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Rod Ferrell

Rodrick Justin Ferrell, who was born on the 28th of March, 1980 is the head of a gang mostly composed of teenagers from Kentucky known as the Vampire Clan. In 1988, Ferrell confessed to the 2 counts of murder that involved a couple from Florida.  Ferrell was said to be the youngest individual to be placed in a death row in the United States.
Teenagers were drawn into his gang due to his charisma and to an old structure they called the Vampire Hotel located in the southwestern region of Kentucky that serves as their meeting place.  The Vampire Hotel has been reduced to ruins after the said murders. The road that leads to the said area was closed to prohibit people from conducting meetings.  Graffiti can be found all over the place which includes pentagram, cryptic symbols and phrases such as “Deposit dead bodies here”.
November 25, 1996, while Richard Wendorf was sleeping soundly on his couch, Ferrell entered the house and strike him multiple times using a crowbar that injured his ribs a…

King Lycoan

According to some of the version of the myth, King Lycoan was a former head of the Greek Arcadians.  He is also believed to be the first werewolf and some also believed that lycanthropy originated from him.  But that subject is yet to be proven, though the life of King Lycoan is said to inspire most of the legends of a werewolf tales; a ruler that is so vile and wicked that god decided to punish him by stripping him of his humanity.
Based on the legends, there was a time when the Gods ignored the humanity, but still some of the humans tried to appeal to the Gods by offering sacrifices.  Others who were filled with evil intent chose to take a chance of the opportunity and spread torment and terror, one of them is King Lycoan.  King Lycoan’s immorality and blood thirst is said to be unmatched during his days.  The worst part is he considered himself more powerful than the Gods.
The cycle of blasphemies committed by the humans finally caught the attention of one of the oldest God, Zeus.  H…

Kappa: A Reptilian Vampire

The Kappa resembles a turtle and a monkey that loves to drink the blood of human its name comes from Kappa, the river god.  It has a similar height to that of a 10 year old child and its feet and hands are webbed like a duck.  It also has a beak of the duck and the carapace of a turtle.  Its head contains a soft tissue similar to the consistency of a jelly that is believed to be the source of the power of kappa.
This creature usually dwells on rivers and lakes where it hunts its victims, children, men and women.  The kappa is not really nitpicky to its meal, as long as it can drink human blood.  They lured their target to the deepest part of the body of water and let them drown to death.  After they die, the kappa would enter the victim through its anus.  While inside, the kappa would drain the blood of the victims and devour its entrails.  The kappa’s favorite internal organ is the liver; it is also known to eat some flesh.
When someone drowns, it is only normal for them to see a bulgi…

The Genesee River Killer

Arthur Shawcross dubbed as “The Genesee River Killer” killed his victims in ways that only animal can do.  His long list of serial murders began when he was paroled early which led to the criticism of the justice system.
Shawcross, born in Maine who later moved to Watertown in the state of New York was responsible for the murder and mutilation of 13 individuals.  He dropped out of his ninth grade and enlisted in the army when he was 19.  Then he went to Vietnam to fight the war, he also confessed that during this time he murdered and cannibalize two Vietnamese women.
After his military service, he went back to Watertown where he married for four times.  His relationship didn’t last too long due to his violent behavior. In May, 1972 he lured a 10 year old boy named Jake Blake into the woods.  He attacked him and strangled him to death.  After 4 months he killed and raped an 8 year old girl.
He was arrested for the crimes that he committed.  But the prosecutor had to drop the case against …

The Greek Vampire: vyrkolaka

The vyrkolaka are the dead person taken over by a demon spirit during their death and burial.  The corpse will rise up from their grave and torment their family by drinking their blood which will eventually kill them.
But their victim is not limited to their families; they also kill animals and other people.  They will also return to their coffin to sleep; however, they tend to sleep with their eyes wide open.  They also love to walk when the moon is shining brightly.  The Vyrkolaka is also said to have the ability to take the form of any animals and human.
There are also other beliefs that could lead to the creation of a vyrkolaka, especially when the soul of the dead person is lost.  One of them is when the dead person is not given the proper burial method.  A sudden death could also lead to someone becoming a vyrkolaka, such as murder or a tragic accident. People who committed suicide and those who are cursed (or their parents while they are conceived) also have a chance of becoming…

