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An undead vampiric creature, who is also considered as a ghost witch, the Skadegamutc is a part of the legend of various American tribe particularly of the Wabanaki tribe.
During the morning, the Skadegamutc are nothing but corpses.  It seems that they are vulnerable to sunlight which is the main reason that they only attack during the night.  As soon as the night falls, the Skadegamutc will rise from its grave and hunt for its victim.
Wicked people or witch is said to turn into a skadegamutc when they die.  Curse that is similar to European vampires wherein an evil person or a person who did not make an atonement of his sins do not stay dead but return as an undead creature and wreak havoc among the livings.
Skadegamutc maintain its existence by feeding on the human meat and sucking on the blood.  They can also shape shift in a form of a ball of light.  According to the legends, the usual prey of this creature involves hunters and those who often take shelter on the cemetery at night ti…

Vampire of the Melanasian Island

Abere is a woman possessing an unbelievable beauty that she uses in order to seduce her victims.  She is a part of the Melanasian Island mythology, an island which can be found near the continent of Australia.
Though not entirely depicted as a vampire, Abere is more of a demoness but has a striking similarity with the vampires of the west.  Just like the other woman vampires, this demoness uses her beauty to lure men into her lair.  Usually dwelling in swamp or wetlands, this creature would pretend to be asking for help and when you least know it, she will tangle you with the reeds until you can no longer move.  By this time the creature would start devouring your entire flesh.
There were times that this beautiful demoness will present itself to you while bathing in the wetlands naked. She will run away from those men and hide in the reeds.  Eventually, they would be lost in the swamp while looking for the naked woman not knowing that the Abere is just keenly observing them.  It will th…

Robert Ackermann

Dubbed as the Cannibal of Vienna, Robert Ackermann and his heated argument over a sex porn tape led to the murder of his friend and 2-day supply of meat.  While most of the common cases of cannibalism consist of blood drinking and ritualistic type of eating, his motive seems to be unplanned and jus resulted from his twisted way of thinking.  Though it was proven that Ackerman is experiencing sexual pleasure in this type of crimes, it was discovered that the incident is not premeditated.
Ackerman lives in a facility for the mentally ill and homeless in Vienna.  He shares his room with the 49 year old Josef Schweiger who has been residing there for quite some time.  The social worker who constantly visited the facility does not seem to be bothered at all to the feud that is happening between the two.  But the neighbor started to see the erratic behavior of Ackerman.  They reported him walking around the facility naked and dumping something on his window that appears to be blood.  He woul…


The original name of the Bulgarian vampire is called Opyrb, nowadays they were known as vapir.    During the old days the Bulgaria believed that the vampires originated from an improper burial and some death problems.   Before this they believe that a spirit went on a journey after they die.  They were guided by their guardian angel on their journey to the place that they visited when they are still alive.  The journey is set to complete on their 40th days upon their death.  After their journey is finish, they will now travel to the next life.
But in some instances that the burial rites were not completed, the path toward the afterlife will be blocked causing the spirit to be trapped.  Based on the tradition, family members are required to complete the rituals of their deceased family member.  If they neglect their responsibilities like failing to guard the remains against the random animals that might jump over the coffin, or they did not properly washed the remains, then the person i…

Creature sucking sheep’s blood

Experts are conducting a research on a farm near Moscow after a farmer lost half of his sheep.  Upon investigation it turns out that the cause of death of the sheep is due to the loss of blood.  A mysterious creature has been preying on the blood of the sheep and leaving their flesh.
Vasily Velikodnev told the media that it was 7:00 am in the morning when he went to the sheep pen only to discover 18 of his sheep died.  Most of them have a noticeable leg injury, some of them have torn ligaments on legs and others have their legs broken and twisted.  They also have puncture wounds and it appears as if they have been drained out of blood.
The next day the workers noticed that more sheep were not responding normally and looks ill.  The farm manager decided to slaughter the sheep because they fear that they might have contracted a disease.  There were a total of 33 sheep that has been killed on the mysterious attack.
The sanitary office inspected the meat and upon declaring that the meat is s…

“Snuffy” Stukeley

The incident that happened to the family of Snuffy Stukeley is a part of the New England Vampire.  The New England Vampire era began during the mid-1700s at the time of the Revolutionary war.  The vampiric manifestation that time is linked in the consumption which is called tuberculosis at this time.
Snuffy Stukeley is a Rhode Island farmer.  Their family is known to be prosperous and he is a father of 14 children.  One day Sarah has been inflicted with the consumption and died.  Not long after her death, several of Stukeley’s children and relatives started to get sick.  The signs and symptoms were similar to the disease that killed Sarah.  They also complained about nightmares and that Sarah is visiting them every night to torment them while they are asleep.  There was also other claiming that Sarah has been pressing on their chest making it difficult for them to breath which is similar to the old hag syndrome.
Eventually his children died one after another which arouse suspicion that …

