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Yellow Cat Vampire

The legend of the Yellow cat is about a vampire who can shape shift into a yellow cat.  The true incident where the lore of Yellow Cat originated is still unknown.  Some says that it is a variation of the “Strange Woman” who was mentioned for a number of times in the book of Proverbs (Proverbs 5:3-23, Proverbs 2:16, Prverbs 22:14), and also the old stories about sirens who seduced men.  Today the ballad of the Yellow Cat was a part of the tradition f the Gypsies not as a sign of warning for the travelling men but as a way to raise fund and also as a type of amusement.
Yellow Cat by W.V. Herbert (1906)“ The Yellow Cat on the hilltop stood,With her eyes of glittering grey.She longed for a drink of purple blood,For the noise and joys of the fray.And all ye good people, remember that:Beware, if you dare, of the Yellow Cat.The Yellow Cat is a maiden bold,A maiden fair and frail;Her hair has the color of burnished gold;'Twas pressed to her breast in the gale.And all ye good people, remem…


Pretni vampire also comes in different variation such as Paret and Pret. They are mainly described as a revenant of a woman who cannot find peace normally because they die in unnatural way.  They are often told in the legends of Bengal India.  In other stories they are described as the spirit of the child who became a vampire after they die at their birth. These types of vampiric ghost can assume the form of any individual even those of male specie.  They appear like a human and it would be impossible to tell if they are vampires until they launch their attack, but by that time it will all be too late.
After someone die, it will take a year before they rise up from the grave and torment the living as a blood sucking creature.  They believe that it sucks the blood of its victim because it was forbidden to drink any water by God.  Other houses leave milk at their doorway as a form of offering to this creature.  They believe that the pretni would not attack and try to suck their blood if …


Begierig is a vampire creature in German which is literally translated as “avid chewer”.  One of the very first documented sightings of Begierig came from Minister George Roher.  The series of sightings were reported to Martin Luther, a theologian.
Begierig can be created into three different processes, one is if a baby was born with a caul, another is if one died due to drowning, and the last one would be if a dead one is buried wearing clothes that bears his name.
This vampire was believed to never leave its grave but at the same time he was also held responsible for tying the tail of the cows together.  This creature is said to lie in its grave while one of its eyes is open.  It is also chewing its shroud and after consuming his burial shroud, the begierig will begin to chew on its entire body.  Though it cannot physically visit their family members, the begierig would draw energy from his family members, a trait similar to psychic vampires.  A family member must consume garlic in or…


A moroi is a vampire creature on the Romanic lore.  It rose up from the grave to drain the life out of the living.  Moroi is often associated with strigoi, but compared to strigoi this creature is born, alive and mortal.
Moroi usually takes the form of a beautiful woman.  It is tall with a very slim figure but her skin is too pale.  Their beauty is often described as supernatural.  Though the warmth ray of the sun do not literally burn their skin, Moroi does not feel comfortable to be exposed in the daylight.  Moroi can also utilize magic and wields the element of air, water and even air or in some instances, they combine these elements.
But there is a moroi who was believed to specialize on a special type of element, the spirit element, an element that was believed to be long forgotten.  Moroi can also force you on doing something that is against your will just by looking in your eyes.  Such ability is called as compulsion.    But fortunately, the morois are not allowed to use their ab…


Segben is a creature from the legends of the Philippines who is considered a vampire, but its description varied depending on the region you are in.  But commonly it is depicted as a huge, dark skinned creature similar to a goat but with no horns.  Unlike other vampires who can assume the form of a human during the day, the Segben tends to be invisible during the day.
Segben is a type of an energy vampire.  It attacks at night and can immediately kill its victim by looking at it or by eating its shadow.  The mere presence of a segben can drain the life energy of a dying person using it to maintain its existence.  Those kids who allegedly died due to the attack of a segben will have their hearts craft into an enchanted amulet.  The segben does not usually eat flesh and drink blood of its prey (though in some cases it did).  It prefers to stuff itself with charcoal and corpses.  In the instance that you spotted a segben in its goat form, the segben would act like it was eating grass.
The …