Boo Hag

A boo Hag or a slip-skin hag is a combination of a witch, vampire and demon that is a part of  the legends in the Southwestern part of the United States especially those who are practicing Hoodoo and those who are from Gullah descent.
During the day, a slip-skin hag appears to be normal.  But by night the creature will slips out of her skin and fly on the night to search for her victim.  It was believed that the Boo Hag will torture her victims while they are sleeping.  Those who were attacked by the creature complained about strange scratches, nightmares, and sudden illness and fatigue.  The attack is said to be the cause of random mental illness and eventually cause the death of the victim.  There is also a case of sexual molestation most especially if the victim is male.
A traditional Hag is always in her spirit form, a characteristic that is different from the Boo hag.
In 1916, there was a report about an incident that involves a slip-skin hag.  It can be found in the works of Roger …


The Platnik from Bulgaria has a precise and short life cycle.  After a person died, they will spend the next 9 days inside their coffin while undergoing transformation.  The surface of its grave will also start to sink in while it develops.  After 9 days the platnik will rise upon its grave and will start to attack its family members for the next 40 days.  While in a spirit form, the platnik would look like a hen, a dog or a human being.
The platnik causes trouble by breaking dishes, tormenting the livestock of the family, vandalizing their home and attacking people.  One can prevent the Platnik from assaulting people by utilizing the things that he is afraid of like an animal skull, an iron, light, fire and even wolves.  According to the stories the platnik will stay away from that area which contains the things aforementioned.
Sadly, only a bolt of lightning can fully destroy a platnik, and considering how rare a lightning strike the ground, the chances are pretty slim.  But based on …

Clara Geisslerin

Clara Geisslerin was accused of witchcraft and was subjected to numerous unimaginable tortures to make her confessed.   She was 69 years old and living at the town of Gelnhausen in Germany when she was placed into trial in 1597. Some of the charges include digging the corpses of children and drinking their blood, murder and having a pact with the devil.
After torturing her she was forced to admit that she has a sexual relationship with the devil while they are in the form of an animal and also on drinking the blood of the children.  She also stated twenty names of other suspected witches whom she collaborated with.
The document stated: Her feet were crushed and her body stretched out to greater length, she screamed piteously and said all was true that they had demanded of her: she drank the blood of children whom she stole on her nightly flights, and she had murdered about sixty infants. She named twenty other women who had been with her at the sabbats, and said the wife of a late burgom…

Huli Jing

Huli Jing is like the Kitsune and Gumiho of the Mainland China. They are vampiric spirits in a form of a fox.  The Huli Jing tends to be invisible during the day, it reveals itself at night and its tails can be easily seen.
The Huli Jing shape shift every night to hunt for it prey.  Reports about this creature said that it is often seen at the rooftop of a house searching for its victim.  Like most of the oriental vampire, Huli Jing prefers the life energy of their victim.  It will seduce their victim and drain their life force during a sexual intercourse.
One of its hunting methods is to take the identity of the person that has died long ago and return to the place where it used to live.  And just like other undead, huli jing can take the form of any creatures, but it fondly uses the image of a beautiful women, a scholar or an old man.
They can survive for a thousand of years, they also have ghostly properties as they can pass through solid walls, and they also have the ability to see p…


The vampire Tlahuelpuchi is widely known in Tlaxcala particularly those indigenous cultures of Nahua. The name originated from a compound word tlahuia which means illuminate and pochtli which means youth.  That is why Tlahuelpuchi means illuminated youth.
True from the word where it originated this vampiric creature is glowing especially in the time that it shape shift.  This creature has the ability to shape shift in order to trick his victim which is usually children.  They usually assault their children victims at night by feeding on their blood.  Tlahuelpuchi are born with the curse to be a blood sucking creature, they tend to find out about their true identity during their puberty.  Most of the Tlahuelpuchi on the legends are female, maybe because they believe that the female creature is a lot stronger than the male Tlahuelpuchi.
These vampires were believed to have their own society.  They also managed to have a pact with a shaman and when someone asks for help on that shaman, he…

Haiti belief and scientific proof on zombie

Article 246 of the Haitian Penal CodeIt shall also be qualified as attempted murder the employment which may be made against any person of substances which, without causing actual death, produce a lethargic coma more or less prolonged. If, after the person had been buried, the act shall be considered murder no matter what result follows.
Article 246 of the Haitian Penal code states about producing a lethargic coma, which is someone referred to as a zombie.  As you can see in Haiti, zombie is accepted as reality in their culture.  And there are hundreds of cases reported about zombification every year, though the process of zombifying someone is still not clear.
Haitian doctors on the other hand attributed zombification to poisoning.  In order for someone to turn a person into a zombie, a zombie powder has to be use.  They called it coupe poudre.  The coupe poudre, consists of toxins from the cane toad, tree frog, tetrodotoxin which is a toxin from the puffer fish and others.
High amount …