Francina Ileus

The case of Francina Ileus was documented into many works which includes, Les Eglises Protestantes en Haiti by Rev. Fritz Fontus, Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombi by Wade Davis among others.
The case of Francina Ileus allegedly happened in 1976.  Francina was also called Ti Fanm which means little woman.  She used to work as a market woman when she was still alive.  She left her husband and decided to go with another man on whom she had a child.  She was declared dead on 1976 at the age of thirty.  But there has been a rumor about Francina Ileus becoming a zombie after she refused to marry the person that her family chose for her.  The story spread like a wild fire that brought fear to the villagers.  The police, in an attempt to disprove the story, exhumed the body just to find rubble of rocks.  The grave was empty with the remains of Francina Ileus.
In 1979, a friend of Francina recognized a woman in a catatonic state wandering around.  She was sure that the person has a striking sim…


The Country of Pomerania is once located between Germany and Poland.  It is where the vampire Murraue originated.  A Murraue is considered a type of Alp which is the vampire creature of Germany.  But the Murraue possess distinct qualities that set them apart from the other vampires of that region.
Naturally, a person who was born on a Saturday will become a vampire, but this time a person who was born on a Sunday will become a Murraue.  They also believe that a person whose eyebrows are grown together is also destined to become a Murraue.
There were times that a needle of a pine tree will curve as they grow.  It also forms something that resembles a bird’s nest.  When the rain comes, water will start to gather on those tiny needles and if a person walk underneath those pine tree and water from that needle falls on his head, then he has been marked to be the next victim of the murraue.
The murraue vampire attacks during the night when most of the people are asleep.  They will torment thei…


Samodiva is a vampiric wood nymph.  They are part of the vampire culture of Bulgaria.  They appear to be young women with long flowing hair and were often sighted with wings.  This vampiric nymph commonly wear a simple dress accentuated with a green belt designed with a feather and a quiver and bow that hangs on their back.  They were believed to dwell on the natural caves and old trees.
This vampiric nymph can wield the power of the different elements.  They also have the ability to fly.  Occasionally, the samodiva would patrol the woods while riding a stag and with a live snake fastened on her.  A samodiva is particularly angry with hunters, should she came across to one, she would decapitate his head that will serve as her trophy and drain him of his blood.  If by any chance the hunter managed to escape the samodiva, they nymph will cause drought on his village.
If you happen to see a samodiva dancing at night, you will not be able to resist the temptation to dance with her.  You wil…

National Geographic Television Series Caught the Sound and Video of a SkinWalker?

Navajo is known for its paranormal incident particularly the popularity of the Skin Walkers.  National Geographic television series entitled “Navajo Cops” allegedly captured the image and sound of a skin walker that the locals called “The Howler”
The episode tackles about the Navajo policemen investigating stuff regarding a sound that allegedly capture the howler.  Though some may say that the mysterious sound came from the Big Foot, others firmly believe that it came from a Skin Walker.  The skin Walker is a malevolent spirit of a werewolf that is part of the legend of the Navajo tribe.
The episode entitled “Eyes of the Howler” relays about the pursuance of the officer in discovering the mysterious sound in the audio.  The officers were led to the back county where SWAT allegedly encountered the “howl”.  They tracked the noise that led them to a cave, where the video caught a glimpse of a set of red eyes.
The supervising producer of the series gave a statement about the episode: “I’m sup…

The Werewolf Witch of Estonia

During the period of 1610-1659, there were around 100 witch trials held in Estonia. What is interesting is that the Baltic People who generally occupy the place do not really believe in demons and witches.  They do believe in the use of magic, but they commonly think that the magic can only use for the good of many.  What the Estonian firmly believes during that time is the existence of werewolf and being a shape shifter that time is punishable by death.  In effect most of the people accused of being a werewolf were placed in the said witch trial and considered as witches by the government.
During that period, there was once a trial that involves 18 women and 13 men; all of them are accused of being a witch.  They were also blamed for the damages in the cattle industry of the farmers in the nearby region.  They were subjected to inhumane and sadistic torture before they admitted that they can indeed shape shift in a form of a wolf.  When they were asked where they are hiding their wolf…