Leyak is a type of vampiric witch in the island of Bali in Indonesia.  During the day the Leyak would appear like everyone else in the community but at night it would be often seen searching the cemetery of entrails that she will use for her magical rituals.
In times that the Leyak was unable to found entrails from a corpse, she would gather the materials that she needed on a sleeping person.  The potion that she is brewing is believed to give her the ability to shape shift in a tiger. It also gave her the ability to detach its head from its body that enables her to fly while dragging her entrails (similar to Penanggalan).  The Leyak can also unleash spell that spoils the crops and cause plague and famine.
It can also assume the form of other hideous creature such as a motorcycle driving on its own, a corpse candle, giant rat, monkey with golden teeth, a bald giant or a bird that is as large as a horse.  There were also incident that a leyak would possess another human being, the person…

Carla Murphy

Two days after she gave birth to a baby boy, Carla Murphy (31) of the Altoona, Pennsylvania allegedly smoked bath salt and attack the staff of the maternity ward at the Altoona Regional Hospital.
The incident which was reported in Daily Mail on the 17th of June states that Carla Murphy was found sweating and agitating by the nurses.  She was then seen rolling at the shower floor.  Based on a local gazette, the local authorities were summoned on the scene after Murphy started exhibiting erratic behavior toward the hospital’s nurses.
Murphy gave the permission to the authorities to search her belongings.  They discovered a dismantled pen with some suspicious residue.  They also saw a package of Disco that contains white substance and lighter.  The Altoona Mirror states that Murphy told the police that the white substance is a Disco, a brand of bath salts.
The nurses started administering anti-psychotic drug but it poses no effect to Murphy.  She was then requested to stay in her own room, …


Aufhockers are creatures of the German legends.  They are usually identified as a shape shifter that takes the form of a dog or sometimes an old woman before they reveal their true identity to the unlucky victim.  But in some cases, these creatures are so small that it can jump into your shoulder and magnify your feelings of fear.  The victim would eventually collapse due to extreme fear.  There are also some stories that states that the aufhocker eventually grows feeding on fear, the victim would eventually collapse due to the size of the aufhocker.
The aufhocker usually kills its prey by tearing their throat which associates him more to vampires rather than werewolves though it has a power to shape shift into a dog and always mistaken to be a kobold.
They attack those people who accidentally wander in the woods at late night and those who went astray.  This creature would not reveal itself to a party making it very difficult to kill.  It is known to be very clever and only attacks tho…

Early Report of Cotard Delusion

One of the first reported cases of Cotard Delusion was on 1788. It was reported by Charles Bonnet.  An old woman, who was preparing a meal on their kitchen at that time, felt a draught on her neck that paralyzed one side of her body (a sign which is similar to a stroke).  When she was able to regain back her ability to speak, she told her daughters that she should be dressed in shroud immediately and demanded to place her in a casket because she told them that she is already dead.  The account states: [T]he ‘dead woman’ became agitated and began to scold her friends vigorously for their negligence in not offering her this last service; and as they hesitated even longer, she became extremely impatient, and began to press her maid with threats to dress her as a dead person. Eventually everybody thought it was necessary to dress her like a corpse and to lay her out in order to calm her down. The old lady tried to make herself look as neat as possible, rearranging tucks and pins, inspectin…

Stewart Wilken

Serial killers are known for having a certain target with similar characteristics.  There are serial killers who target young boys, prostitutes and others. But the case of Stewart Wilken seems to be different as he victimized random people with distinct personalities.  Wilken killed both female prostitutes and young boys.
On the 22nd of January 1997, Henry Baskers (12) mysteriously disappeared.  The mother of the boy was not alarmed at first as the boy commonly stayed at the house of the grandmother, but when the boy was not able to make it home on Thursday, she started to get worried.  The Mother went to the house of grandmother to check her son only to find out that the young boy already left on Wednesday.
Upon investigation it was revealed that Henry went into the house of her mother Wednesday afternoon.  Then he played with his friends on the park who later saw him with Stewart Wilken.  Henry and his mother knew Wilken.  He even lived in their house when Wilken had some marital prob…


Azeman is an enchanted vampire creature of the Republic of Suriname, a country located at the South of Brazil.  The Azeman has the ability to take the form of a bat and sometimes to shape shift in form of a wolf.  The Azeman might be a vampire but it is not an undead creature, it is a living vampire that maintains a normal life during daytime.  It is said that there is no way that one can distinguish an Azeman from a normal human since there are no clear evidence that one has the ability to turn into a bat and feed on the blood.
This creature contains striking similarity with the vampires of the Europe such as their ability to transform into a bat.  Some says that the story of Azeman could’ve been influenced by the European settlers even though the stories of Azeman can only be found in the Suriname legends.  Another similarity that can be point out with the European vampire and the Azeman is its addiction to counting.  European vampires would be killed by spreading grains in the cross…

