The Bisclavaret is a name given by the English to the werewolf who attacks the horse of the hunters and feast on them.

Bisclavaret was used by Marie de France in her novel “”The Lay of the Werewolf”. In her story the bisclavaret was accused of being a monster. It is stated that he can turn himself into a werewolf, but analyzing the whole story it seems that the real monster would be his former wife. In the book, the bisclavaret was depicted as a monster that still has some sort of humanity within him. Whenever he would change into a werewolf, he would run into the deep woods to avoid having contact with the humans. There was also no incident of him inflicting an injury to anyone. Her wife who ran away from him to marry a knight is the one who told his secret. The knight would put him into terrible situation that would eventually unleash the beast within him.

In real life, the bisclavaret is believed to be a wizard who has the ability to shape shift in a form of a wolf. This ability of the witch has a striking similarity to the European werewolves and also the witches during the Medieval Period. It is said that while hunters are in the forest, an old lady would offer them something to eat. The hunters would gladly take her offer and would leave their horses. After some time they would notice that the old lady and their horses were gone. She would be held responsible for the disappearance of the horses and they would blame her for being a witch.


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