Werebeast of Swamp Indians

The account of the werebeast of the swamp Indians was told by Alyne A. Pustanio and was written in the works of Brad Steiger.  The story is about a swamp trapper scaring the people of the village while wearing a skin of the animals and pretending to be a werewolf.  The man was caught and given to the Indian Shaman of Louisiana.  It was said that due to the curse that the Indian Shaman placed to him, the man became an authentic werewolf.  They called the werewolves, the Rugarou (Loup-garou)
During the ancient time, there were a tribe known for its great warriors who owns a large area of the land, they were the Attakapas tribe.  The attakapas tribe is known for cannibalizing their enemies and a tribe who possess super human strength.  But there were different rumors about this tribe on how they became so powerful.  Legends say that these tribes are skin-walkers; yes they are a pack of werewolves.
Attakapa means Man-eater, they are known for eating their captives thus they were named as su…

The Angel of Death in U.S.

Based on the previous written article, we all know that Dr. Josef Mengele has been involved in some activities on the Nazi ground such as reviving the dead and gene alteration.  He also experimented on mind control and other cases that can be attributed to zombification.  But what happened to him after the war?
Dr. Josef Mengele assumed the name Dr. Green and contributed in forming MK-Ultra.  He was known to work side by side to Dr. White (Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron).  MK-ULTRA funded the research of Cameron on mind control experiments and other secret testing.
Dr. Cameron has been interested in the experiments performed on the prisoners of the Nazi by the Germans.  He also worked for the CIA in the field that requires manipulation.  He was also involved in Project Bluebird and project Artichoke and eventually on MK ULTRA.
Those that know Dr. Cameron said that he was obsessed on everything that is related to the human mind and behavior.  He would often find ways on how to control one’s tent…


Talamaur is a living vampire found in the island of Banks which is located in the country of Vanuatu.  It is said that they have the ability to communicate with the other side or the spiritual world giving them the ability to contact the deceased and establish a relationship with them.  They claimed that they were able to control those spirits and sent them like a familiar that can affect the lives of the living people.
There was a record on the said island regarding the fate of someone who was suspected of being a talamaur.  The villagers captured him and he was forced to inhale the smoke of the leaves burning.  Apparently he continued to be on that state until he agreed to confess that it was indeed the controller of the spirit.  He will then have to declare the names of those spirits and the name of those people he intended to victimize.
There was another type of talamaur that do not have the ability to control the spirits of other, but he can control his own spirit.  This type of ta…


Kukudhi is a part of the Albanian culture especially on the mountainous northern area of Albania.  They believe this is a final form to transform into a vampire.  The tribe believes that it will take at least 30 years to achieve the perfect form of a vampire.  During those 30 years, a vampire would learn his skills and magnify his strength to be able to become a complete kukudhi.  When a vampire reaches the stage of the kukudhi, he is no longer vulnerable to sunlight plus he no longer needs to return to his grave.  Some of them were believed to live a normal life as a merchant who constantly victimized people for their blood and some has started a family of their own.
Kukudhi is also called as Kukuthi, Lugat or Kukuth.  The only time that one can kill a kukudhi is before it reaches its final transformation.  One should stake the heart of the vampire cut its limbs behind the ham stringing and turn into ashes.  They can also perform traditional methods of vampire exorcism which are menti…

La Diablesse

La Diablesse which is literally translated as the devil woman is a succubus in the legends of Trinidad and Tobago.  It usually appears like a beautiful woman but can easily be distinguished due to her fashion sense.  She always wears a long dress and a big hat with veil.  She wears a long dress to hide hear hooves and a hat to conceal her true identity of an old hag.  It is said that when she made a move, you can hear the sound of a rattling chain.
La Diablesse would often approach her victims in a peculiar way, like appearing out of the tree during the night while her victim is travelling.  He may also show in a crowd and lure her target into following her.  One can easily distinguish a La Diablesse in a party when she became a source of envy from other women who are in the crowd.  She will seduce a man and follow her to the deep forest where she planned on killing him.  She will cast a hex on her victim and he will not find his way home.  She will then trick her of walking into the c…

Tata Porras

Aswang is the Philippine version of the bloodsucking creature. In September 2004, Tata Porras, 16 years old living in Barangay Cabuling located in Tantangan said that his brother Michael, 14 years old was attacked by an aswang.  He said that the aswang took the form of a giant dog with red glowing eyes similar to a fireball.
The description of Porras resembles the appearance of aswang as it was told in a story; a creature who has the ability to shape shift in any form and devour its prey.  On the night of September 22, he and his brother were sleeping in a small nipa hut that is near the rice field and looking after the ducks when the incident happened.  Their parents were taking a nap in their own house not far away from the makeshift hut.
"Aswang talaga ang nakita ko," (I really saw an aswang) he said in their local language.  He added that the big black dog was about to bite the neck of his younger brother when he saw it.  The creature is about 3 feet high.
When the aswang …