Baital, Indian Vampire

The term Baital came from an older word “Vetala”.  Baital is an incarceration of evil, it has the ability to reanimate dead people or possess them.  It stands at approximately 4-5 ft tall, wherein half of its part is a human and the other half is a bat beast. Similar to Asasabonsam and Sasabonsam of the African culture, Baital hangs upside down but not on random trees.  Baital can often be spotted on Mimosa trees.  According to the Indian folktale “King Vikram and the  Vampire” the exact description of Baital is as follows: “Its eyes, which were wide open, were of a greenishbrown, and never twinkled; its hair also was brown [a color associated with low-caste men, witches and fiends], and brown was its face—three several shades which, notwithstanding, approached one another in an unpleasant way, as in an over-dried coconut. Its body was thin and ribbed like a skeleton or a bamboo framework, and as it held onto a bough, like a flying fox, by the toe-tips, its drawn muscles stood out as i…

The Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger is a short story written by an unknown author.  It poses striking similarity with Bram Storker’s Dracula.  The short story was originally written on German Language in the year 1860 and was translated and published in Odds and Ends pages.   The story was considered as a virtual copy model for the novel Dracula. Bram Stroker might have use the short story as a reference during his research when he was writing his own novel.  The wandering knight and the castle’s destruction are also some of the elements that can be found in both literary works. 
But what is more mysterious is the author of the story.  Who would write such a masterpiece that would choose to maintain his/her anonymity?  Could he have a firsthand knowledge about the thing that bumps in the night? Now listen! I had walked up and down my room for along time; I was excited—out of spirits—I do not knowexactly what. It was almost midnight ere I lay down, but Icould not sleep. I tossed about, and at lengt…

LuxBorough Incident

Luxborough is a vessel fitted to carry guns and ammunitions during the 18th Century.  Before even reaching their destination, around 600 African slaves have already died due to a disease and on June 25, 1727, the vessel was caught on fire and sank.
The incident was narrated by a 24-year old second in command, William Boys.  They were able to survive the fire by using smaller boats to escape the vessel.  While on their journey, the survivors had to eat the flesh of their comrades and drank their blood for nourishment.  Below is a part of the narrative found in the works of William Boys:
"The sensation of hunger was not so urgent, but we all saw the necessity of recruiting our bodies with some more substantial nourishment, and it was at this time we found ourselves impelled to adopt the horrible expedient of eating part of the bodies of our dead companions, and drinking their blood. Our surgeon, Mr. Scrimsour, a man of the utmost humanity, first suggested the idea, and, resolute to s…

Sacrificed for the Black Magic?

It was Sept. 2001 when the mutilated torso of a black boy was found in the River Thames.  His limbs and heads were dismembered.  The investigation committee was not able to find any clue about the young boy, the only thing they can confirm is his age which is around 4-7 years old.
They were finding it hard to find evidence because they were unable to produce dental records, the face of the victim or even fingerprints since the culprit decided to cut those off.
What is visible in the neck is that his throat was cut and he was drained of blood.  The investigating bodies asked for the help of the universities nearby hoping they can provide them with better results.
One of the forensic geologists named Ken Pye of the University of London was able to found traces of strontium in the bones of the victim.  He also claimed that this boy just recently arrive coming from West Africa.  The other forensic was also able to discover some plant materials in the stomach of the victim together with the b…


Lamia, is a female vampire creature that came from the Greek Legend.  According to them, Lamia is a vampire that stole children and feed on their blood.  The stories described her as a female with a snake like body, with the head and breast of a woman.  Lamia is usually a female creature, but sometimes they referred to it as a male and a hermaphrodite.
Based on the Greek mythology, Lamia is the daughter of the God of Sea, Poseidon and Lybie.  She is also regarded as the Queen of Libya.  Apparently Zeus was attracted to the girl and Hera found out about it.  Hera was so enraged that she kidnapped all her children and killed them except for one named Scylla.  Lamia experienced too much sorrow that it turned into a vampire creature.  She was so envious about the mothers who still have their children so she kidnapped them and killed them.
Hera cursed Lamia that she will never close her eyes to continue seeing her dead children’s image.  But Zeus grants her the ability to remove her eyes so …