Dames Blanche

The Dames Blanche/White Ladies of Fau is similar to the la Llorona of Mexico and the famous White Lady of Balete Drive in the Philippines.  Sightings were usually reported in Lorraine and Normandy.  They were also known as Damas Blancas in Occitain where they appear in the Pyrenees Mountain.
The Dames Blanche is also blamed for the drowning and disappearance of fishermen in the coastal region of a town in France.  In St. Tropez the Dames Blanche is described similar to a banshee that was usually sighted on a deserted road.  Locals, who have sighted about the creature, described her wearing a tattered wedding dress.  Stories say that she was waiting for her fiancĂ© in the castle but he never showed up.  She was so heartbroken that she waited for her fiancĂ© all her life wearing the same wedding dress.  She returned from the grave and wreaks havoc to those unsuspecting drivers who happened to pass on the deserted road.
There is no way to escape the Dames Blanches once she presented herself…

The Devil Baby

The story begins in the 18th Century in a plantation managed by a wealthy man.  The man has three beautiful daughters but as most fathers would say, they would still want a male child to be the heir of the plantation and also to continue the family name.  So they tried and tried to have a baby boy but after 6 pregnancies, they still failed to produce a baby boy.  On the seventh pregnancy, the wife seeks the help of a Voodoo Queen and asked her to grant her a baby boy.
But apparently, the Voodoo Queen held a grudge against the wealthy man.  He cursed the baby that it will carry the appearance of a devil.  The wife got her wish; she was able to give birth to a baby boy but with a horn, tails claws and other features of a devil.  The devil baby started attacking the neighbor’s child.  The wealthy man would usually lock the child up in the attic.  The devil baby escaped but before his escape he wished on the day of his birthday that he’d be given a chance to attend the Mardi Gras.
After th…

Vampire Effect on Society

The crime that Mister Lorca has committed can be compared to the attack of a vampire.  He was responsible for attacking a drunken man by biting him on the neck and drinking his blood.   The incident happened on the night of October 25th, 1974.  Lorca lured a drunken man on his house by promising him with a shelter and some food.  Upon reaching their house, Lorca bit him on the neck and start sucking his blood.  The man fainted due to the loss of blood, but Lorca thought that the man was already dead so he returned to his coffin to sleep.  After a few moments the man gained his consciousness, he went straight to the police to report the said incident.  The policemen rushed to the house of Mr. Lorca, they found him sleeping at his own coffin with blood on his lips.  Lorca was arrested that night.
Before this, the neighbors already noticed odd behaviors being exhibited by Mr. Lorca, his unusual craving for raw meat and he instructed people to call him Count.  His case may not be a clinica…

Vampire-related Trial

Toronto, 25th of November 2003, when a boy was found murdered at the basement of their house.  It appears as if someone has drained the blood of the 12 year old boy.  The body was mutilated acquiring 71 stabbed wounds.  His brother together with two of his friends was arrested as a prime suspect on the crime.  But since they are all underage, their names were not divulged on the press reports.  The victim was given the alias “Jonathan”.  For three months the trial against these suspects went on with a shocking testimony coming from a girlfriend of the accused.  The whole trial is awaiting its verdict when the reports were picked up by a news agency.
The girlfriend testified that one of them is associated with a vampiric culture and that the murder of the boy was planned.  She also offered a recorded phone conversation as evidence.  She further stated that they planned to kill the whole family.  Apparently after they killed “Jonathan” the two of them went to the stepfather armed with a …


Mantinande is a vampiric spirit in Kenya that measures at around 2-3 feet tall.  Mantinande (star monkey) has a huge body that is covered with orange fur.  It eyes are dark and slitted; it has pointed ears attached on its narrow head.  The creature is also believed to never wear any type of clothing.  His penis is described as elongated and serpentine.
The mantinande is known to be a familiar of a witch.  He is bounded to obey the command of a witch and the magic that it possesses comes in handy to every witches.  Beside from its knowledge in wielding magic, the creature can also brew a special type of poison.  The mantinande is often given the task to kill the enemies of the witches.  It would prepare a large amount of poison and sneak inside a person’s room at night.  The mantinande can remain undetected due to its ability to appear invisible to the naked eye.
The poison that he prepared will be dispersed into the air and will eventually kill everyone inside the room.  It is also said…