Vilkacis is known as a sprit savage who possess an individual and take control of his will afflicting him with his savage nature.  Vilkacis is a werewolf that is a part of the Latvian and Lithuanian culture.  It is also called Vilkatas or Vilkatis depending on the region.  This is also the creature blamed for clinical lycanthropy.
There are different stories that described a Vilkacis.  There are instances when he was described as a spirit that takes control of a human being and there are also stories that depict them as a human that undergoes a transformation.  There is also a legend that tells a story of a sleeping man that was possessed by the spirit of the Vilkacis.  After sometime the sleeping man turned out to be dead making it impossible for the soul to return to its original host.  Occasionally, the Vilkacis would also bring back treasure from it long journey.
Unlike other types of werewolf wherein you have to be cursed in order to be one, turning into vilkacis does not require t…


Bori is a vampire creature in Nigeria particularly in the legend of the Hausa people.  This vampiric creature is described as a human with hoofed feet and sometimes with no head.  Bori is not generally a wicked creature.  It has the ability to grant someone with good fortune, but it can also curse someone and infect them with a disease.
The Bori has the ability to shape shift.  Hausa believes that it usually takes the form of a python.  But it doesn’t only take the appearance of the snake; sometimes it can also take the identity of a family member of its target in order to lure their victim.  If people wanted to make sure that their companion is a human or a bori, they need to look into its feet.  But sometimes, Bori wears a long dress in order to hide their feet; fortunately, the bori leaves a footprint.  A bori disguise as a human would leave a track similar to a chicken.
If a person would meet a bori, he does not need to worry, since it does not entirely kill its prey.  He is only kn…

Ravana, the King of Sri Lanka

According to an Indian legend, Ravana is the name of the King of Lanka.  He was known to be god-fearing and a ruler of a rich kingdom.  He is also smart and brave; he is described as having the skill and ability to use any type of weapons.  The story said that only Lord Shiva has the skill to kill him.
Ravana was also blessed with the ability of flight and remain invisible to the naked eye.  The king can also control the elements of water and fire as he can command it to rain water or fire.  Surprisingly he can also order the sky to rain arrows.
But despite of all these gifts, Ravana continued to be a pleasure seeker.  There came a time when she used his abilities and skills for his own gain which made him lustful, unjust and erratic in the process.  Eventually the king was so engulfed with corruption that he gave up his humanity and transformed into a demon.
The demon was depicted as having 10 heads and 20 arms that became the ruler of rakshasas.  Upon gaining his demon form, he immedia…

Gwrach Y Rhibyn

Gwrach Y Rhibyn is a vampiric fay in the legends of Wales.  It is described to have two different forms.  The first appearance that the creature takes is an old hunchback wearing a green cloak.  While wearing the cloak, the face of Gwrach Y Rhibyn cannot be seen.  Only darkness inside the cloak is visible to the naked eye.  Another form is that the being under the green cloak looks so hideous a mere sight on the face under the cloak can drive you mad due to its extreme ugliness. There is also a string of drool that hangs in either the corner of its mouth.  The drool can be saliva or a blood.  It is also said to have only one nostril, a protruding tooth similar to a tusk, webbed hands and feet, a green skin, thin, a long barbed tongue and gray hair.  It was also believed to have a pair of bath wings that he hides on his side.
Gwrach Y Rhibyn commonly attacks the more vulnerable people like children, elderly, bedridden people and while the victims are sleeping.  Their manner of attack is …

Emilie Sagee

Emilie Sagee worked in an all-girl school.  She was known to be a very good educator but for some reason, she keeps on switching jobs.  In her 16 years of works she managed to move at 19 positions.  In an incident that everyone witnessed (except for Emilie) the school found out the reason why.
13 students inside the class witness a phantom standing side by side with Emilie mirroring her every movement.  It then stood behind her while she ate pantomiming her.  Everyone else could see her “doppelganger twin” except for her.  Usually when the apparition manifested, Emilie would seem to be powerless and sloppy. At one time, Emilie claimed that she was thinking about the movement and thought that she might have the control to the apparition.
The scope of the event grow wider and wider, as the phantom moved from the other class.  It appeared in a classroom full of students.  It took a sit on the teacher’s table while the real Emilie is tending the garden outside.  Those who found the courage …

