; incidentally after that event, his eldest son dies week…