Tommy Rawhead

The legend of Tommy Rawhead aka Bloody Bones is particularly popular in Ireland, in Britain and in some parts of the United States especially on the southern region.  The information in this article is particularly about the Tommy Rawhead of the United States. Tommy Rawhead has a lot of similarity to the Cutty Black Sow in terms of their appearance.  Tommy Raw Head is a reanimated corpse of a hog on which his flesh has been stripped of their bones.
During the times that they are still alive, Tommy Rawhead is said to be the favorite pet of a witch.  Sometimes the Bloody Bones also acted as the witch’s familiar.  One day a pack of hunters managed to kill the hog.  They decapitated his head, butchered him and carved off the meat from its bones. When the witch realized what happened to his favorite pet, the witch devised a plan to get revenge to the hunters.  The witch allegedly used her black magic and reanimated the corpse of the hog.  His bones and decapitated head has been reattached an…

Kosci: Croatian Vampire

When the Lastovo Island of Croatia was hit by a diarrhea plague that caused a massive death, it was blamed on no other than the Kosci vampire.  The koscima is the male vampire and the koscicama is a term used for the female vampire.  The diarrhea plague happened during the 18th Century wherein one of the villagers testified that a kosci rose from the grave to kill people.  Apparently, there are also times when the creature went to their former house to have a sexual interaction with their former partners.  He also pointed out that those people who turned into a kosci are people who met a tragic death particularly those who have died on drowning.
Another villager claimed that kosci is controlled by an evil spirit.  A demon entered the body of the deceased one causing it to re-animate.  It is believed that the demon do this to deceive the family of the dead and gradually drain their energy.
Other believes that the kosci would enter the house of a certain family to kill them and eat their …

Joseph Lancellotti

April 4, 2009, 2:00 pm, Joseph Lancellotti was currently tending on his garden on a fine day, when suddenly a man who was shouting approached and attacked him with no reason at all.    He tried to defend himself using a rake but the man already managed to bit a piece of flesh on his arm. The man rip the chunk of fresh using his bare teeth, he chewed the piece of flesh and swallow it.
Joseph Lancellotti was stunned on the manner of attack and he fell down.  The man attacked him once again and choked him.  The neighbor of Lancellotti, Chantal Lorio went out to see what is happening with Lancellotti since she heard a few commotions.  At first, Chantal thought that Lancellotti was having a heart attack after seeing a few passersby come to his aid.  But as she saw the pool of blood on his forearm, she was sure that something serious happened.
Lorio is working at a nearby hospital, and as soon as she saw the wound she quickly went inside and grabbed her medicine kit.  She asked the strange ma…

Rachel Harris

The case of Rachel Harris happened during the 18th Century, it is one of the rare American Vampire Case. The story started in 1790, A naval officer named Isaac Burton married Rachel Harris, who is Esquire Powell’s step daughter.  Not long after they got married, Rachel Harris was contaminated with tuberculosis and dies after less than a year.
After Rachel Harris death, Burton married another daughter of Esquire Powell named Hulda Powell.  Same thing happened with Hulda, shortly after their wedding she also contracted tuberculosis.  Before she died, Hulda showed signs that an unknown entity is sucking her blood.  And that they should exhume the body of Rachel.  They believe that the only way that they can cure Hulda of her disease is to burn the vital organs of Rachel Harris and let Hulda drink it.
Burton did not waste any time and quickly held a ceremony on the cemetery where Rachel Harris was buried.  Around 500-1000 people flocked around the burial site excited to witness the exorcism…

Gypsy Hill Killing

The Gypsy Hill Killing is a case of five unresolved murders of young women in the county of San Mateo, California on 1976.  The unidentified serial killer was dubbed as “The San Antonio Slasher.”
On the 8th of January, 1976 a body was found in a creek of the Sharp Park Golf Course in the Pacifica.  The body was later identified as Veronica Cascio, 18 years old.  Veronica suffered 30 stabbed wounds.  After a few weeks Tatiana Blackwell, 14, was reported missing.  Her body was discovered on June 6 at the Sharp Park Road near the Gypsy Hill; and just like the first incident, Blackwell was stabbed to death.
The series of murder was followed by the disappearance of Paul Baxter, 17 on the 2nd of February.  Her body was found on February 4, naked in Milbrae, she was sexually assaulted, stabbed to death and bludgeoned with a piece of concrete.  Then on the 1st of April, Denise Lampe, 19 was found dead at Serramonte Center, she was stabbed 20 times.  It was followed by the death of Mrs. Carol Bo…