Lobishomen A Vampire or a Werewolf

There are two types of Lobishomen that were mentioned in the lore.  One type is more vampiric which can be found in the folklores of Brazil.  He would bite the neck of the woman but would not kill her, he would only drink a small amount of her blood but his attack is like an aphrodisiac leaving the woman a nymphomaniac.  This type of lobishomen was said to be created by witchcraft.
The Vampire lobishomen is depicted as a small and fat creature with stance similar to a monkey. It has a yellowish pale skin and black teeth.  They usually have long hairy beard.  Killing a vampire lobishomen requires sharp steel.  One has to cut this creature with steel while avoiding its blood since their blood is known to contain fatal substance that could kill you in an instant.
Another type of Lobishomen is more connected with the werewolves.  They were known to have a connection with the Bruxsa.  They are part of the Portuguese legend and usually referred to as Lobisomen.  It seems that the night can af…

The Nightmare Death of 11 sailors

It is like the attack of Freddy Krueger on nightmare on Elmstreet when 11 Filipino sailors died due to a nightmare.  It was 1960 when the US Naval Hospital found in Guam summoned Dr. Gonzalo Aponte to investigate the bizarre death of 11 sailors.  These 11 Filipino sailors are said to be complaining about nightmares before they died inexplicably on their sleep.
This is the time that Aponte found reports about SUND (Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death) that can be traced back to 1917.  Though Aponte was able to connect the bizarre death of the 11 sailors he was unable to form a concrete conclusion about their deaths caused by nightmares.
During the Early 20th century, an American anthropologist wrote about a creature that is quite similar to an Alp. A Lim-um can cause a person to experience nightmare by sitting on their chest and stomach causing suffocation.  A similar English vampire creature known as mare is also believed to suffocate their victims while sleeping.
The case that happened to…

Werewolf of Padua

Job Fincel recorded a werewolf incident in his work Wunderscheiz en, which means “On Miracles”.  The event happened in Italy during the year 1541 in the city of Padua, thus the man was called the Werewolf of Padua.
A man attacked a group of men when he met them on a rural field.  It was said that the man was so strong that he managed to kill some of the men using only his bare teeth and hand.  The remaining men were able to restrain him.  They tied the vicious man and dragged him to the court of Inquisition where most of the trials on witches are being conducted.
Upon interrogation, the man immediately confessed that he is a wolf.  One of the inquisitors doubted his statement; he was asked about his wolf skin if he is indeed a wolf man.  The man answered and told the inquisitors that he was unlike any other wolf man; he hid her fur between his muscles and skin making it invisible to the naked eye.
The inquisitors decided to test the claim of the alleged wolf man.  If he is truly a werewo…

Carl Großmann

Carl Großmann was a German serial murderer who cannibalizes his victim. He took his own life away while he was awaiting execution without giving confession about his alleged crime leaving most of its details a mystery.
There is not much known about the early life of Carl Großmann, besides from his unusual sadistic sexual fetish and he also had several charges on child molestation.  On August 21, 1921, while he was in his mid-50s, he was arrested in Berlin after his neighbors reported about the screams and loud noises coming from his apartment.  The authorities investigated the apartment of Carl Großmann and found a dead body of a woman on the bed.  He was arrested and was charged with a first degree murder.
Some neighbors also testified that they usually saw Carl with female companions.  They also added that most women who visited his apartment were never seen again.
On World War 1, he had a hotdog stand and sold meat at the black market as a source of his income.  The hotdogs are believ…

Sukuyan in Trinidad

Sukuyan is a vampire creature of Trinidad and Tobago.  Melville Herskovits shared a story about a man who discovered that his wife is a Sukuyan.
The wife allegedly does not only feed on the blood of her husband, she also visits nearby homes in order to satiate her thirst for blood.  Eventually the man found out that his wife is drugging his tea drinks every night. One night he decided to pretend on drinking the tea.  He was already feeling daze due to sleepiness but he fight it in order to confirm his theory.
The man heard his wife say:
‘Kin, ‘kin, you no know me?‘Kin, ‘kin, you no hear what your mistress say?‘Kin, ‘kin, come off, come off!She witnessed how her wife took of her skin and placed it in a big water jar. She then jumped out of their house and into the roof.  The man was so surprised on what he saw.  That night the man noticed that the night seems to be on fire due to the color of the sky that illuminated the room.  The man took the skin of her wife and put a salt on it.  He t…