 "The will appears to be strong, strong enough to draw the hugr [animate will] back to one's body. These reanimated individuals were known as draugar. However, though the dead might live again, they could also die again. Draugar die a "second death" as Chester Gould calls it, when their bodies decay, are burned, dismembered or otherwise destroyed.-Remley, Gregg A. Smith ; with a foreword by Paul G. (2007). The function of the living dead in medieval Norse and Celtic literature
The draugr literally means walking again is an undead creature that is part of the Norse and Germanic Mythology.  They are similar to the zombies that posses human body without a soul apparently to guide a treasure. There are two types of draugr, sea draugr and the land draugr.
Like the zombies the draugr has a noticeable sign of decomposition, but they are strong and are able to increase the size of their body.  Unlike the zombies that have lost their sense of thinking, draugr is known to be cl…


The term pijawica means “red-faced with drink” is a term used to describe a town drunk in Croatia.  But pijawica is also a type of vampire in Eastern Europe.  They believed that a person who lived a life of sin is cursed and condemned to turn into a pijawica  just like the cursed transformation of the other undead.  But what separates pijawica, is that there is a certain type of sin that can transform you into this creature.  If you are a person that exhibits incest especially to your mother or son then you are surely to become a pijawica.
According to the old legend, the pijawica can be killed using a fire.  But fire will only work once it is awake.  A pijawica can be killed on the traditional method once it is sleeping.  People must exhume his corpse and decapitate his head.  They would then have to place his head behind his arms or in between its legs to prevent it from rising up again.  A certain type of incantation is also believed to work against pijawica.
Ancestors also believed …


Pishtaco is a mythological creature in the country of Peru.  Based on the legends, the Pishtaco are unsuspecting individuals who prey on Indians to kill them and mutilate their bodies in the most gruesome way.  They usually cut their fats to cannibalize; they cut the leftovers to small pieces and sell them to the market to turn into a chicharrones.   The Pishtaco originated from the word pishtay which means to cut in slices or to behead.
Their pleasure in taking the body fat can be traced back to the culture of the Andes region during pre-Hispanic era.   Extra fats are signs of good health, wealth, beauty and strength.  During those times people who lack body fats are thought to be sickly, zombie-type bodies back those days are abhorred by the people of Andes.
When the Spanish came to the Andes, the people feared them, thinking they were some Pistaco that are out to take their body fats, since they always depicted the pishtaco as a tall white man.  Even today, they believe that the mach…

Cheeka of Sproat Lake

Long ago, there was a popular legend about a creature of Sproat Lake named Cheeka.  It was said that the first settlers of this place was attracted to the beauty of its paradise.  But residents of the Alberni Region were always given a warning about a creature named Cheeka.  When the White Man settled on the region, the Indians told them to leave the place to Cheeka since the creature does not want to share the wealth of the land.
But people did not listen to the warning of the Indians.  The white People decided to create a temporary shelter along the banks of the lake.  First family who attempted to settle on the place was the Cooper family on 1885.  But their family was welcomed with series of fire incident that affected their lives.  Alas when the family had enough, they took all their clothing and leave the place.  The series of fire stopped after they left.
Then a man named Watkins build a cabin along the river.  Not soon after he finished the cabin, a great flood washed the nearby…


In Lithuania, a woman who died after being playful or idle for her whole life would return as a vampire creature called Veles.  The woman would return as a cloudlike spirit but can also take the appearance of a beautiful woman with long hair.  She also has a lovely and enchanting voice. Their voices are said to be so mesmerizing, that anyone who heard the chant of the veles would forget anything else and divert their attention to the sound.  They will forget eating, drinking or even sleeping for numerous days.  Their victim is usually the male species.  They tend to dress provocatively or sometimes naked in order to lure these men.
But not like the vampires of the West, the veles would only attack humans when she’s in the mood.  She is believed to use her song and dancing skill to lure a man into the deep woods where she would drain them of their life energy.  Rich grass would start to grow on the path that the veles walked.  Walking on it will bring you bad luck.
The Veles is similar to…

Sekhmet/ Sekeht

Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess wherein in one myth she became so obsessed with the lust of blood that she started killing humans, she was only sated after she drank an alcohol dyed with a color red making it look like blood.
She was originally known as the Goddess of Healing and a warrior goddess.   Her image is depicted as someone with a face of a lioness which is considered as the fiercest hunter in Egypt.  Legends say that her breath formed the desert and she also serves as a protector of the pharaoh.
Sekhmet is also called Lady of the Bloodbath, Mother of the Dead, Devouring One, Lady of Transformations, Terrible One and Pacht.  The place where Sekhmet originated is still unknown though experts believed that it is only imported in Egypt and was adopted into their religion.  Surprisingly, Sekhmet was made the daughter of Ra though she was believed to be older than him.  During the ancient Egypt they only believe into two types of demon, those demons who were under the control of Sek…